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Mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisenbank: conditions, interest rate, tips and tricks
Mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisenbank: conditions, interest rate, tips and tricks

Almost all leading banking organizations offer mortgage refinancing to their borrowers. Raiffeisenbank was no exception. Home loan payers have the opportunity to recalculate the debt at a more loyal interest rate.

Against the background of the recent increase in key rates by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, commercial banks that refinance mortgage loans have also changed their lending conditions. In Raiffeisenbank, for example, you can apply for a change in the terms of a loan issued by another company. Clients with an impeccable credit history and a steady income can count on certain preferences. Consider the features of mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisen.

For my clients

For those clients who have taken out a mortgage at Raiffeisenbank, refinancing can be different. In one case, a currency change is expected. For example, borrowers who took out a housing loan in dollars have the right to pay it in rubles upon approval of an application for debt recalculation. Besides,on an individual basis, clients can apply to the bank with a request to revise the terms of the current loan: lower the rate, increase the debt repayment period, or change the payment scheme.

For borrowers applying for mortgage refinancing, Raiffeisenbank offers quite standard and loyal conditions. Of paramount importance here is an official and stable income. This requirement applies to clients who are employees or self-employed. A positive credit history is of great importance for the approval of the application.

Who can count on refinancing

Restrictions apply to the number of mortgage loans. If the client has more than two credits, the application will be rejected. In Raiffeisenbank, mortgage refinancing is possible only for citizens over 21 years old, with permanent registration in the region of application. Unlike other banking companies, this organization refinances the mortgages of citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners.

raiffeisenbank mortgage refinancing of others

When considering a request for refinancing, special attention is paid to the length of service at the last place of work. Preference is given to borrowers who have been employed for at least six months, but in some cases (for example, if this place of work is the first for the borrower), persons with three months of experience are also considered. To change the terms of the current loan, the size of the constant salary and compliance with the payment schedule are important. For those making monthly mortgage payments with regular delays, applications likegenerally disapprove.

Housing as collateral

Increase the chance of approval of the application will help the availability of real estate. When refinancing a mortgage, Raiffeisenbank accepts apartments and private houses as collateral. At the same time, housing must be provided with all conditions for normal living:

  • presence of a separate kitchen and bathroom;
  • satisfactory condition of engineering systems;
  • cold and hot water supply;
  • central sewer;
  • steam heating.

Usually, mortgaged housing is used as collateral, so verification is usually not carried out at the stage of initial registration of a home loan.

For borrowers with a mortgage from another bank

Not only Raiffeisenbank clients apply for recalculation. Refinancing mortgages of other financial institutions is also possible. Clients of Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, Delta-Credit and other companies can apply here. At the same time, it is important that the potential borrower does not have delays and debts, fines and unpaid pen alties at the time of application submission.

mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisenbank conditions

The conditions under which it is proposed to change the terms of mortgage refinancing from Raiffeisenbank and other banks do not fundamentally differ. However, the bank does not have information about the payment history of clients of other banks, so it will require additional documents. These include:

  • debt statement;
  • loan delinquency statistics.
  • assessment of collateral (mortgage) property by independent experts.

In general, the requirements for potential borrowers do not differ from the requirements offered to Raiffeisenbank clients:

  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • age not less than 21 and not more than 65 at the time of the planned repayment of the loan;
  • perfect credit history;
  • the presence of an official source of income;
  • for employees, at least a year of experience, and for individual entrepreneurs - at least 3 years.

Due property check

The bank is more strict about the condition of mortgaged real estate. Housing is accepted for consideration, which is located in the region of circulation and the banking organization. For example, the following restrictions apply to Muscovites: the property must be located within a radius of 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road. An apartment or private house can only be used as collateral if:

  • are in good condition and habitable;
  • equipped with the necessary plumbing;
  • have windows and a roof.
raiffeisenbank refinancing mortgages of other banks

Moreover, apartments without interior decoration are accepted in case of repair work being carried out at the time of refinancing. The condition of the dwelling must be confirmed by the report of an independent expert appraiser. The validity of this document cannot exceed six months. The average cost of an examination usually varies between 2,000 and 8,000 rubles, depending on the arearesidential premises. Also, Raiffeisenbank, when refinancing the mortgages of other banks, checks for:

  • illegal redevelopment based on BTI data sheet;
  • the presence of additional encumbrances, in addition to the housing loan;
  • duration of operation of the building and the actual condition of the dwelling, based on the reports of appraisers.

Also, when refinancing the mortgages of other banks, Raiffeisenbank offers not only to recalculate the debt and apply a better rate, but also to combine several loans into one. For many borrowers, this method of refinancing is considered profitable and convenient.

On-lending terms

"Raiffeisenbank" enables citizens to refinance large loans - up to 26 million rubles. Such a proposal is in demand among residents of the capital region, since the average cost of housing in Moscow and the region is one of the highest in the country. To date, favorable mortgage refinancing rates are offered here. Raiffeisenbank set this indicator at the level of 9.99 - 10.49%. Moreover, the interest rate depends on the value of mortgaged housing. If, according to an expert, it exceeds 7 million rubles, the minimum rate is applied. Loan term is 1-30 years.

raiffeisenbank bank mortgage refinancing

What documents do I need to provide

In general, the procedure for refinancing a mortgage at Raiffeisenbank for individuals is not fundamentally different from how it is done at other banks. ToTo obtain approval, borrowers who are being served by other financial institutions need to collect an impressive list of documents. In particular, you need to provide:

  • passport and its copy;
  • certificate of pension insurance (SNILS);
  • certificate of income in the form of 2-personal income tax or in the form of a bank;
  • copy of work book or employment contract;
  • Men under 27 require military ID.

