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LCD "English Mile": reviews, description

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LCD "English Mile": reviews, description
LCD "English Mile": reviews, description

St. Petersburg is the northern capital, a city with a unique history, architecture, unlike any other city in the country. This is a metropolis that attracts people from the most remote parts of Russia, which is why there is nothing strange and surprising in the fact that its residents need modern, comfortable housing. Currently, the real estate market in St. Petersburg is on the rise, new residential complexes and residential microdistricts with their own infrastructure are emerging.

One of these projects is the residential complex "English Mile". Reviews about the project are numerous, quite positive, and everything is largely due to the undeniable advantages of the project, its features. As part of this material, we will evaluate the complex, all its main components, features, and also get acquainted with the opinion of those who have already personally visited the facility and purchased a dream apartment there.

About the project

LCD "English Mile" - an island of calm in the middle of a noisy and crowded metropolis. This is how many experts in the real estate world characterize it. Fenced and guarded area equipped with a video surveillance systemallows you to organize a separate space with its own unique atmosphere and ensure high security for each resident of new buildings. The concept of dividing the territory into sectors allows everyone to find here a piece of paradise for themselves in order to live, relax and play sports.

The construction of residential buildings is carried out using a monolithic technology with a pile foundation, which guarantees impeccable quality and reliability for each building. And this is not all that the developer can please and surprise its customers.

English mile prices

On an area of ​​220,000 square meters, it is planned to build eight and ten-story comfort-class residential buildings, as well as two kindergartens, a school and a shopping center in several phases.


The developer of the "English Mile" is the construction company Glorax Development, quite well-known in St. Petersburg. She has dozens of unique author's projects, each of which occupies an impressive area. The developer knows everything about what modern housing should be like for residents of the metropolis.

The use of advanced technologies, author's architecture, attention to detail and preferences of modern buyers are the principles that the company adheres to and which allow it to occupy a leading position in the real estate market of St. Petersburg.


All those who have long dreamed of settling with their family in a real British garden, got this opportunity. Glorax Development company fully decided to make dreams come truetownspeople and proposed a project where real ladies and gentlemen would live - an area with unique author's architecture in the spirit of old London.

english mile

Conciseness The use of clear lines, rather calm color combinations is what is typical for the project. Stylized playgrounds, English shops, gardens, courtyards immersed in greenery, as well as chic paths with massive lanterns will become bright elements, color accents that remind us of London. Some time ago, no one could have imagined that such a beautiful and spectacular real estate would appear in the city. The English Mile is a unique project for St. Petersburg.

All buildings are built using monolithic technology, and the facades are lined with red-brown ceramic bricks, adding sophistication and gloss. In order to give the complex dynamics, it was decided to finish the upper floors with light sandy stucco, and decorate the facades with spectacular bay windows and high window openings.


All those watching the construction of the English Mile are likely to be familiar with the advanced technology behind the concept. It would be strange and surprising if the project did not differ from those of its closest competitors and was not as high-tech and modern as the English quarter should be.

So, the monolithic technology with brick cladding was not chosen by chance - it has become an ideal option for the harsh and unpredictable climate of the Northern capital. Thicknesswalls is 45 cm - it is represented by the wall itself at 20 cm, a layer of 13 cm of mineral wool, a ventilated gap and a facing layer. From extraneous sounds and noise from the busy streets of the city, the buildings are protected not only by rather thick walls, but also by high-quality double-glazed windows with maximum energy efficiency. All entrances are equipped with high-speed elevators, the operation of which is accompanied by a minimum noise level.

English mile construction progress

All apartments have horizontal heating distribution, which will save residents from pipes and make it possible to turn even the most original design idea into reality. Vertical risers are hidden in special shafts located on the staircase, free access is provided to them. The process of generating hot water takes place right in the house, water heaters are installed in the basement of the buildings, providing each resident with water at a comfortable temperature. All apartments have water meters installed.


Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg was not accidentally chosen for the construction of the residential complex "English Mile". Feedback from residents of the city and the region as a whole confirms that today this is the best and most comfortable place to live. Construction is being carried out along the Peterhof Highway, from the east the object is adjacent to the Sosnovka River and a network of picturesque lakes, a little north of the complex is the Gulf of Finland - a favorite place for recreation for residents of St. Petersburg, a place for peace of mind and peace. Just a few kilometers awayPeterhof highway - chic park and architectural ensembles, squares with the rarest plant species. And, finally, to the visiting card of the city, Peterhof, only 25 minutes by car or public transport.

lcd english mile

Largely due to the location, the project was awarded so many positive reviews. Modern residents of the metropolis, suffering from the hustle and bustle and endless noise, really dream of living in a quiet, calm and comfortable place, a kind of oasis in the middle of a crowded city. And the English Mile project became the embodiment of all these dreams.

Reviews of the first who managed to visit the object focus a lot of attention on the atmosphere, you literally forget about what is outside the complex: it is so calm and easy here. And all this without loss of comfort. So where exactly is the complex located? Address of the "English Mile": St. Petersburg, Peterhof highway, 123.

Transport accessibility

The residential complex "English Mile" (St. Petersburg) is perfectly located, and from any point of view. First of all, it is surrounded by the most popular and green parks of the city, as well as the Gulf of Finland and the most valuable cultural and historical sights of the city.

