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Rebranding of Sberbank: essence, directions, costs

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Rebranding of Sberbank: essence, directions, costs
Rebranding of Sberbank: essence, directions, costs

Transformation of a well-known brand is a fairly common phenomenon in the banking industry. More often it is connected with the fact that companies are trying to meet the preferences of modern consumers. This applies, as a rule, not only to the quality of services, but also to design. This is not the first time that the rebranding of Sberbank has become the most notable event in the financial market.

Sberbank logo rebranding

Features of the current style

The corporate identity of this financial organization is formed by the well-known logo, as well as graphic design.

It must be said that the current company symbol was chosen for a reason. It is highly ambiguous.

The circle is associated with an ideal geometric figure, complete and complete. It seems to hint at the flawlessly streamlined business processes that take place within the company.

However, there is alternative information that carries the opposite meaning. In accordance with it, the logo can be perceived as a kind of isolation andcloseness. For this reason, even before the rebranding, Sberbank used a broken circle.

So experts recognize the current logo of this organization as the most concise and at the same time endowed with colossal meaning. Moreover, it can be perceived as a symbol of some concepts that are inextricably linked with banking. This is a round coin, piggy bank or wallet.

No less important is the choice of color that Sberbank uses for corporate identity. Green is perceived as a source of inner strength. It calms, raises the tone, respectively, creates pleasant emotions for potential as well as existing clients of a financial institution.

Sberbank rebranding efficiency

Logo author

Rebranding of Sberbank should not affect the recognizable style. After all, consumers have known him for decades and are strongly associated with a reliable financial institution.

The logo was created by an artist named Lyudmila Morozova. Its approval took place in 1991. Moreover, the same font is always used to write the name of the bank. It was chosen because it somewhat resembles Old Russian and therefore emphasizes the national identity of the financial institution.

Sberbank name rebranding

Reason for change

Why do we need another rebranding of Sberbank? This question is asked by many users. After all, in their opinion, the corporate identity of this organization does not need any transformations. However, management thinks otherwise.

Needrecall that the main channel for increasing brand awareness is an impressive network of branches scattered throughout the country.

At the same time, a curious situation has arisen in which the existing offices cannot boast of a unity of style. Despite the presence of a corporate style, not all branches corresponded to it, since this procedure required an impressive financial outlay on the part of the company. It was this reason that became the basis for the rebranding of Sberbank.

After all, the uniform style of branches throughout the country allows you to create the image of a prestigious organization that enjoys the trust and respect of its own customers.

Sberbank rebranding essence


Sberbank's rebranding is aimed at bringing all existing branches to a single style, eliminating fragmentation.

For a long time, no updates were made to the existing style, as the organization was weakened by stability and adherence to traditions in customer service.

The company's specialists regularly monitor the opinions of their own customers. Often they are dissatisfied with the duration of service, as well as rudeness on the part of employees. Another reason for the rebranding is an attempt to overcome the stereotype among the population about the presence of impressive lines and incompetent employees.

Bank rebranding

Previous changes

The effectiveness of Sberbank's rebranding is obvious. However, changes in corporate identity only indirectly affect financialorganization indicators.

The previous rebranding took place in 2009. The changes affected not only the corporate identity, but also the services provided by the company. The new style has gained such a well-known logo, as well as the familiar color. However, it should be noted that the changes were not dramatic. The brand is still recognizable.


Any change in corporate identity is expensive. The cost of the previous rebranding amounted to about twenty billion rubles. According to experts, such expenses were justified and allowed the company to clearly mark its own transition to a new level of development.

The current rebranding will also cost Sberbank a lot. The organization plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on corporate identity transformation. However, the exact numbers are unknown.


After the rebranding, the name of Sberbank should be slightly reduced. According to the current head of the company, the current name does not fully reflect the variety of services provided. It is for this reason that the word “bank” should disappear from the name. According to German Gref, the list of services and offers provided by the company is somewhat wider than that of a traditional bank.

However, not everyone supports such a decision. For example, Anatoly Aksakov believes that rebranding is too costly for a company. At the moment, the brand is strongly associated with a reliable company that is trusted. Accordingly, the current logo and name fully fulfill their own task. Moreover, companieswhich have a long history, on the contrary, seek to keep their own name, and not abandon it.

But back to the essence of rebranding. Why does the head of the company deny the need to use the word "bank" in the name? The thing is that at the moment this organization is something more. In addition to financial services, it provides the services of a telecom operator, a trading platform, etc.

Moreover, the further plans of Sberbank indicate an even further departure from traditional business standards. Under one brand, an increasing number of services are combined, which are less and less directly related to the banking sector.

Sberbank rebranding

Summing up, it is worth noting that the next rebranding of Sberbank does not bring significant or cardinal changes. If they are, then they are insignificant and, most likely, will not be noticeable at all for most customers. However, the changes should affect not only the external image, but also the organization of work within the bank. New technologies will be introduced, credit programs will be developed and payment services will be provided. In addition, the almost complete absence of queues, as well as the availability of convenient terminals, will be a pleasant surprise.

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