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Do I need insurance for a trailer: legal regulations, insurance procedure, conditions
Do I need insurance for a trailer: legal regulations, insurance procedure, conditions

Trailers, according to the traffic rules, are considered vehicles. It is known that OSAGO is required for all cars. But do you need trailer insurance? Next, we will deal with this issue, and also talk about the technical inspection of such equipment.

Legal Regulations

Such devices, as already noted, are vehicles. But whether you need insurance for a light trailer, you can find out if you look at the federal law on OSAGO, and specifically in Article No. 4. There are exceptions, within which there is no such requirement. Are trailers mentioned there? Yes, but with a limitation: the insurance obligation does not apply to the corresponding additions to passenger cars.

Do I need to include insurance

The obligation to buy a policy for a trailer for passenger cars does not apply to their owners. But the owners of freight transport will still have to use this service. It should be taken into account that, in this case,includes trailers-dissolutions and semi-trailers.

Do you need insurance for a car trailer, many people are interested.

What is considered an object of insurance?

Currently, you need to issue OSAGO on:

  • Trailers for passenger cars of legal entities.
  • Trailers for trucks.

In the role of insurance objects are property interests that are associated with risks of civil liability of car owners for obligations arising in the event of harm to life, property or he alth of third parties. Do not forget that the process of issuing a policy for such equipment is possible only after passing a special technical inspection.

MTPL for trailers of trucks

Do I need insurance for a cargo trailer?

This device is many times larger than for cars, but the area of ​​​​use in this case is completely different. Initially, it should be said that the implementation of a technical inspection in this case is mandatory. Accidents with this tool is not at all a rare occurrence. Regarding OSAGO, it must be said that insurance for cargo trailers is mandatory for all categories, regardless of whether it is an individual or a legal entity.

Do you need insurance for a trailer?

Insurance policies for trailers and their types

Depending on the number of drivers allowed to drive a car with a trailer, there are several types of insurance. The document can be limited or unlimited.

Limited insurance

Thisthe type of document implies an increase in the total number of persons who are allowed to drive the relevant vehicle with a trailer. In addition, it is supposed to exclude certain citizens from the established list. To obtain such a policy, the driver must send a special, correctly drawn up application to the insurance company. At a price, this policy will be somewhat cheaper than a similar paper of an unlimited type. The document is not originally intended to be issued to a legal entity.

Unlimited Insurance

This type of insurance is characterized by a number of features. The difference is this: if the owner gives verbal permission to operate the car or issues an official power of attorney for another person, unlimited insurance will be valid.

Do you need trailer insurance?

In the event that the owner of the transport decides to entrust the management of the car to another citizen, it will not be necessary to make changes or various additions to the policy. Unlimited insurance is a more functional document. Its price is slightly higher than the limited version.

We have determined if trailer insurance is required. Next, let's talk about how to get OSAGO for the appropriate equipment.

Procedure for issuing trailer insurance

In the event that the insured is a legal entity, then the execution of the policy is mandatory. To get OSAGO on a trailer, you need to take several steps:

  • Trailer registration.
  • Passing technical inspection.
  • Get diagnostic card.
  • Clearing OSAGO.

Thus, insurance for the trailer is issued separately from the policy of the car itself.

Trailer inspection and conditions

We continue to find out if the trailer needs inspection and insurance. Some nuances have recently been introduced to this procedure:

  • Inspection is now carried out in specialized centers by maintenance operators.
  • Instead of coupons, a diagnostic card is issued.
  • Technical inspection, as a rule, is subject to any equipment that belongs to legal entities.
  • Any heavy trailers with a maximum mass exceeding the norm of 3.5 tons, regardless of the type of owner, undergo a special check.

Before you perform a trailer inspection, you must comply with the legal requirements and prepare the equipment for this event.

Do you need trailer insurance?

How can trailers over 3.5 tons pass inspection?

Trailers usually have such dimensions. Before carrying out their maintenance, it makes sense to check whether the state number is well lit, whether the wiring with light signal blocks is working. A critical assessment of the appearance of the trailer is also considered not superfluous. It is simply indecent to take dirty equipment for inspection. In addition, few experts will agree to inspect a trailer that they can get dirty on.

For heavy equipment and trailers owned by institutions, a special inspection schedule is applied, frequencywhich directly depends on the age of the vehicle:

  • New funds are exempt from maintenance for the first three years.
  • Ages three to seven undergo this service every two years.
  • Vehicles over seven years old are checked annually.

As part of determining the frequency of inspection, the countdown should start from the date of manufacture of the trailer.

Do I need to include trailer insurance?

Required documents

Trailed heavy equipment is accepted for technical inspection, provided that the owner has a certain package of documents, which should include:

  • Passport of the owner or other proof of identity.
  • Presenting a power of attorney to drive the car if the owner and the driver are different persons.
  • Provision of a vehicle passport and a certificate of its registration.
  • In the event that the trailer is owned by an institution, instead of a passport, you must show a certificate of state registration of a legal entity and a power of attorney, which is issued in the name of the driver of the car.

Where is the technical inspection?

To do this, you can contact the operator in any region, without being tied to the place of registration of the car or its owner. In the diagnostic card, which is a document of a new format, the regional code is no longer indicated as part of the MOT confirmation.

How much does trailer insurance cost?

Not everyone knows whether it is necessary to include a trailer in insurance, and do not have information about the cost. Insurance policy priceThe responsibility of trailer owners directly depends on certain factors:

  • Time to use.
  • Region of trailers registration.

The calculation formula will be as follows: the base rate is multiplied by the territorial coefficients, and then by the value of the period of use. For the fact of accident-free discounts are not provided.

The CASCO cost will be:

  • for the risks of "damage" - from 2 to 4% of the cost of the trailer;
  • for "theft" - 0.5% of the price of the relevant equipment.
Do trailers need inspection and insurance?

What is the coverage period?

In the event that the trailer is used only in a certain time period of the year, for example, from April to November, then the policy should be issued for this period. This can significantly reduce the cost of servicing the contract.

However, it should be remembered that the minimum period of OSAGO for trailers for individuals is three months, and for legal entities - six months. At the same time, it is impossible to break the minimum time periods for using the machine (in this case, the trailer).

We have considered whether trailer insurance is required. The information can be very useful for those who were not familiar with the intricacies of the procedure.

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