If you look at the location of residential buildings relative to highways, it will become obvious that you can drive along the Peterhof highway to the Krasnoselskaya or Tallinn highway, from where all roads and paths are literally opened to residents. If future new settlers in the family do not have a personal car, they will be able touse the subway or any other form of public transport (the nearest stop is just a few minutes walk). There are quite enough routes to get to any point of the city without the slightest difficulty.

Apartments, layouts

Apartments in the "English Mile" are represented by a variety of areas and planning solutions. The developer really tried to take into account the wishes and taste preferences of modern citizens, giving them the opportunity to live in spacious and comfortable apartments, where you really want to return after a hard day's work. Here you can buy a standard studio, one-, two- or three-room apartment, or take a closer look at the Euro 2 option, unique for St. Petersburg, which implies a combined kitchen and living room space. This variety makes it easier to choose, allowing you to choose the best option in all respects.

English mile address

The principle of an increased level of comfort is inherent in every layout of the "English Mile", which is why even in one-room apartments the bathroom is separate, there are rooms with bay windows and open terraces. Some apartments have dedicated pantries and walk-in closets, which will be an excellent replacement for cramped and uncomfortable closets that clutter up space.

The area of ​​apartments varies from 22 to 94 square meters, the cost of the apartment also depends on the layout, lighting level, so you can find the best value for money.


All apartments are rented without finishing, but if desired, the developer will undertake the preparation and implementation of a design project of any complexity. He has sufficient experience and qualified personnel, which allows him to perform all the work at the highest level.


The nearest infrastructure is presented within a radius of one kilometer from the residential complex "English Mile". It is represented by many preschool institutions, schools, clinics and medical centers, as well as commercial facilities. Recall that the complex includes the construction of two kindergartens for 95 places and a comprehensive school for 550 places with in-depth study of the English language, but until they are built, residents will be able to use the developed infrastructure of the area.

English mile developer


First of all, parking for 74 cars will be organized, including for small vehicles and motorcycles, guest parking will appear outside the complex. And already in the second stage, a multi-level parking for 309 cars will appear.


Those who want to buy real estate in the "English Mile" can be calm - construction is carried out on the principle of comfort and safety. It fully corresponds to the idea of ​​a yard free and closed from traffic with various zones. Playgrounds in the yard are planned to be divided by age groups, and for those who have pets in the family, there are places for their walking and training. In addition, full-fledged zones will be organized on the territoryrelaxation in the shade of greenery.

Issue price

Comfort-class housing cannot be cheap a priori, especially if the complex is being built in such a prestigious area of ​​St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, many potential tenants are interested in whether it is possible to buy real estate here, what are the real prices. The English Mile, contrary to popular belief, is an affordable comfort-class project.

So, the cost of small compact studios starts from 2.7 million rubles, while a spacious three-room apartment of 80 square meters, designed for a large family, can be bought for 7 million rubles. As you can see, the cost is at the level of other projects, but the comfort that you get from living is difficult to compare with anything else. The developer cooperates with the largest banks in the country, which allows you to purchase the coveted square meters at a great profit.

Opinion of citizens

How did the English Mile residential complex turn out as a result? The opinions of the townspeople are perhaps the best assessment of the project. By the way, he made a real sensation, attracted a lot of attention.

english mile residential complex spb

So, the first stage of the project has already been commissioned and put into operation, the apartments are occupied, respectively, we can draw the first conclusions. The first thing that absolutely everyone notes is the impeccability of the chosen location. The complex is really surrounded by parks - I don’t want to walk. If we talk about the noise from the roadway, it is compensated by high technology - at least the residents are comfortable. As for transport accessibility, there are a couple ofshortcomings. The construction has not been completed at the moment, the area is relatively new, so the roads are mostly temporary, yet collect traffic jams in the morning and evening. But in the short term, the problem should be resolved in favor of the residents.

There are enough infrastructure facilities in the district: until their own kindergarten and school are built, the children of the residents attend nearby educational institutions. By the way, it is possible to arrange children in them without problems and difficulties. There are enough shops in the area, with new outlets opening every month, so at the moment you can buy literally everything here.

The residents were also pleased with the apartments: they are spacious, every square meter of space is thought out. Property owners got the opportunity to control every stage of work, everyone notes that even apartments without any finishing have smooth walls, high ceilings and fully comply with the description, as well as the attached photographs. And those who took advantage of the developer's offer and ordered turnkey finishing were satisfied.


So, the English Mile project (St. Petersburg) fully corresponds to the title of a comfort class project, which is confirmed by numerous reviews from customers and residents. This is a great option for young and ambitious people, as well as for large families with small children, because there are all conditions for the most comfortable life of a modern city dweller: well-developed transport accessibility, infrastructure, excellent environmental conditions, spacious bright apartments. Moreover, the complexit looks spectacular, its territory is landscaped, space for recreation, entertainment and sports is organized, you really want to come back here, you want to spend your free time here.

If you want to personally see all the benefits of the project, be sure to sign up for a viewing, inspect the territory of the complex with your own eyes, available for buying an apartment. And the system of discounts and regular promotions from the developer will allow you to save money and finally buy your dream apartment in an excellent area of ​​St. Petersburg.

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