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Are there Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria?

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Are there Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria?
Are there Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria?

Often, when someone travels to another city on a business trip, on vacation, or for some other reason, the first question that comes up is: is there an ATM there? And this is not surprising, because now the card system is everywhere. People do not carry cash in their wallets, but use cards. This article discusses whether there are ATMs of the Savings Bank of Russia in Evpatoria.

Sberbank's refusal to work in Crimea

Due to the annexation of the Crimean peninsula to Russia, Sberbank had to stop its activities in this place. All branches and ATMs were closed. The main reason is the introduction of special sanctions, which may adversely affect the activities of Sberbank. As bank owner German Gref said:

I don't want to risk it. Activities will resume when sanctions are eased.

Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria

German is sure that the return of Sberbank ATMs to Evpatoria, Alushta, Feodosia will cause huge problems in economic terms. The government has approved a return ban.

And howwhat about those visiting tourists who may need a Sberbank ATM in Evpatoria, for example? There is an alternative.

An alternative to Sberbank

There are no Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria, but there are other banks that can help clients of the Russian institution.

The Russian National Commercial Bank (RNKB) has many branches and ATMs. In this institution, you can withdraw cash from a Sberbank card, and without commission. Located at the following addresses:

  • International, house 115;
  • Lenin, house 3;
  • Chapaeva, 47;
  • Frunze, house 23B;
  • May 9th, 94A and so on.

Bank "Russia". Sberbank customers can withdraw funds, but there is a withdrawal fee. Located at:

  • Gogol, house 17E;
  • Victory, 53;
  • International, 88;
  • D. Ulyanova, house 1B and others.

Genbank. Just like in RNKB, you can withdraw money from a Sberbank card without a commission. Addresses:

  • Internationalnaya, house 124B;
  • Victory, 25;
  • Lenin, 17A and so on.
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There are no Sberbank ATMs in Evpatoria. But there are banks that provide the ability to withdraw funds from a Russian bank card without commission. This is very important, because there are a lot of Sberbank card holders.

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