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Charity auctions: how to organize, legal issues, lots. What is required for a charity auction
Charity auctions: how to organize, legal issues, lots. What is required for a charity auction

The best way to draw public attention to any important event is to hold a charity auction and arrange a real celebration. Part of the funds received from the events held at the auction will go to charity. First, it is important to understand how to organize a charity auction?

Uniqueness of slots

If the purpose of organizing a charity is to sell some things, then you should choose only the most unique ones. You can make a thing more unique with the help of art, for example, ask a famous writer to put a signature in a magazine or book. Such an action helps to increase the value of the thing and the interest of visitors at times.

Selection of unique slots

Any visitors can be attracted to the auction, the main thing is to choose suitable lots for this. It is important to remember that unusual things most often attract an audience that is not typical for charitable events. You can only engage in auctions from a certain age.

Except for increasing the cost of lotsit is important to be able to present them correctly to visitors. To begin with, it is important to take high-quality photographs of the thing that will be presented on them only from the positive side. This will help the customer determine if they want to buy the item.

Also, each thing must have a certain history. If this is not available, then you can come up with it yourself, the main thing is to do it talentedly.

Of course, attention to a thing immediately rises if it is represented by some famous person. Also, experts recommend building a certain chain of lots: for example, a dress that fits well with the next auction item, a handbag, can be put up first. In addition to things, vouchers and invitations to interesting places, a person can become a lot during a charity auction. In this case, they use meetings with interesting and famous people: famous actors, businessmen, people who have achieved certain heights in their profession.

Benefits of holding an auction

When holding a charity auction, it is important to first determine its benefits. All charitable activities begin primarily with the desire to help a person or a foundation.

Help can be as follows: raising funds for sick people, a master class for children from an orphanage, developing an information campaign that will help people learn more about an exciting problem. Deciding on the type of assistance provided is very important for charity. Only then will the auction be truly beneficial to the public.


For example, the purpose of the auction is to help orphans. What to do in this case? You can teach your child something useful, for example, how to cook simple meals. This will help orphans prepare for independent living and develop more skills.

In this case, to organize an event, you need to agree with culinary specialists and chefs who are ready to take part in the auction. After that, you should agree with the orphanage and its representatives, decide on the venue of the event, its time, the number of guests and the children themselves.


First, it is important to decide on the legal issues of the charity auction. Preparation for the event should begin not in the last week, but in advance, especially if the holiday is of a regional or citywide scale. For example, it will take about 3 months to prepare for the festival. And this is only if there are no problems on the part of the organization: when agreeing on a site in the city and having assistants.

If the auction will be held in the city square, then it is important to agree on the purpose of the auction with the city doctors, who will give permission for the celebration in a specific part of the city.

If a charity auction is not large-scale, then it can be arranged in a simple cafe. It is also worth contacting the management of the institution in advance, having prepared the schedule and the concept of the event. A good example of an event would be the Off White charity auction.

How to attract an audience

Somethe auction stewards decide to hold a two-sided holiday, which, on the one hand, becomes a place for people to relax, and on the other hand, a way to collect the necessary amount to send to charity.

After the date of the auction is determined, and permission from the authorities or organizations is received, it is important to choose a comfort zone. Most often, several separate zones operate at large auctions: children's (children spend time with animators in it), sports (if the time of the year allows an auction to be held outdoors), music, a food court, tents with souvenirs and goods, a zone with master classes.

The number of recreation areas at the event will be limited solely by the desire of the organizer and his financial means. If the auction will be held at the city level, then it is best to prepare several entertainment venues for it.

Audience engagement

Next, you need to start looking for partners and employees. For a food court, you can negotiate with the director of the cafe. You can also attract local shops that can share food. Refusing money in favor of charity, cafes and supermarkets do not lose anything, as this can be called a kind of advertising.

Kids area

Private kindergartens can be called to the children's entertainment zone, which will entertain children throughout the event. You can equip a whole separate children's area, equipping it with various exciting devices, toys and goods. With a small holiday, the organizersas a rule, simple volunteers are invited to entertain the kids while their parents buy souvenirs and enjoy the auction.

Specialists note that, as a rule, it is small companies that agree to participate in charity events, since such an auction helps to attract more public attention to them. A good example would be the "Beauty of a Child's Soul" charity auction.

