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Charity is Types and examples of charity

Charity is Types and examples of charity
Charity is Types and examples of charity

It just so happened that in the world there is a fairly clear distinction between people who are poor and rich. This is due to many factors, including employment, economic development of the country and others.

One of the high moral values ​​that their parents instill in children is concern for others. Thus, it turns out that it is human nature to lend a helping hand to those in need, if possible.

examples of charity

Such actions can be called charity. And it will remain so as long as assistance is provided disinterestedly, on a voluntary basis. In this article we will give vivid examples of charity in history. Perhaps such information will inspire you to do good deeds.

Concept and types

Before giving examples of charity, let's figure out what people mean by this concept. If you do not go into the wilds of terminology and omit incomprehensible words, the definition can be formulated as follows:

“Charity is freedonation of private or corporate resources, as well as funds to third parties who need help.”

In other words, if a person gives their money, clothes or other valuables to those people who need it, and does not require any payment, compensation or restitution, then this will be charity. And you can help not only people. There are quite a lot of animals that need guardianship and care.

There are 6 main types of such activities. Let's look at each of them and give examples of charity.

examples of charity in russia


Such charity can be done on a voluntary basis by commercial organizations. Moreover, this can be either completely unrelated to the main activity of a legal entity, or vice versa (for example, charitable foundations).

Companies can finance various social causes, social projects (not only government ones), buy medicines, take part in organizing assistance to those in need.

Who is not on the sidelines?

Giving examples of corporate philanthropy, we can name the banks "VTB" and "Russia", which annually transfer about 1-2 billion rubles to help those in need.

It is worth noting that recently out of the total charitable assistance provided in Russia, about 75% falls to the share of the corporate type. Thus, it is dominant in our country.

For comparison, let's take this fact: in 2015 in the United States, twothirds of total charitable donations were made by individuals, not businesses.

examples of philanthropy today


The essence of this type is that ordinary people show mercy and donate their personal money, clothes, property and any other valuables to charity.

At the same time, if legal entities can make transfers, for example, to kindergartens on their own, then private investments mainly involve the transfer of funds through charitable foundations.

In turn, this organization already independently manages the invested funds, for example, to help in a particular area of ​​life in a city, district or state.

As for the scale, as mentioned above, in Russia this type of charity is less common than in the United States. Perhaps this is due to the fact that too many scammers in our country are trying to make money on ordinary people, inventing stories about sick children in need of urgent treatment. Of course, this is not the only trick, but this is how, in most cases, dishonest people swindle their hard-earned funds.

And if all such funds are checked abroad, then our managers have not yet got their hands on it. Therefore, many charitable organizations are considered by the general public to be ordinary machines for laundering ill-gotten money.

examples of contemporary philanthropy

Giving examples of philanthropy that is private cannot be avoidedside of Bill Gates. This person became famous not only thanks to Microsoft Corp and the Windows program. He is one of the most famous people who donate huge sums to charity. It is hard to believe, but during his life he has already managed to donate more than 36 billion US dollars to various areas of charitable assistance.


Philanthropy is charity. The word itself comes from the Greek language and means love for people. Thus, philanthropy is a kind of gratuitous help to people.

There are quite interesting examples of charity that can be classified as philanthropy. Did you know who Evangelis Zappas is? Namely, thanks to his donations, the very first modern Olympic Games took place in 1859.

If we consider such examples of charity in Russia, then famous people include Alisher Usmanov, who finances his own foundation. Thanks to him, a large amount of funds is inverted for the preservation of cultural heritage and the he althy development of young people.

examples of charity today in russia

In the Russian Federation, citizen Vladislav Tetyukhin is also known, who donated almost all of his fortune to the construction of a treatment and rehabilitation center in the Urals. And this is as much as 3 billion rubles. Would you, with such capital, be able to give all your money to charity and live like an ordinary average person?


Often people confuse patronage and philanthropy. Of course these conceptsrepresent charity. However, they differ in the areas in which gratuitous assistance is provided. So, patrons are engaged in helping the development of culture, science, art.

Vivid examples of charity today, which can be called patronage, are the activities of such people as Roman Abramovich, Vladimir Potanin and others. They managed to prove themselves as well-known patrons.

Abramovich spent more than $111 million on such activities. He is known as a sponsor of many cultural projects, and also pays a lot of attention to art.

Potanin behaves somewhat more modestly, but still the amount allocated for charity is large - about 28 million US dollars. In addition to contributing to the development of education and the maintenance of cultural heritage, he also helps children.


Often from TV screens we hear that some manufacturer of alcoholic beverages is the sponsor of this or that program. What does this concept really mean?

In truth, there is an understanding of sponsorship as advertising, but it is wrong. After all, charity means an activity that cannot bring financial profit.

Giving examples of modern charity, you can call any action that companies do in support of animals, children, peace, etc. These are charity events from Coca-Cola. What is the benefit of the company?

examples of charity in history

For the fact that she finances the event, it can distributeto all T-shirts with your logo, to offer your products for free, that is, to promote your brand. This is the hidden interest of any organization. At the same time, there are undoubted benefits for society.

Social responsibility

This concept is mainly associated with companies and organizations. There is a certain legal minimum that firms must comply with in their work. This is expressed in the deductions of taxes, duties, the implementation of norms and laws.

If companies comply with this minimum, and also do things that they are not required to do, however, and thus benefit society, then we can say that they are socially responsible.

The social responsibility of companies is disinterested assistance that concerns their economic activities. An example is the construction of kindergartens, schools and other socially significant facilities by private firms.

Charity is trendy

Above we have considered just some examples of charity and patronage. On the one hand, it's great that there are quite a lot of people and companies in the world who care not only about their own benefit, but are also ready to selflessly help those in need.

examples of charity and patronage

The same Bill Gates was able to organize about 40 billionaires to bequeath their fortune to charitable foundations. And this really deserves respect.

Of course, there are other examples of philanthropy these days. There are many people in Russia who, although they do not have a billion-dollar fortune,yet show pity and help those who are in trouble and need help.

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