In addition, you will need to fill out an application form, provide copies of documents confirming the ownership of real estate:

  • extended USRN statement;
  • expert appraiser's report;
  • BTI technical passport;
  • permission issued by the guardianship and guardianship authorities, if the mortgage was issued using maternity funds;
  • copy of valid loan agreement;
  • certificate of the amount of debt.

This list of documents must be provided to individuals to refinance the mortgage of other banks in Raiffeisenbank. Individual entrepreneurs must submit a 3-NDFL declaration, copies of documents on ownership. Clients of Raiffeisenbank, in comparison with borrowers from other organizations, need to collect a minimum package of documents, since the bank already has basic information about collateral real estate and solvency, information about a credit history. A full set of paperwork is required only from new customers.

raiffeisenbank refinancing mortgages of other banks to individuals

Howcorrectly write an application

If you pay attention to the comments of users, many consider the terms of mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisenbank to be very loyal. Not surprisingly, the bank is in demand among borrowers. In this regard, some would be interested in how best to send an application for mortgage refinancing to Raiffeisen - online or visit a bank branch in person?

Just like many other credit organizations, Raiffeisenbank allows you to pre-apply for refinancing directly on the website. If the client receives approval, he will need to arrive at the nearest branch of the bank, present all the necessary documents and submit an application in paper form. The application form should indicate:

  • personal data (full name, date of birth, address of permanent or temporary registration);
  • information about employment, education;
  • information about family composition;
  • level of income and expenses (total for all family members, including minor children);
  • readiness for insurance;
  • data about the place of work, and you can also indicate those places where the applicant works part-time.

Also, the application will require detailed information about the current loan, including the amount of debt and the period remaining until the final repayment of the loan. The questionnaire is signed by the borrower personally.

Bank customer reviews, tips and tricks

In itself, refinancing a mortgage involves obtaining more favorable conditions compared to thosefor which the loan was originally received. The undoubted advantage of applying to Raiffeisenbank for mortgage refinancing, according to reviews of Raiffeisen, is the efficiency in considering applications and a high percentage of their approval. At the same time, many users complain that they have to reassemble a package of numerous documents and re-assess mortgaged housing, which incurs additional costs.

mortgage refinancing at Raiffeisenbank for individuals

Users with personal experience in mortgage lending and refinancing are advised to contact Raiffeisenbank if the amount of the loan body is several million rubles, and the difference between the current rate and the one offered by Raiffeisen is two and more items. In this case, refinancing allows you to profitably reduce the amount of the monthly payment and reduce the overpayment, choose a more convenient payment repayment schedule or change the currency.

Wishing to refinance an existing mortgage at Raiffeisenbank, some people face serious restrictions in choosing the subject of collateral. If you believe the reviews, the bank does not warn about the increase in the interest rate by several points, which is applied to borrowers over 45 years of age. Sometimes the rate increases by 2-3 points and can reach almost 15% instead of the promised 9.99-10.49%.

Like other banks, Raiffeisen raises the rate in case of cancellation of insurance. Many users recommend carefully reading the terms of the contract forrefinancing, because, according to reviews, other hidden nuances are often found.

How long will it take for the refinancing procedure

Today the whole process usually takes no more than a week. The application for refinancing is considered by the bank's managers within three business days. In the case of a positive answer, the same amount of time is spent on checking the liquidity of mortgaged housing. Most documents are sent electronically, but you still need to visit the bank to sign the contract.

The step-by-step procedure for refinancing, starting from the moment of application, is as follows:

  1. Filling out the application form on the site and obtaining the approval of the bank.
  2. Checking the liquidity of housing offered as collateral.
  3. Signing a loan agreement with Raiffeisenbank.
  4. Registration of a new mortgage mortgage agreement due to a change in lender and mortgagee.
  5. Providing a bank loan by bank transfer to the borrower's account.
  6. Organization of registration through bank partners.

It is important to present the agreement on on-lending with a state registration mark to the bank employees within two months from the date of signing the agreement. Also, the client will be required to notarize the consent of the spouse, if he acts as a co-borrower, to refinance and change the pledgee.

raiffeisenbank mortgage refinancing rate

Unlike new bank customers, borrowers who initially took out a mortgage at Raiffeisenbank,it is necessary to issue changes to the current agreement. If, for example, there is a change in the settlement currency, the client is offered to sign an additional agreement with the bank, which implies a change in this condition, while the pledgee remains the same.

Those borrowers who take a loan from Raiffeisenbank at the new rate follow a slightly different path. After the application is approved, all papers are signed and money is received in the bank account, the individual contributes funds to repay the mortgage loan issued by the previous banking organization. Then the encumbrance on the property can be removed, and soon the registration of a new mortgage agreement will be required. If during the process of drawing up a new agreement, the pledgee is changed or other changes are made to the agreement, the bank can provide the client with more loyal conditions (for example, calculate the mortgage not at a fixed, but at a floating interest rate).

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