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Transfers through Sberbank: features of the procedure

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Transfers through Sberbank: features of the procedure
Transfers through Sberbank: features of the procedure

Money transfer services are currently in high demand, so many financial institutions provide them. Among them is Sberbank, which allows you to send money not only within the country, but also abroad. The bank offers its customers several tariffs, among which you can choose the most suitable one. In order to know all the nuances of the service, it is necessary to study the features of money transfers through Sberbank.

Sberbank transfer via phone

Varieties of translations

The bank offers two types of transfers:

  1. From contribution to contribution. The recipient may use all or part of the funds.
  2. Without a bank account. The bank simply sends the money to the recipient's address.

If transfers through Sberbank are made using a term deposit, then it must first be closed. If the time for the return of the deposit has not yet come, then there is a possibility of losing interest. You can make a transfer through Sberbankvarious ways.

The simplest of them is a personal appeal to a bank branch, but since Internet technologies have been rapidly developing lately, the proposed method is becoming less and less popular. Even if the bank's customers turn to the tellers about this, they ask to make a transfer using the terminal. Nevertheless, the client always has the opportunity to transfer money through Sberbank by contacting the cashier. To do this, you must provide a card number and passport.

Sberbank transfer via SMS

Currency and amount

Regular transfers through Sberbank are made in Russian currency, while the amount can be unlimited. The maximum departure time is 2 days. The cost of such a service is 1.75% if the funds are transferred to another city. The bank also offers the possibility of transferring money from its own accounts. In this case, the commission will be 1.5%, and the currency may be different - euros, dollars, rubles.

There is also a blitz translation of Hummingbird from Sberbank. In this case, the recipient will be able to pick up the money in 10 minutes. The maximum in this case can be transferred up to 500 thousand rubles, and only in rubles. Information via SMS is provided free of charge. You will need to pay 1.5% for such a transfer.

Using an ATM machine

It is convenient to make transfers through a Sberbank card using terminals. Finances are transferred to the card, which allows you to perform an operation from any ATM. In this case, look for a special payment terminala must, since you can also deposit cash using a regular banking device.

transfers through a Sberbank card

Almost all ATMs of this financial institution have the function of transferring through Sberbank. Only the recipient's card number is required. After entering the security code, do the following:

  1. Go to the transfers and payments section.
  2. Select the transfer function.
  3. In the window that appears, enter the card number of the person to whom the funds will be transferred.

After entering the data, they must be double-checked so that the money goes to its intended purpose. Then you should confirm your actions with the appropriate button. ATMs issue a check after each transaction, it is recommended to keep it until the money arrives. This usually happens almost instantly.

Using Internet Banking

Despite the fact that using terminals and ATMs to transfer money is a very convenient way, there is another, more comfortable method. This is the use of online banking, such a transfer is possible through the phone. Sberbank allows you to transfer money between cards. You can connect the service, if this has not been done before, using an ATM.

transfer to a Sberbank card via phone

To use the service, you only need the recipient's plastic number. To get started, you will need to log in to your personal account using your username and password. Then the actions should be performed in the nextsequences:

  1. Go to the transfers and payments section.
  2. Select a command to transfer money to a Sberbank client.
  3. Among the possible options, find the transfer option to the card.
  4. Enter the recipient's card number in the appropriate box and confirm your actions by pressing the appropriate button.
  5. Then a form will open in which you can double-check the entered information and confirm it.
  6. An SMS will be sent to your phone containing a one-time password. It will need to be entered in the appropriate window to confirm the operation.

After that, the operation can be considered completed. Each client has the option to save the template. It will further reduce the time to perform a similar transfer to the same recipient. We will find out below whether a transfer from Sberbank via SMS is possible.

Using Mobile Banking

If a client has the Sberbank Online Internet banking service connected, then there is also a mobile banking service. It allows you to transfer to Sberbank cards via phone. But, it is worth noting that the recipient must also have this service connected. To make a transfer from Sberbank via SMS, actions must be performed in the following sequence:

  1. Create an SMS message containing the "TRANSFER" command, followed by the recipient's phone number and the amount of funds to be sent, separated by spaces.
  2. Send the generated command to service number 900.
money transfer through bank

Performing transfers to accounts of other banks

In this case, the procedure for performing the operation is somewhat different, a little more complicated. Sending funds from a card issued by one bank to a card issued by another bank is considered an interbank transfer. Money can be sent using the Internet banking service, which is convenient and easy to conduct financial transactions.

To make a transfer through Sberbank, you will need not a plastic number, but details of an account opened with another bank. It is important to carefully enter all the data and check them. As a rule, the transfer of money takes 3 days.

An account of another bank can also be replenished using intermediaries - electronic wallets: "WebMoney", "Yandex.Money" or "Qiwi". To get started, you will need to replenish your own account using an ATM or Internet banking service. Funds are received quickly - in just 5-10 minutes. After that, from the personal account of the payment system, you will need to transfer money to any system.

Perform transfer outside the country

If you need to send money to an individual who is abroad, you can also use the services of Sberbank. Funds will be credited to the account, card or issued in cash. The bank offers its clients the opportunity to make an urgent transfer "Hummingbird". In this case, you will need to open an account. The service is distributed to Kazakhstan and Belarus. In Sberbank, funds can not only be sent, but also received. Each of the parties to the transaction - both the recipient and the sender - will pay 1% of thetransfer amounts. It will be possible to receive the transfer in an hour.

transfer to card


To transfer finances to another country, a banking institution provides a service such as MoneyGram transfer. In this case, you will also need to open an account. You can send funds to 190 countries of the world, and their receipt is possible in 10 minutes. There is a cancellation service until the transfer is claimed by the recipient. You can send dollars, receive - dollars and euros.

In addition, there is an international cash transfer. Execution in this case will take 2 days, and you will have to pay 5% for the service.

Thus, Sberbank provides its customers with many options for sending money. Each of them is comfortable in its own way, all you need is just to choose the most comfortable one.

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