Master class and music venue

Musicians and performers who are interested in helping charitable organizations can be invited to the stage. In this case, everything will also directly depend on the size of the auction.

When arranging master classes, it is important to pay increased attention to their diversity, but at the same time they should not be too difficult for visitors. Most often, face painting, braiding, henna tattoos, light and beautiful paper fakes attract special attention of visitors. Children especially like to weave baubles at such events, make fakes from clay, wool, sculpt, paint pictures.

Workshops at the event

You can additionally invite third-party partners to the master classes to help conduct an entertaining and educational program. Various scientific show programs (chemical and biological orientation) are common. A good addition to the entertainment program will be win-win prizes that can be asked from partners and friends. The following prizes are most often used: certificates forevents, discounts, coupons, unusual souvenirs and decor items.

It is important to pay special attention to the fact that during the auction each visitor can visually view information about the charitable foundation. To do this, you can use special flyers, logos, stickers, printed T-shirts, branded clothing, merchandise - depending on the total budget. The event must be attended by the organizer of the charity campaign, which will be able to answer visitors' questions in detail and adequately present the auction.

Use of media and social networks

Even if the plan for a future event is still in the works, we still need to start sending topics to media sources where people can hear detailed information about the purpose of the charity auction. Also, experts advise not to neglect the help of publics and social networks. It is important to send a re-invitation to the event a few days before the auction.

Media use

If the auction is of a large scale, then it would be most rational to use poster portals, websites of partners and large advertising companies, signs in the city to attract attention.

Many media willingly agree to advertise a charity auction (fund): it is beneficial for them too. In this case, it is important to start promoting the event as early as possible. If the organizer decides to invite someone as a partner a few weeks before the festival, then the chance of success will be very small.

What matters to charity

Charity should be done for a good cause, fun and easy for the attendees. Anyone can independently organize a charity auction. In this case, it is very important that the person has at least minimal organizational skills and agreements.

Do not be afraid to hold a charity auction, as it is not as difficult as it might seem. Such an auction can take place at a party, birthday, and even a wedding, where guests can make donations.

For big festivals, it's important to have some experience and personal connections. If a person is just starting his career as an organizer, then first you should gather acquaintances from a narrow circle. Even if the organizer cannot collect charitable donations at such a holiday, he will still be useful.

Holding an exhibition of paintings

What is required to organize a charity auction? To begin with, it is important to determine exactly what will be exhibited at the event. You should not talk about the pictures that they were painted by children who have cancer. If a person wants to support the project, he will always make a charitable donation even without visiting the exhibition.

A person will come to the exhibition only when it will be really interesting for him to look at the presented works. It is best to negotiate with media artists, photographers or sculptors during the event so that they support the exhibition with their work. The second option for organizing the event is the collection of thematicpaintings with an unusual concept. Even if there are paintings by different authors at the same event, there must be at least a certain number of well-known ones among them.

Definition with pad

For a charity auction of paintings, it is not necessary to choose a gallery as a platform. The exhibition can be held in a club or in a small cafe. In this case, it is important to follow two rules.

Exhibition location selection

Firstly, the exhibition venue must be free for the organizer. Secondly, it should be located in a convenient place for guests (preferably in the city center or near a transport route).

Painting design

Not always ready-made pictures are given to the organizer in frames. It is for this reason that it is important for him to find a special framing workshop in advance, which will help to decorate them beautifully. It is best to do this for free, but if this is not possible, then you should use the discount.

Painting decoration

In this case, man's strength will definitely be required, since it is very difficult and long to hang framed pictures on the wall. If there is an opportunity to hang pictures in advance, then you should use it. Also, this will require a car that will deliver the paintings, and then take them away.

Is it allowed to sell works

This will directly depend on the agreement with the owners of the paintings. The organizer may have the opportunity to sell all the paintings or only a part of them, if some of them are not available for sale. At any festiv althere should be a fundraising component. Even if the exhibited paintings cannot be sold, donations to the fundraising container are very important. The main thing is to notify visitors of this opportunity when opening.

Number of works and lots

Lots for a charity auction should not be too much, otherwise the event will become too long and visitors will slowly disperse. Some works can be put up for a "silent" auction. Under each picture, a sheet with a table of value should be attached, which will help people to bargain by entering their donations, as well as contacts. This will help the organizer to contact the winner at the end of the auction and transfer the purchase to him if he leaves the exhibition ahead of time.

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