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Senior cashier: concept, definition, required education, admission conditions, job responsibilities and features of the work performed
Senior cashier: concept, definition, required education, admission conditions, job responsibilities and features of the work performed

Depending on the organization, the senior cashier's job responsibilities have their differences and specifics. An employee can simply work at the checkout, or can additionally combine the duties of a consultant, salesperson, financier, etc. The specification of a specific position is usually displayed by the employer in the instructions. But in general, many of the requirements will be general.

About profession

The senior cashier is an employee who has many direct responsibilities. Its competence includes:

  • working with documentation;
  • cash (both cash and non-cash) in any currency;
  • working with subordinates, their training;
  • negotiations with contractors.
Work as a senior cashier

Other responsibilities are possible. It all depends on the specific company.where the employee works as a senior cashier.

This employee has a number of subordinates, so the employer must take the job description very seriously. It is important to take into account the specifics of the enterprise and, on the basis of this, identify the specialization of the work of the senior cashier. A number of requirements for a specialist usually apply:

  • having the right education;
  • work experience;
  • skills;
  • knowledge of regulatory documents.

Why do we need a job description

It spells out the duties, rights, responsibilities of the employee. Proper drafting of this document implies a clearly formulated text that does not have a dual meaning, which prevents the emergence of disputes and conflict situations. It would be useful to prescribe a specific hierarchy of the organization and the subordination of each employee to a specific person.

The job description of the senior cashier contains points on the mechanism for hiring him and dismissing him from his post, as well as the rules for replacing him during his absence (vacation, sick leave, business trips, etc.). Also, this document performs a number of important tasks for both the employer and the employee, simplifying the solution of many issues that arise in the course of work.

Legislative Framework

Responsibilities of the Senior Treasurer

The structure and content of job descriptions are not regulated by legal acts. This moment allows, when creating it, to take into account certain specifics of the organization of laboractivities at the employer.

According to GOST R 6.30 - 2003, which was approved by the Decree of the State Standard of the Russian Federation of 03.03.2003 No. 65-st, the following requirements are imposed on job descriptions:

  • document must be drawn up in accordance with Russian law;
  • in the state language.

Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation dated November 8, 2005 No. 536 determined that the text of the instruction should be presented in a third person, and the expressions should be applied in the content: “should”, “should”, “necessary”, “not allowed", "prohibited".

The above standards also determine that the stating part of the job description should be occupied by a section called "General Provisions". It reflects the purpose of the document, the grounds for its development, liability for violation, scope.

As you know, the main text of this document is divided into chapters, paragraphs, subparagraphs. Main Sections:

  • general provisions of the instruction;
  • specialist duties;
  • employee rights;
  • employee responsibility.

Additional sections of the job description

Often there is a need to add additional sections:

  • criteria for assessing the quality of work activities;
  • certification procedure;
  • order when changing instructions, etc.

It is important to know that only those requirements that do not contradict the federal legislation of the Russian Federation can be included in the content of this document. The labor code does not allowpriority or restrictions that are related to the language, nationality, social status, race, place of residence of the employee, as well as his political opinions, age, religion.

Rights and responsibilities

Position senior cashier

Employee has the right to:

  • make suggestions that are aimed at improving the work;
  • make a request and review the documentation related to its activities;
  • make independent decisions to resolve conflict situations;
  • demand from management the necessary working conditions for its activities.

The senior cashier is responsible for failure to fulfill his duties, as well as material responsibility, which requires special attention from him, quick and correct decisions, and discipline. He is responsible for creating unsafe conditions for employees of the organization, improper execution of instructions, failure to convey important necessary information to management.

Tasks of the job description

Senior bank teller

The contents of the instructions should include the following items:

  • setting qualification requirements (skills, education, work experience, etc.);
  • determining the limits of specialist liability;
  • determination of job functions (scope of work, terms of reference, volumes, etc.).

For an employer, the job description gives rights:

  • give justification for refusal to accept a position inin case of inconsistency of the applicant in terms of education, qualifications, work experience and other parameters;
  • objectively evaluate the work of an employee during the probationary period;
  • clearly carry out the distribution of labor functions between employees;
  • assess the completeness of the employee's performance of labor functions;
  • give a rationale for the assessment of the employee's inconsistency with the position;
  • assess and justify the legality of disciplinary sanctions for improper performance by an employee of work duties.

Professional requirements and functions in a bank

Senior cashier working

A specialist must constantly monitor changes in legislation that relate directly to his professional duties. The senior cashier in the bank works not only with money, but also with other valuables, securities.

