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LiteMF: delivery service reviews

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LiteMF: delivery service reviews
LiteMF: delivery service reviews

Buying things abroad is profitable. We know about this for the reason that many imported items that fall on domestic shelves are rightly offered at a higher price due to markups from importers and intermediaries. Accordingly, when buying something directly from abroad, you can save a lot of money by bypassing these same markups. This is what many of our compatriots do.

Shopping online

The era of the Internet and globalization have done their job: today a resident of Kostroma can easily order a mobile phone from any resident of Ohio and contact him in real time, specifying the details. You can do this on the eBay site by paying the seller using the PayPal payment system. The only problem in this case is delivery. Read about how it is solved in this article.

LiteMF reviews

What are they buying?

To begin with, let's take a look at what our compatriots most often buy abroad. These are goods made in other countries (most often in the USA), known for their high quality - branded clothing, shoes, accessories, mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, players) and so on. Almost allthis, of course, can be bought from us (with the exception of the products of companies that are focused exclusively on the domestic market), but at a much higher price. By ordering goods directly from across the ocean, buyers not only save money, but also receive a guaranteed quality product (and not just another Chinese copy).

LiteMF delivery

How do they pay?

With how you can order something from the US, questions usually do not arise - for this purpose, there are many online auctions, bulletin boards, online supermarkets, which are also available in our country. But what about payment? After all, it is obvious that Russian electronic currencies, such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money or Qiwi, will not be accepted there, and this is true. With rubles on bank cards, problems may also arise during conversion. The answer is simple: the PayPal payment system, which works with dollars on a bank card, will come in handy. With its help, it will not be difficult to pay off a counterparty from overseas. Based on this system, in particular, settlement takes place between participants in the eBay auction.

LiteMF delivery service

How do they deliver? Intermediary Services

Besides payment and ordering, there is the most serious question that arises in front of those who want to order goods from the USA. This is delivery. Not all sellers on the same eBay are ready to send parcels abroad, especially in the Russian Federation. Therefore, a problem may arise that services similar to LiteMF are designed to solve.

Reviews about it indicate that the company provides storage and dispatch servicesgoods from the USA to Russia (and not only). Thanks to it, each customer has the opportunity to solve the problem that we wrote about above - the delivery of goods from overseas. Read this article about how the service works, what reviews are most often left by users and what it has to offer.

LiteMF discounts

LiteMF. Description

The principle of operation of this company is extremely simple. She has a physical address in the United States, where a warehouse with goods is located. A user who wants to order something on eBay (or, say, Amazon or any other store) can specify this address as a delivery point. In turn, LiteMF (reviews of which we will give a little later) collects such goods. In the future, the service forwards the parcel to the delivery service and indicates your physical address in Russia as the destination address. After some time (most often several weeks, depending on several factors), the goods will be in your hands.

Due to the fact that LiteMF exists, the delivery of goods is carried out in two stages, therefore it is simplified. You do not need to explain to the American seller how to send the item of interest to Russia - now all this will be done by representatives of the intermediary service. Of course, for a small commission.

LiteMF service reviews

Service Benefits

Firstly, what LiteMF does (reviews confirm this) is convenient for both the buyer and the seller. Secondly, the service provides a number of additional services (photos received by them inUSA of the goods, checking it on the spot, repackaging, etc.). Some of these options are provided free of charge, which saves you money and can sometimes even protect your rights if the product is not as good as expected.

Thirdly, when sending a parcel from the US to Russia, the service provides an additional tracking number to track your item processed by LiteMF. Feedback on the service shows that in this way the customer gets the opportunity to know at what stage his parcel is.

LiteMF delivery reviews

More information about other services can be found on the company's website. Many of them are really free - the removal of packaging material, the preparation of payment documents, the provision of data on the delivery of goods, and so on. Storage of things in a warehouse in the States is again free - until the company sends your package to a Russian address.


The normal desire of any user who wants to order something on the Internet at a foreign auction is to check the recommendations of a particular company. In this case, it will not be superfluous to look at the reviews left about LiteMF by those who have already used the services of an intermediary. What we did as part of writing this article.

First of all, it became clear that the company is relatively new - it only started operations in 2014. Due to this, of course, not enough reviews have yet been left about her to say at what level her services are provided.

On the official LiteMF website, delivery reviews, of course,presented in all its glory - here people write about how well the support service works, how quickly the goods were delivered, and the like. If we go to various forums where people who have experience with the service communicate, the recommendations there will be less rosy. Many write that the LiteMF company (the delivery service in question) is a project of another service that has managed to prove itself not from the best side. Other users suspect that the company is renting warehouses of other services, and you should not trust it.

LiteMF delivery service reviews

However, those who have already ordered something through this service note that not everything is so bad - the company sends money and goods, which means that they cannot be called scammers. You can find separate LiteMF reviews about the delivery service, which say, for example, about overpaying an extra $ 10 for services because the company increased the weight of the package at the last moment. Although here, too, representatives of the service gave an official explanation of why this happened. There are several such cases. Still, for example, some complain about the loss of funds due to the order of low-quality goods. However, the service has nothing to do with it either, because the seller was involved in sending the lot, and, as the reviews testify, it was on his part that there was a “setup” - a discrepancy between the description of the lot and its actual condition. This can happen to anyone, including direct sellers on eBay.

Service employees are present on most of these forums,give explanations for each case, offer discounts on behalf of LiteMF on the following orders.

Overall impression

Yes, perhaps the service is new, maybe even just a renamed company that was on the market before. Despite this, they have really attractive prices for services (they only include the cost of shipping to Russia), which may already be an argument in favor of trying to order through them.

In all other respects, the work of the LiteMF service (reviews confirm this) cannot cause any complaints. The company regularly delivers goods purchased in the US to Russia, due to which it will grow its customer base over time, which means more positive reviews will appear.

As for the negative recommendations that can be found at the moment, they all received an adequate assessment from the employees of the service, therefore, we can talk about real support by the company for its customers.

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