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System "Rapida": description, features and reviews

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System "Rapida": description, features and reviews
System "Rapida": description, features and reviews

The Rapida payment system is a universal tool for both individuals and business owners. It is one of the oldest, and therefore is trusted by millions of customers. Today, with the company logo, you can also see the symbols of QIWI. This is another popular payment system. In addition, the company has a name that occurs in other variations, but refers to a completely different area. Therefore, users sometimes wonder why, when asked how to set up the Rapid split system, they receive information about the payment instrument, and vice versa. Therefore, it is worth dwelling on this in more detail in order to eliminate misunderstandings.

System logo

What is

Today, cars called Skoda Rapid drive on the roads, there are engineering systems with the same name and much more. But in search of reviews about the Rapid split system, specialists sometimes get to the page of the payment system, and those who plan to connect an online cash register to their site are perplexed why they are given information about air conditioning systems. Therefore, it is requiredclarification.

Rapid split system is an air conditioner. And if we are talking about a payment service, then in this case you need to write and say “Rapida”. Since 2017, this platform has come under the control of Qiwi, which is why these two logos began to appear together so often.

Possibilities of the payment service

"Rapida" is both a standard payment instrument and a service for connecting payment modules to your site. In the first case, we are talking about the possibility of paying bills via the Internet. If we are talking about the owner of the site, then he can integrate a module on his resource, with the help of which the buyers of the online store will make payments.

Thus, we can say that the Rapida payment system is suitable for both individuals and legal entities. Consider its capabilities, depending on the category of the platform client.

For individuals

Today, you don't have to go to a bank branch and stand in a long line to pay your bills. The Rapida system offers users several options for depositing funds at once. If a person decides to go shopping or take a walk around the entertainment center, then it will not be difficult for him to find a payment terminal for this company.

Acceptance of payments

Those who don't want to leave home like to use this service as a virtual wallet. For example, using the Rapida payment system, you can pay for your phone in a matter of seconds. Also, users can deposit money to pay for loans, fines, the Internet, housing and communal services andmany other services. It will also be useful to those who own the information site. Such webmasters make a profit due to the fact that they install ads from the Google search engine on the resource pages.

Withdrawals from Google AdSense

"Rapida" is the only payment system with which you can withdraw money received for advertising to a bank account or in favor of other virtual wallets. This is very convenient, because today the Google AdSense service does not offer a wide variety of methods for earning money. For example, you can withdraw money using a check, which then needs to be issued through the post office. This is not the most convenient option. Other methods involve the payment of not the most profitable commission.

Search engine logo

According to the reviews of webmasters, the Rapida system is the best option. Money is credited to the account quickly. The payment system itself does not charge any commission. At the same time, you can transfer funds both immediately to a bank account, and in favor of WebMoney and other intermediaries. You can also withdraw money to the Rapida wallet itself. But for this you will need to verify your identity.


This procedure is necessary not only to withdraw money for showing ads, but also, for example, if the user plans to repay the loan using this platform. You need to verify your identity.

Unfortunately, today this can only be done by personally visiting the nearest "Contact" office. It's stillone payment service owned by Qiwi today.

In the "Contact" office, you need to tell the employee that the client wants to go through the personalization procedure for Rapida Online. After that, you must present your passport and pay 250 rubles to the cashier. The check must be kept. If the system suddenly fails, it will help confirm the payment.

Users also note that 100 rubles of those that were paid at the cash desk are immediately credited to a virtual wallet. Therefore, in the end, the service is not so expensive. If the procedure was successful, then the status of the account in the Rapida system will change and turn green. After that, you can make any payments.

man sitting

But this is not the whole functionality of the service.

For legal entities

As mentioned earlier, this platform offers entrepreneurs convenient tools for selling online. To do this, it is enough to conclude an agreement with the service and install the appropriate module on your website. The platform offers a solution for owners of resources on CMS Joomla and other popular "engines".

Additionally provided software that is installed on your computer. This program allows you to track payments and analyze them. But in order to use the full functionality of the service, you need to check your resource for errors.

How to get started

First of all, you need to make sure that the site of the new partner of the system respondsstandard requirements. If we are talking about an online store, then all products must be with a description. It is not allowed to sell products or services that are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation. All pages of the site must be correctly designed. They cannot contain errors or links that lead to completely third-party resources that have nothing to do with the goods presented.

On the main page of the online store, information about the individual entrepreneur or LLC should be indicated. You need to enter the physical and legal address. In addition, the resource should contain information about the purchase and delivery of goods.

Map in hand

To start cooperation with "Rapida" you need to conclude an agreement. Also, the service manager is provided with all documents that confirm that the business is registered in accordance with the law. After checking all the papers, the tools of the so-called online cash desk become available to the client.

Cooperation is possible with non-residents of the Russian Federation. In this case, you need to submit scans of constituent documents, as well as confirm the status of a particular enterprise.

Rapida system: reviews

In general, users are satisfied with this service. Payments are received quickly, and for some, Rapida is the only available way to withdraw money from working with Google AdSense. In addition, many pay attention to the versatility of the platform.

System site

Sometimes only the owners of credit companies have problems. In this case, it is rather about the limits on the services provided.There are no complaints related to the operation of the system.

In the reviews, users also note the reliability of the service. All payments go through several stages of encryption, so the possibility of fraudulent activity is excluded. That is why this platform remains one of the most popular.

Registration Features

If you need to quickly open an online wallet on this platform, the registration process will take only a few minutes. To do this, go to the desired section and enter your data, including your mobile phone number. After a few seconds, you will receive a text message with a short code. It should be entered in the required window and confirm your actions.

Registration process

My account is available immediately, but with limited functionality. To expand it, you will have to contact the Contact office. If we talk about the registration of a legal entity, then it occurs through the conclusion of an agreement. Conditions can be clarified with managers through the feedback function implemented on the site. You can also write a letter directly. Addresses are also listed on the website.

In closing

"Rapida" is a reliable platform for money transactions. In almost every city you can find terminals of this company. If desired, all transactions are carried out online. This is a modern method of paying bills, which is used by more and more people today. In addition, Rapida allows you to transfer funds to other virtual wallets.

In addition, do not confuse a payment instrument with engineeringsolutions, air conditioners and automobiles.

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