The duties of this specialist include:

  • Compliance with the cash balance limit, compiling daily reports, maintaining a cash book and other income/expenditure documentation.
  • Accept, issue cash to cashiers during the working day, check the safety of funds, check the actual availability of money at the specialist’s cash desk with the data recorded in the documentation.
  • Perform operations with money transfers, as well as operations of a currency exchange nature, hand over cash to collectors, prepare documentation that is within their competence.

In the duties of a seniora cashier also includes the ability to work with various bank programs, be an experienced PC user, have experience in handling cash (issuance, acceptance, security), be able to draw up cash documents, work on cash registers, computers. In addition to the above, this specialist must be able to conduct settlement transactions with bank customers, i.e. work with legal entities, individuals, checkbooks, plastic cards, etc.

The senior cashier must be able to determine the authenticity of cash, securities, and ensure their safety. Knowledge of the rules for the operation of cash registers, computer equipment, rules for fire safety, sanitation, hygiene, labor protection is necessary for bank employees to ensure the correct uninterrupted organization of the labor process.

The profession of a senior cashier obliges you to be able to orient yourself in time and quickly find a solution to a problem that has arisen, whether it is a breakdown of control and computing equipment or a dispute, a conflict when working with a client.

Professional requirements and store features

At the beginning of a new working day, the senior cashier, according to the instructions, issues cash to all cashiers to organize work with customers. During the day, he must control the smooth and correct process of work at the checkout. If any conflict situation arises, this specialist is obliged to make a decision on its elimination.

In case of breakdown of cash equipment, the senior cashier must create an application and send the equipment for repair. ATat the end of a work shift or whenever necessary, he must clearly and quickly accept money from operators and make an inventory of shabby banknotes. Also, at the end of the working day, it is necessary for the tellers to check the reports for the compliance of the numbers they provide on paper with the actual availability of funds. In cases of shortages, shortcomings, it is necessary to find out the cause and take action.

The senior cashier is also involved in the preparation of collection documents, cash to send them to the bank, collection, cash withdrawal at the end of the working day, submission of reports to the chief accountant, issuance of banknotes to tellers for exchange. Often, he still has to maintain and control the work schedule of operators (sick leave, vacations, time off), train new specialists, and also monitor compliance with labor discipline by subordinates.

The duties of a senior cashier in a store include knowing and using customer service rules, conveying this knowledge to all employees who are subordinate to him, and knowing the basics of etiquette. This employee must understand and be able to work with all changes, innovations in accordance with applicable laws, orders, internal regulations and store rules.

The chief cashier must have qualities that help to understand the people he will be hiring. Thus, he selects his subordinates on his own, recruiting the team with whom he will work. In the future, he will need to conduct interviews and train cashiers.operators. He is subordinate to the chief accountant, respectively, he needs to make a report on the work done for him, fulfilling all the requirements.

How to write a good resume

How to write a good resume

When compiling this document, first of all, it is necessary to thoroughly study the job description of this profession. It is worth paying attention to the requirements that the employer makes, as well as to the list of duties, to what kind of responsibility the employee will bear and what rights to have.

It is recommended that you first read approximate similar job descriptions for the required position. Based on the content of this documentation, a person can understand and determine for himself which specific factors are relevant and which are optional. The main task of the applicant is to indicate the advantages that he has that will help distinguish him from all applicants.

What to include when writing a resume

When compiling this document, it is recommended to indicate information about yourself clearly, concisely and to the point. In the summary of the senior cashier, you must specify:

  • education;
  • length of service in this position, previous jobs;
  • labor skills, personal qualities;
  • achievements available.

If there are confirmations of advanced training, awards, incentives, diplomas and other similar facts of achievements at work, they should be indicated.

What a senior cashier should have

Job Responsibilities of Senior Treasurer

Necessary skills and abilities:

  • knowledge of commodity science;
  • energy and sociability;
  • warehouse knowledge;
  • knowledge of economics, organization and labor protection, ethics, psychology, merchandising, Russian legislation, safety, fire safety basics.

This employee is responsible for the quality of work of his subordinates, he must quickly solve problems that have arisen in the process of work.


Staff training by senior cashier

The general list in the job description of the senior cashier as a whole comes down to knowledge of the main rules of the organization (trade, banking, etc.), sanitation, safety, operating rules for the equipment used in the work.

Specific requirements for the position will be determined by the direction of the particular organization. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the specifics of the work both when compiling job descriptions and when compiling a resume. The initial selection for a position is often determined by the information that the applicant has provided about himself. Then the employer checks the applicant's compliance with the provisions of the job description and the position as a whole.

I would like to note that this employee is endowed with great powers, responsibilities, rights, so it is so important to draw up a job description as fully as possible. Otherwise, the employee may not live up to management's expectations.

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