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Gas or electricity: what is cheaper, what is better to heat, the pros and cons

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Gas or electricity: what is cheaper, what is better to heat, the pros and cons
Gas or electricity: what is cheaper, what is better to heat, the pros and cons

Inhabitants of apartments have no choice, and as a rule, they do not have a question about whether it is cheaper to heat a house: gas or electricity. However, such a dilemma often occupies the minds of owners of private buildings. After all, the choice of one of the options depends not only on the convenience of operating the heating system, but also on the amount of monthly cash costs. If you choose at random, without considering the advantages, disadvantages and cost of both heating options, there is a chance of making a mistake, the elimination of which will later bring high costs.

heating with electricity is cheaper than gas

Electric heating

This method involves the use of boilers, which are divided into two types, namely floor and wall.

The principle of operation is quite simple. The steel tank contains tubular electric heaters that convert electricity into heat. These elements heat the coolant, and then, thanks to the circulation of waterthe building is heated.

cheaper than heating with gas or electricity

Pros of electric heating

Any way of heating a room has certain advantages:

  • Affordable and easy to install. These are perhaps the most important advantages. In addition, there is no need to coordinate the project, which further reduces the financial costs of implementing the idea.
  • Easy maintenance. Agree, during operation it becomes important not only what is cheaper: gas or electricity. Equally important is the time savings associated with the fact that this type of boiler is easy to maintain. In particular, it is not required to carry out preventive maintenance, as well as periodic cleaning of equipment elements.
  • Sustainability. Electricity is among the environmentally friendly fuels, which allows you not to worry about the safety of the environment. However, it should be noted that not all homeowners pay sufficient attention to this issue.

Cons of heating with electricity

Do not ignore the disadvantages of this type of heating in search of an answer to the question of what is cheaper: gas or electricity. Let's briefly list them.

  • First of all, the high cost. On the territory of Russia, electricity is considered the most expensive form of energy.
  • It is necessary to maintain a constant power to ensure the operation of the boiler.
  • Electricity interruptions, which entail the impossibility of heating the living quarters.
  • Inconvenience to use. Experts assure thatusing electric heating is an unsustainable idea for owners of homes larger than one hundred square meters.
the cheaper it is to heat a house with gas or electricity

Gas heating

Gas is considered an energy-intensive fuel, the combustion of which releases a considerable amount of heat. Modern heating boilers are characterized by high efficiency, compact size, autonomous operation and easy maintenance.

However, you need to understand that the boiler itself will not be able to cope with the function of heating the room. This will require the creation of a heating system, which, in addition to the boiler, will include aluminum or cast iron batteries connected by pipes through which water circulates.

Pros of gas heating

This method of space heating will certainly bring certain advantages. Namely:

  • Cheap. The use of this type of fuel is beneficial from an economic point of view. Gas heating is cheaper than electricity. That's why the initial investment pays off over time.
  • Sustainability. Experts assure that the combustion of gas does not produce harmful substances that can pollute the environment.
home heating with electricity or gas, which is cheaper

Cons of gas heating

Despite its advantages, gas heating has some disadvantages. This is:

  • Expensive. And this does not apply to monthly utilities, but to initial costs. To install gasboiler, you first need to conduct gas. It is worth noting that this is not cheap.
  • Installation difficulties. Gas equipment is more difficult to install than electric. For this reason, most likely, you will have to turn to specialists.

Which is cheaper: gas or electricity?

The answer to this question is obvious. Many people know that gas heating is cheaper. This justifies the high popularity of this type of fuel in Russia.

When compared, it turns out that electricity costs about twice as much as the energy that can be obtained by burning liquefied gas.

Now you know what is cheaper to heat: gas or electricity.

If your choice is the second option, be prepared for the fact that the amount on the utility bill will be impressive. Especially during the cold periods of the year, when you have to heat the room to a more or less comfortable temperature.

cheaper to heat with gas or electricity

What is the best way to heat?

With the answer to the question of what is cheaper: gas or electricity, everything is relatively simple. However, no one can say unequivocally what is better to heat.

Given all of the above, it is easy to conclude that each type of fuel has certain advantages. Despite the fact that gas boilers are more difficult to install and maintain, modern equipment somewhat levels these shortcomings.

You already know what is cheaper: heating a house with electricity or gas. However, this is not the onlya question that should be taken care of by a potential owner of real estate. In addition, you need to pay attention to the convenience of operation, installation, etc.

For example, experts do not recommend the use of electric boilers for heating rooms with an area of ​​more than one hundred square meters. In addition, if installed incorrectly, extraneous noise may occur, causing some discomfort while being indoors.

Gas heating has the advantage of uninterrupted power supply. Power outages tend to happen more often, causing some discomfort. Especially during the cold periods of the year, when even a few hours of lack of heating have a negative impact on well-being.

which is cheaper gas or electricity

If we compare electricity and gas in terms of monthly costs, the leadership remains with the second option. This type of fuel is the most accessible, and therefore it remains the preferred one for most residents of Russia. It is also worth saying that not everyone has a choice. Some live in non-gasified regions, for this reason they are forced to use electric heating or other alternatives. However, the use of gas as a source of thermal energy would be cheaper. That's why some owners of private buildings are not stopped even by the need for initial costs.

What is cheaper to heat: gas or electricity? After reading the article, you will be able to answer this question without hesitation.

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