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Business plan: fast food from scratch. Actions and stages, estimated costs and payback

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Business plan: fast food from scratch. Actions and stages, estimated costs and payback
Business plan: fast food from scratch. Actions and stages, estimated costs and payback

The catering business is always relevant. Many aspiring entrepreneurs often choose the fast food industry for themselves. The main reason for this choice is the ever-growing demand for restaurant products, as well as the low cost at the start of the business. Even a high level of competition will not interfere much here. The main condition for a successful start is a well-written fast food business plan. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the calculations and features of opening such a business in a little more detail.

Business registration

street food business plan

So what do you need to know about this? Any business plan for a fast food cafe should include such a stage as registration actions. Registration with the tax authorities is necessary. Beginners do not need to immediately open an LLC, an individual entrepreneur will be enough. Mostthe preferred system of taxation is the STS.

It is also extremely important to issue certificates of conformity for equipment and documents confirming the quality of products. It is worth remembering the permits of the sanitary inspection and the fire department.

Choose a room

fast food business plan

What else should a business plan include? Fast food involves the presence of a small room or kiosk. In this case, you need to rely on several factors at once:

  • product seasonality;
  • initial investment;
  • proposed level of establishment.

Usually, at the initial stage, financial investments are minimal. In this case, you are unlikely to be able to rent space in a shopping or entertainment center. This will require significant financial costs. Installing a mobile kiosk on the street in this case would be a more competent solution. The main thing here is to make sure that your catering point is visible from all sides, that it can be easily approached or driven up to. It is best to choose a place with good traffic. It is advisable not to choose sleeping areas. Usually people here prefer homemade food instead of fast food. An ideal place to install a kiosk would be a park or a public transport stop. In this case, competition will only contribute to the influx of customers. A certain semblance of a food court or dining area is being created.

The peculiarity of running a franchise business is that the choice of location for your catering point is determinedfranchisor. Franchise conditions do not always allow you to open a point of sale right on the street. In addition, some brands of cafes require conditions related to the size of retail space to operate.

Procurement of equipment

fast food business plan

What else to consider when writing a street fast food business plan? One of the most capital-intensive items is the purchase of equipment. To reduce costs, the possibility of cooperation with large beverage producers should be envisaged. Many companies provide refrigeration equipment for free use or on favorable terms. The main condition is that only products of the brand with which you are cooperating should be presented in the refrigerator.

Before you purchase equipment for opening a catering point, you need to decide on the range of products. If the main focus will be on pancakes, then you will need a professional pancake maker, if on waffles - a waffle maker. A large assortment of dishes requires special devices, which will significantly increase the cost of opening a catering point. In addition, such a fast food restaurant with a large number of items can become faceless.

A ready-made fast food business plan with calculations usually includes the following list of machines:

  • refrigerator and freezer;
  • microwave;
  • thermal showcase;
  • kettle;
  • coffee machine;
  • cooking utensils;
  • cutting tools;
  • serving utensils (disposable or porcelain);
  • consumables: toothpicks, napkins, towels, household chemicals;
  • cash register.

If you plan to open a restaurant that serves dishes on chinaware, you will also need to buy a dishwasher.

Franchise Benefits

fast food on wheels

What do you need to know about this? Many aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in what a franchise fast food restaurant business plan looks like. The main feature of this option is that the franchisor is trying to attract buyers with a special "trick". In the field of catering, the bet is usually placed on something that no one has offered before. Acquiring a franchise business in this case involves the use of proprietary equipment. As a rule, a franchise is a ready-made turnkey business. The entrepreneur does not need to puzzle over finding the required equipment on his own. The cost of a franchise usually includes a fully equipped, ready-to-run point of sale.


What else should you think about before opening a fast food truck? A business plan for a catering point can only be drawn up after you decide on the main course of the institution. As previously mentioned, it is better to bet on a separate product and present it as a kind of feature of the establishment. This will significantly increase the chances of success for the business owner and in the future may even be the beginning ofown brand. Many well-known chains have become famous for their innovations in the field of catering. It may even be a stylish design or unusual cooking technology. It also makes sense to think about unusual disposable packaging for fast food.


fast food business plan

Staff for a small catering establishment may well be limited to one person. His tasks may include preparing and packaging products, receiving payments from customers, as well as maintaining equipment and machinery. If necessary, the staff in the future can be expanded to 2-3 people. The choice of employees should be approached with special responsibility. It is recommended to hire middle-aged women, as this category is characterized by a high level of responsibility.

If you plan to also include home delivery services, then you will need to hire a separate employee for this purpose - a young man with a personal car. This will help you avoid the costs associated with buying a car.

Franchise business imposes restrictions on the number and appearance of the company's employees. Usually young attractive workers are required for such work. A uniform is also usually required.

Regardless of the form of doing business, employees of a catering point must have a sanitary book, as well as keep the workplace clean and tidy.

Advertising campaign

How to properly promotefast food outlet? A ready-made business plan must necessarily include promotion costs. These include the cost of installing signs, banners, streamers and other promotional items. In addition, funds will be required for the purchase of uniforms and ordering branded packaging. The menu is also recommended to be designed in corporate style.

Financial plan

This aspect should be given special attention. Consider the approximate costs associated with each stage of running a business:

  • Registration of an enterprise - 15 thousand rubles.
  • Remodeling of the premises - 80 thousand rubles.
  • Decoration of the premises - 200 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of furniture and interior items - 650 thousand rubles.
  • Repair - 400 thousand rubles.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras and fire safety equipment - 5 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment - 800 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of inventory - 250 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of the official software "Accounting System" - 125 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of terminals (8 pieces) - 80 thousand rubles.
  • Education of employees - 80 thousand rubles.
  • The cost of the advertising campaign is 75 thousand rubles.
  • Expenses for further business development - 2 million rubles.
  • Printing and design of booklets and menus - 75 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of products at the initial stage - 200 thousand rubles.
  • Other expenses - 150 thousand rubles.

Thus, to implement the business of creating your own restaurant, you will need to invest inin the amount of 5,185,000 rubles. Start-up costs should definitely include the costs of running the project until the break-even point is reached. In this example, the most costly option was considered - a stationary catering restaurant in the fast food format. If you are going to open a mobile mobile kiosk, the costs will be much less.


fast food room

The fast food market today can be called overflowing with offers. Any entrepreneur will be able to choose the most suitable form of doing business for himself. Initial capital can vary from 200 thousand rubles to several million dollars. A business plan for opening a fast food restaurant must necessarily include a list of basic costs, such as the purchase of equipment, advertising materials, the purchase of uniforms, etc.

How profitable is this type of business? Much here depends on the location of the outlet, as well as on the promotion of the brand. When running a franchise business, it is also worth remembering the need to make a lump-sum fee. It can reach 25% of revenue.

Budget option

How to open a catering point with minimal cost? What should be a fast food business plan? An example of a budget option for opening such an enterprise provides for costs ranging from 140 thousand rubles. The cost includes the costs of registering an enterprise, purchasing equipment and conducting a simple advertising campaign. About 130 thousand rubles will also be required monthly to maintain such a point.rubles. This amount will be required for the payment of wages, the purchase of products, as well as for the rental of premises. The net profit in the end will be about 30 thousand rubles. Such an enterprise will pay off in about a year.


What does it take to open a fast food restaurant?

In this review, we examined in detail what items should be included in the business plan of a fast food restaurant. The main items of expenditure depend on the format of the institution you choose, as well as the form of doing business. Many today are considering the option of opening a franchise business, since in this case the entrepreneur receives some assistance. However, there may be significant restrictions related to the choice of location, selection of personnel and the range of products offered.

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