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Beeline card: user reviews, conditions, pros and cons
Beeline card: user reviews, conditions, pros and cons

In the article, we will consider reviews about the Beeline card.

Not many people know that in communication stores you can get not only SIM cards or buy phones, but also a payment card. This project has been implemented for several years jointly with RNCO "Payment Center". We will tell you about the conditions, as well as about the tariffs, find out all the nuances with the features of the card, its advantages and disadvantages. Among other things, we will figure out whether it is worth making out Beeline plastic. Feedback on the card will be provided at the end of the article.

beeline banking card reviews and conditions


The type of this card is MasterCard Standard or World, there is 3D Secure support for making secure purchases on the Internet. Issue along with re-issue and annual maintenance is free of charge. SMS-informing of monetary payment also does not require. Interest on the plastic account balance is from three to seven monthly.Reviews about the Mastercard card from Beeline are mostly positive.

It is worth mentioning the withdrawal of own funds. If the transaction amount is more than five thousand rubles, the action is free of charge, and when it is less, one hundred and forty-nine rubles are taken for the operation. Without a commission, you can withdraw no more than fifty thousand rubles a month, and if this limit is exceeded, then it will be two percent of the debit amount. The accrual of bonuses assumes one percent of all purchases, which the client receives in any case.

Transfers between Beeline cards are free of charge. As part of interbank transfers, up to one hundred thousand rubles per month can be transferred without commission, more than this amount - 0.5% (minimum twenty, maximum one thousand rubles). According to reviews, the Beeline credit card is very convenient to use.

beeline credit card reviews


Among the benefits of the card is the following:

  • Availability of free service.
  • Providing customers with the opportunity to receive cashback in their favorite places (the category is set in the personal account and application) up to five percent.
  • One percent cashback on any purchase.
  • Producing free information about transactions via SMS.


In order for a Beeline debit card to be profitable, a number of specific requirements must be met. Should I open it? Perhaps, only active clients of the provider should issue it, then it will be possible to use the services of the operatoralmost for nothing, at the expense of returnable cashbacks.

Is it wise to reveal it to others? Free service along with SMS informing make this product quite attractive. It is better to read reviews about Beeline debit cards and credit cards in advance.

There are more profitable similar products with similar options on the market. Plastic from Beeline has relatively low interest on the balance, along with limited cashback in spending and conditionally commission-free cash withdrawals. It is not advisable to open it for the sake of these options. Otherwise, it turns out quite branded plastic, especially interesting for Beeline regular customers. Credit card reviews are plentiful.

Bonus program

Now let's talk in detail about the most interesting, namely the Beeline bonus program. As noted above, for each purchase, the client receives points, which can be easily cashed out in the future, turning them into discounts for themselves.

beeline banking card reviews

How can I accumulate bonuses on the Beeline card?

Keep in mind the following:

  • Customers always receive one percent, provided that they pay with this card (including on the Internet).
  • Increased bonus point in your favorite category. Each owner of plastic in his personal account is independently able to choose no more than three categories, where he wants to receive as much as five percent of the "cashback". The following options are currently available for selection: restaurants along with cosmetics and perfumes,sporting goods, pets, Duty Free, public transport and parking, beauty salons, entertainment and taxis. As you can see, the list is extensive and at the same time interesting. Everyone can choose a frequently used category for themselves and quickly earn bonuses for their purchases.
  • Special points. In addition to standard and increased, you can also get special bonuses from plastic partners. Among them are Apteka.RU with Perekrestok stores and many others.
beeline debit card reviews

How can I spend Reward Points?

If a customer has accumulated points for their purchases, then it's time to start spending them. There are several ways to do this:

  • Within the personal account of the card, the accumulated bonuses can be withdrawn to mobile communications.
  • If a person often makes purchases in the salons of this operator, then he can turn bonus points into a discount as part of the purchase of a phone or accessory. When paying for services, bonuses cannot be used.
  • Purchases from partners. You can also pay with bonus points at card partners in Litres online stores, KARI shoe chain, and so on.
beeline card user reviews

Beeline card bonus program and its features

The following nuances can be distinguished:

  • It will be possible to cash out points for mobile communications in the amount of no more than ninety percent of the average monthly expenditure on mobile communications over the past six months. Suppose a person spendsthree hundred rubles a month, then a month he will be able to cash out no more than two hundred and seventy bonuses.
  • Also, within the framework of payment from partners and in salons, a similar restriction applies. Only ninety percent of the check amount can be paid with points.
  • During the transfer of funds from the card for housing and communal services, communications, bonus points are not awarded. Reviews of Beeline payment cards confirm this.

