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Trading system "Sniper": full description
Trading system "Sniper": full description

Among the many different trading strategies for trading, one can single out the rather sensational "Sniper" tactics. This technique was developed by a practicing trader Dmitriev. The trading system "Sniper" is a non-indicator strategy based on understanding the financial market and the levels of market quotes. Trading psychology and money management play a big role in it. Dmitriev uses very simple and convenient tools in his methodology, which, with the appropriate approach and correct application, show remarkable results.

Types of trading strategy

Dmitriev's "Sniper" trading system has several versions. Initially, the author of the strategy developed its first version, which formed the basis, that is, the base. Subsequently, Dmitriev released "Additions" for his methodology. Then the Sniper trading system received new changes and its second version was published, later the third and fourth.

Strategy Options:

  1. TS "Sniper v 1.0" - base or basis.
  2. Additions to v 1.0.
  3. TS "Sniper v 2".
  4. TS "Sniper v 3.0; v 3.1; v 3.2".
  5. Addition and bonuses to v 3.
  6. TS "Sniper v 4" and also bonuses.

In each version, the author improved his methodology and added some new tools or pointed out important points, trading conditions, features. Almost all versions of Sniper have been developed with automated programs that facilitate trading through the system and allow you to use it more fully and profitably. The last variant created by the author is "Sniper v 4", for which an EA was also written.

Basic or basis of the strategy

materials on the trading system sniper

If you carefully study the material offered by the author, you can identify several factors that formed the basis of the strategy.

Sniper trading system base:

  1. Levels with a specific name.
  2. Money Management.
  3. The Safe Rule.
  4. Manage protective orders.
  5. Building blocks.
  6. Rules of trend trading.
  7. Exit from accumulation zones.

Dmitriev, in his strategy, considers two phases of the market state: a trend and a corrective waiting zone.

It should also be noted that due to the construction and understanding of the patterns of the financial market, the Sniper x trading system cannot be attributed to simple methods. Therefore, the author recommends that all beginners carefully study courses onstrategies, and for practice, use a demo account for at least 100-150 trades and only after that switch to the real market.

Sniper trading system: instructions

For ease of perception, rather voluminous material, we can highlight the main points of the trading technique, so that in the future they can be easily used as a reminder:

  1. Open an order, that is, look for suitable points to enter the market, you need on M1 and M5 timeframes.
  2. Trades are controlled on M30-H1.
  3. You can't open trades in the middle of a market move.
  4. You should always use protective Stop Loss orders in trading.
  5. The methodology provides for the mandatory maintenance of statistics on transactions, which should reflect all open and closed orders with explanations. That is, the trader must indicate the reasons (what were the market conditions, messages) why he opened the deal, its result. In addition, it is advisable to take screenshots and highlight the most important moments of trading on them. In the same journal, you need to note the income / loss on transactions, the reasons and analyze the records at least twice a week. It is advisable to keep statistics not only in electronic form, but also write it down in a special notebook or notebook.
  6. Daily rate of 10% of the deposit.
  7. No action needed while momentum is rising.
  8. You can trade only when the trader is in a psychologically balanced state. It is impossible to make transactions if something bothers or the trader is somehowupset, irritated. It is also not recommended to trade when the speculator is in too high spirits. When trading, a trader must be collected and focused.
  9. The main rule of the system is earning 40 points a day. As soon as this goal is reached, you need to stop trading.
  10. In the trading system "Sniper" you can use one, maximum two currency pairs. This allows you to more accurately analyze market movements and correctly enter the market.
  11. To practice accuracy, it is enough to open 3 trades a day.
  12. The strategy uses lot fixing. When a favorable situation occurs on the market, you can open 2-3 positions. For each transaction, the margin on the deposit must be less than 1%.

This memo should be constantly before the eyes of the trader. Compliance with all its points significantly increases the profitability of transactions and in some cases prevents or minimizes losses.

Strategy terminology

Dmitriev uses new terms in his strategy, which must be studied in order to understand the meaning of the Sniper trading system and the full description of the theoretical material provided.

