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Business plan for a recreation center: calculation of construction costs, payback periods, reviews
Business plan for a recreation center: calculation of construction costs, payback periods, reviews

Vacation is a highly anticipated time for all people. Due to the aggravation of the economic situation in the country, more and more Russians began to visit domestic recreation centers. And this trend will only get stronger in the near future. In this regard, the business plan for the construction of a recreation center is becoming increasingly relevant.

General data

Your own recreation center is a great opportunity for a profitable business. A business plan for a recreation center always involves considerable investments. But such a case has great prospects. When working all year round, as in this case, the payback will be good. In addition, the recreation center assumes unlimited development. When compiling a business plan for a recreation center with calculations, it is worth focusing mainly on people with average incomes.

Base project

Main Success Factors

It is worth considering that a number of factors have a strong influence on the success of a project in this industry. So, when creating a business plan for a recreation center, it is important to pay attention to the scenic beauty of the surrounding area, the quality of service. Still to be taken into accountbreadth of choice of services, acceptability of prices, development of demand.

The planned budget in any business plan of the recreation center is at least tens of millions of rubles. In this case, a budget of 33,700,000 rubles is considered. The business begins to recover from losses from the 4th month of the institution's operation. Payback will be from 30 months. Net profit - 962,000 rubles per month. Return on sales will be 30%.

Business Description

This recreation center business plan provides for several buildings. They will have a place for rest, leisure, business meetings and trainings. They will be placed in a beautiful area, near water bodies. Since recreation centers in the forest are popular, it makes sense to include the territory near the reservoir in the business plan.

It is planned that the enterprise will operate all year round. The target audience will be diverse. In total, three large buildings are planned. The central office will house the administration and premises for household needs, a dining room, a bar with a conference room, a medical center, 20 rooms.

Two buildings will include only rooms intended for living. In total, about 100 people will live here. Each room is 20-30 square meters.

Each room will have a separate bed, wardrobe, mirrors, bedside tables, telephone, TV, lamp, chair, bathroom with shower. Interiors are recommended to be done in a warm tone. It is better to give preference to brown, milky, green shades.

Besides this, it is best when drawing up a business plan for a recreation center,provide for the construction of a sports ground, a summer stage, gazebos, a playground, a swimming pool. All these additions will increase the popularity of the recreation center. In addition, it makes sense to provide opportunities for fishing by supplementing the business plan of the holiday base with the purchase of boats and fishing equipment.

By developing the resort, the owner will be able to increase the number of buildings and attract more tourists. To achieve maximum profit, it is worth including traditional seasonal services in the list of services provided. So, in the business plan of the recreation center on the lake, you need to include services associated with fishing, a skating rink.

This is fishing

Additional services

Very popular additions to the list of services are holding New Year's Eve at the recreation center, the possibility of organizing holidays for children and adults, corporate events, training programs, trainings, excursions, transfers.

About the sales market

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the number of such bases is constantly growing. For example, in just a year between 2016 and 2017, their number doubled. The demand for this type of recreation has grown significantly. And it continues to grow exponentially. Information taken from the official website of Rosstat.

About target audience

The target audience will include both children - schoolchildren and preschoolers, as well as people of any age category. Such places of rest are popular among entrepreneurs and young people. The level of prosperity for the majority of visitors will be at the average level.

About marketing

It is mandatory when forming a business plan foropening a recreation center, think over in advance the marketing strategy that the owner of the institution will adhere to. Among the most effective promotion methods in this area, they list, first of all, the creation of a recognizable brand in social networks. networks.

Finished base

Usually the target audience carefully chooses the place of rest. And she needs to get comprehensive data in advance about what conditions they will expect. They primarily look for relevant photos. It makes sense to advertise on the forums.

The most effective way to attract customers is word of mouth. To do this, you need to take care of the service, the quality of the services provided.

The market of this industry is characterized by dynamic development. For this reason, it is important to keep track of changes on it. This will give you a competitive edge. It is best to provide conditions under which customers will be very active in leaving feedback on the base by posting photos and videos on social networks. networks.

It is important to think over loy alty programs for regular customers in advance. If you create a great impression of the place, they will appear.

Besides this, it makes sense to become partners with firms that organize trainings, corporate events, outdoor events. This will be beneficial for both parties.

Action plan

The most important stage in the implementation of the finished business plan of the recreation center will be the search for a place. It is best to give preference to picturesque nature with a pond. The proximity of forests is welcome. It is important that the place is far from the urban environment - at least 1-2hours of travel from a major population center. The area should be about five to six hectares. In addition, accommodation is expected on the territory that does not belong to the reserve. Otherwise, there will simply be no building permit.