Credit card

Any Beeline payment instrument can become a credit card with a grace period of up to fifty-five days. To connect the plastic limit, you must leave a request on the website or contact one of the offices. Previously, credit limits could be obtained from two partner organizations, namely Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff. And currently only Tinkoff Bank remains available.

Credit limits from Tinkoff Bank

The conditions are as follows:

  • Age must be between eighteen and seventy.
  • The amount of the limit is up to three hundred thousand rubles, and the commission for its registration is five hundred.
  • The grace period is usually up to fifty-five days.
  • The interest rate is set individually from twenty percent.
  • Withdrawal fee five percent plus five hundred rubles.
beeline mastercard reviews

As part of the registration of the limit on the Beeline card from Tinkoff Bank, it must be borne in mind that, having issued it, a person will not be able to receive plastic from this financial organization in the future, since it has a rule: one productcredit for each client.

In this regard, you need to think about whether you need a Beeline credit card, or it would be better to issue ordinary plastic in Tinkoff. Most, according to reviews of Beeline cards with a credit limit, prefer to use the second option, according to which you can get a larger limit and bonus points will be more interesting.

Interest on the balance or plastic piggy bank "Beeline"

The payment instrument, which many customers call the Beeline bank card, can be used not only as a credit plastic for payments, but also as an opportunity to store funds. The thing is that you can use it to connect a service called "Interest on the balance", which in turn allows you to receive benefits for keeping your own money. This service is paid and it costs ninety-nine rubles a month. There are conditions, compliance with which allows you to use the PNO service completely free of charge:

  • In the first two months immediately after the card was issued.
  • The card has a permanent minimum balance of at least three thousand rubles.
  • Within one month, the client tops up the card for the same amount.
  • Customers spend from three thousand rubles for one whole month.

By the way, the interest rate credited to the balance directly depends on the amount that the client keeps on the card:

  • From fifteen rubles to one hundred thousand - three percent per annum.
  • One hundred to three hundred - four a year.
  • From three hundred thousand to one million - sixand a half percent per annum.
  • Over a million rubles - seven.

In the event that an amount of less than fifteen thousand rubles is stored on plastic, then interest is almost not charged (since 0.01% per year).

Beeline personal payment card

Any holder of payment plastic will be able to order a personalized card from Beeline in their personal account, equipped with contactless payment technology and the presence of a chip. The serviced edition is also free. The only thing you will have to pay for is delivery by Russian Post, which usually costs two hundred rubles.


Beeline card competitors today are:

  • "Benefits" from "Home Credit". On it, you can make a profit on your own funds, withdraw cash from any ATM and a bonus point for purchases up to fifteen percent. You can issue it for a promotion and get the first twelve months of free service.
  • Plastic from Tinkoff is also one of the best and worthy competitors of the Beeline card. On the Tinkoff payment instrument, you can store large amounts of money, as well as transfer wages. Here you can choose categories of increased cashbacks.
  • Card from "Rocketbank". It allows you to store money profitably, as well as earn cashback for purchases in some stores. Every month, you are given to choose three favorite stores where you can get a cashback of up to ten percent. And this despite the fact that the plastic is free. It is recommended by many for registration, and it is delivered by courier.
beeline card with credit limit reviews

Reviews about Beeline cards

Thus, having familiarized with all the available conditions and features of plastic, absolutely everyone can determine for themselves how profitable and useful it is. In reviews of the Beeline card, some people write that they are satisfied with this payment instrument, while others are not satisfied with it.

It is worth noting that earlier, when the card first appeared, it was, one might say, a "candy" for fans of collecting cashbacks and other goodies, but every year it, unfortunately, becomes less interesting. User reviews about the Beeline card confirm this.

This, as a rule, is facilitated by the fact that annually various restrictions with limits are set for the plastic in question, uncomfortable conditions are invented for people as part of receiving interest or cashback. And everyone does this in conditions of fierce competition, when other banks try to make their products as simple and convenient as possible.

Many people in their reviews of the Beeline bank card note that they issued this payment instrument five years ago, and now they just have it on the shelf. For most customers, it is not interesting, as they prefer to use more convenient and serious competitor analogues.

Thus, it is rare when in reviews a Mastercard card from Beeline is advised to issue. But, if a person does not have the opportunity to order Tinkoff plastic, then you can try this option. In any case, it will be more profitable now,than, for example, Sberbank or VTB cards.

We reviewed reviews about Beeline and the conditions of bank cards.

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