Levels of the "Sniper" trading strategy:

  1. High and low of the past day.
  2. Bank levels.
  3. Impulse levels.
  4. Total impulse levels.
  5. Reversal Levels.

These concepts underlie the strategy. With their help, the trader builds blocks on the chart and determinesfuture market direction. Levels are important elements of the entire trading system.

The previous day's high and low levels

trading system sniper x russia

Most traders use minimum and maximum values ​​or extremes in their strategies. These can be candlestick indicators, fractals and levels that line up on them. Dmitriev proposes the following scheme of work:

  1. For the past trading day, you need to mark the maximum and minimum values ​​of the daily price on the chart and set the levels. The easiest way to do this is to use the "rectangle" tool in the terminal.
  2. As soon as the market price approaches the marked levels, you need to open a deal during a rollback or reversal of quotes.
  3. "Stop-loss" is set within 15-20 pips.
  4. "Take profit" is set according to the general rules of the trading strategy.

Usually such an entry point does not guarantee a big profit and is used in the system as additional information.

Bank levels (BU)

This is one of the main and important rules of the strategy. Banking levels have been used in it throughout its existence and have the designation - BU. Even after the latest additions to the Sniper 4 trading system, they remained unchanged.

trading system sniper 3 2

Dmitriev defines them as strong support and resistance levels. He explains this by the fact that all major market participants do not work through ordinary"Forex" terminals such as MetaTrader, and through banks. Their main task is not a speculative transaction that is customary for a trader, but to maintain a balance of supply and demand. Large banks periodically make exchange transactions, for example, they sell dollars and buy euros, and therefore it is very important for them to know the closing price of yesterday's trading session. Knowing this pattern, one can expect strong currency movements from this banking level.

Construction rules:

  1. Turn on the period separator on the chart.
  2. Set the level at 00:00 London time: if a bullish candle closes on the H1 timeframe, then the line is drawn from above, if it is bearish - from below.
  3. Important condition: the bank level works only the next day.

According to the terms of the trading strategy, this type of level is marked in green.

Impulse Levels (DUT)

Impulse levels, denoted as DUT, have no less important characteristics. They are characterized by three features: they are repelled by the price several times; this level must be broken through by an impulse movement (its size is at least 6 points); fixing the price on this indicator.

According to the terms of the trading strategy, as soon as the market price fixes at an impulse level, a point appears to open a position. You can work with these levels on any timeframes from M1 to H4. The most profitable are: M5 and M15.

Total Impulse Level (TIU)

trading system sniper instruction

Dmitrievchose the abbreviation TIU for their designation. They are divided into local and total levels. Local ones are used on lower timeframes - M1 and M5, and on older ones, starting from M30 to H4, total levels are used. They have no differences in construction and are defined by size.

A sell deal is executed when the market price breaks through the total impulse level on H1. Then you need to wait on the M5 timeframe for a false breakout of the total level up and enter the market at the first local impulse level.

Important! Quite often, beginners make mistakes when, after breaking through the total impulse level on the H1 timeframe, they expect a second false breakout on M5. As a result, market quotes do not repeat the false breakout and reverse. Many perceive such a movement as a signal to buy, this is their mistake. It is important to remember that the total impulse level should only be broken falsely, and only once. Only under this condition can you get a reversal signal to open a position.

Reversal Reversal Levels (URST)

These levels are abbreviated as URST and are used in all variations of the Sniper trading system up to version 4. They are also considered the basis of the strategy. The levels of a sharp change in the trend are the configurations of Japanese candlesticks, the variants of the "Pin-bar" or "Spike" are quite common. All of them consist of shadows, on which the market direction usually unfolds. That is, these are reversal figures and, accordingly, levels. They are usually used foropening positions in the opposite direction or taking profits on previously opened orders.