The important point is to conduct a thorough study of the land, the choice of architectural features. You must obtain a building permit from the city administration. This will require documentation, including the topography of the area, a conclusion on the technical conditions. In addition, you will need to do cadastral registration.

Location selection


The business plan of the bi plan recreation center assumes that the legal entity will be registered as an LLC. You will also need to choose a system of taxation of the USN. You will need to register the cash register with the tax authorities. You will need to sign a lease agreement. It is also necessary to confirm compliance with the requirements of sanitary, technical, fire and environmental safety. In addition, we need collection, those. service.

Construction in progress

In many ways, the effectiveness of the bi plan recreation center business plan will be determined by the choice of the construction team. The quality of buildings will directly depend on them. It is this stage that will account for most of all costs, for this reason it should be given the maximum amount of time. You need to first familiarize yourself with the experience of the working team, see reviews of successful work. Savings are not allowed at this stage.

BeforeIn total, it will be necessary to provide gas, electricity and water supply. Most often in such cases, artesian wells are drilled. This business plan for opening a recreation center provides for the construction of a separate boiler room.

It is optimal to build two-story frame houses that have separate basements and attics. The area of ​​premises will be 2000 square meters. Approximately 1,200 square meters will go to the rooms, and 800 - for household and administrative needs, a dining room, a conference room.

Recreation center

Installation of furniture and equipment

To implement the business plan of a tourist recreation center, it is important to install high-quality and reliable furniture with equipment. It is important to combine reasonable savings with the long term of the project.

Organizational structure

In order for the base to fully function, it is necessary to attract 22 employees. The first step is to get two administrators. They will be entrusted with the tasks of meeting, accommodating and accompanying visitors.

You will need to hire 2 nurses for emergencies. The most difficult situations will be resolved in medical facilities, but full-time nurses will do everything so that people can get to hospitals.

In addition, six waiters must be hired. They will be entrusted with the functions of ensuring cleanliness and order in the dining room.

You need to hire 2 cooks. It is important to look very closely at the selection of the chef.

To properly serve customers in a bar, you will need at least 1 bartender.

It is worth hiring 3 maids, as the favorable environment and cleanliness of the premises play a big role at the recreation center.

You need 4 guards to ensure security. This is a key indicator in a tourist place.

Handy workers who will do minor household repairs will need 2.

The list of additional specialists in this case is not limited. Everything will depend on what services the business owner decides to include in his range at the recreation center. There can be animators, and hookah workers, and sports coaches, and musicians.

When hiring staff, it is important to take into account the experience of specialists, their professional skills, the degree of activity, the presence of discipline. Personal qualities are also important, such as responsibility, honesty, stress resistance. It is necessary that each employee receive a medical book.

About the financial plan

Total costs in this business plan will amount to 33 million 700 thousand rubles. Construction will cost the most - about 24 million rubles will go here. The second important item - furniture and equipment - will require 6.5 million rubles. Reserves in the amount of 500 thousand rubles are needed, as well as the lease of a site - 1.8 million rubles. You will also need to allocate 150 thousand rubles for marketing, purchase inventory in the amount of 500 thousand.

Bathhouse visit

About nine million rubles will be spent on the construction of the main building, twelve million rubles on the other two buildings, about one million rubles on gazebos, and approximatelyeight hundred thousand rubles, for the playground - one million two hundred thousand rubles.

It will take about 3 million rubles for furniture in the rooms, 1 million 300 thousand for the dining room, 900 thousand for the conference room, 800 thousand for the bar, 200 thousand for the administrative building, and 100 for the utility room thousand, medical center - 200 thousand

According to the initial plans, attendance will increase in the first six months, it will reach a peak in the summer.

We should not forget about an additional source of income - renting a conference room. The price here can reach 50 thousand rubles per day. As its popularity grows, its value will only increase. The initial cost of the banquet is 2 thousand rubles per person. Banquets can be held from 60 to 120 people.

At a corporate party

Be sure to consider monthly costs:

  1. If the site is rented, then on average 600 thousand rubles will go to this point.
  2. You will need to spend about 100 thousand rubles on advertising.
  3. On the payroll - 600 thousand rubles.
  4. Utility expenses - 100 thousand rubles.
  5. 90 thousand rubles will be spent on consumables.
  6. To replenish inventory - 70 thousand rubles.
  7. For food - 652 thousand rubles.
  8. For banquets - 255 thousand rubles.
  9. Maintenance will cost 20 thousand rubles a month.

Never forget about unforeseen expenses - at least 50 thousand rubles. Thus, a ready-made business plan for a recreation center suggests that monthly expenses will take 2 million 537thousand rubles. Income will directly depend on the attendance of the recreation center, and it is worth paying great attention to this item.

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