Scheme of work with URST:

  1. It is necessary to mark on the chart with a red rectangle the place where there is a sharp change in the trend of the market movement.
  2. When the price approaches the level of a sharp trend change, it is necessary to open a deal in the opposite direction of the current impulse in anticipation of a market movement reversal or rollback.
  3. Protective "Stop-loss" order is placed at a distance of 25 points from the opening of the order.
  4. The entry point should be analyzed on M5 or M15 timeframes.

Money Management: safe method

trading system sniper safe rule

In Russia, the Sniper x trading system is a fairly well-known Forex trading strategy. Its highlight can be considered a unique system of profit fixing or "Rule of the safe". Dmitriev offered traders an original, simple and reliable solution for partial fixation of income already received in the first place.

The "rules of the safe" are quite simple. By and large, they are very similar to the system for transferring a transaction to breakeven, but they have their own distinctive features. The rule is based on the laws of the financial market, which determine that all points of opening deals on Forex in 80% of cases allow you to earn 15–20 points. That is, no matter which way the price goes, but in any case, having reached a certain level, it will bounce by 15-20 points.

According to the "Safe Rules" in the systemDmitriev, you need to close part of the position, taking into account the profit from the closed share. Moreover, the closed part should cover the size of the Stop-loss loss if the price goes in the opposite direction from the deal. As a result, using this technique, that is, by closing a certain percentage of the share of the order in a safe "safe", in the future the position will occur in a safe mode.

To get more profit, Dmitriev suggests transferring the rest of the order to breakeven until the market moves in the direction necessary for the trader. Thus, you can earn much more profit and increase your profit margins.

"Safe rule" solves two problems at once:

  1. If the outcome is favorable, it allows you to initially take profits and later earn even more when transferring the order to breakeven.
  2. In cases where the market price goes against the trader, exit the trade without loss, as the "safe" will securely fix the profit partially, and if the rest of the order is closed by "Stop Loss", then the profit will be equal to losses and as a result the trader will not lose money.

Dmitriev's trading system "Sniper 3.2"

As a result of various additions and new improvements that the author of the strategy periodically made, the system received some changes. First of all, they touched the levels. Trading system "Sniper 3.2", as well as further versions exclude two types of levels: the maximum and minimum of the previous day and the bank level (BU). Particular attention inThe 2nd and 3rd versions are given to overclocking the deposit. In the first version of the trading system, the author pays attention to the "Safe Rule". But already in the second version, he offers a safe solution for Money Management.

trading system sniper dmitrieva

And also previously opened profitable deals are used in the overclocking of the deposit. Overclocking occurs as follows:

  1. The trader must have an open order with a profit.
  2. The entry point is analyzed at the levels of URST or TIU.
  3. The trade is opened in the opposite direction on the rollback. The result is a positively open "lock". Now, in whatever direction the market goes, the trader will make a profit.

Usually the opposite trade is opened with a small profit.

All new amendments and materials on the Sniper 3.2 trading system, as well as newer versions, have been studied and approved by professionals. Indeed, improvements have improved the trading system and made it safer for working on the financial market. It is also worth noting that new elements have been added to the Sniper 3.2 trading system:

  1. Reversal level 3 (Dmitriev added this element of the strategy from the second version of "Sniper").
  2. Modified reversal zone (remaining past trend).
  3. Retest (often a spike zone, repeated reversal patterns).
  4. Re-entry (fixing the profits of large players, their re-entry into the market, opening new positions).

In the third version from "Base"two levels left: "Total Impulse Level" and "Sharp Trend Change Level", as well as "Safe Rules".

Feedback from traders about the trading system

reviews about the trading system sniper

In the discussion of the "Sniper x" trading system, traders with different experience and experience in Forex trading take part. As always, opinions are divided, but by and large, traders respond positively to this strategy.

Many believe that Dmitriev found a rather successful solution with the "Rule of the safe", which, in principle, became famous for the technique. According to reviews of the Sniper trading system, the strategy has good profitability. Traders also note that in order to trade this system, it will take time to study it. Therefore, beginners who want to use this technique in their work should be patient and pre-train on a demo account.

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