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How to find a business partner in Russia and abroad: tips and tricks
How to find a business partner in Russia and abroad: tips and tricks

The main challenge faced by businessmen is the search for partners. Finding such people is not easy, even if you live in the same country. But the situation is even more complicated if you are separated not only by kilometers, but also by the mentality and the language barrier. How to find a business partner? You can read more about this in this article.

How to find business partners?

how to find a business partner

It is rare for a person to do business alone. It is difficult, and a person who shares your views is able to help you no less than you can help him. Finding a partner who shares your views on life and business is not an easy task. Get ready for the fact that you will have to suffer more than one failure before you find what you are looking for. But there is a certain scheme that can greatly simplify the situation:

  • Make acquaintances everywhere. Meeting a business partner is as difficult as meeting love. So don'tignore either way. Who knows exactly where your luck will smile?
  • Take a close look at your friends and acquaintances. Perhaps among them there is a competent and experienced specialist that you need? In addition, there will be more trust in such an alliance, since you already know each other.
  • But it is not recommended to open a business with relatives. As statistics show, such enterprises rarely become successful.
  • Go to various events more often. Especially those that are somehow connected with business.
  • Study and go to master classes. It is there that sometimes the strongest acquaintances are made. In addition, such events initially gather people united by a common goal and interests, so it will be easier for you to find a common language.

Where to look for them?

Places for finding partners must be chosen wisely. They should not be repeated - it is better to choose a new one every time. The wider the circle of your searches, the higher the chance to catch luck.

how to find business partners online
  • The Internet opens up a huge scope for us in this area as well. How to find a business partner on the Internet? The easiest way to do this is on professional forums. You can also create your own website or blog. If you are not a supporter of such methods, then you can simply advertise on a free bulletin board.
  • Speed ​​business acquaintances. Everyone knows about speed-dating - speed dating. But few people know that there is an analogue of such acquaintances in the business world. Mostly for beginnersentrepreneurs.
  • Thematic presentations and parties. A couple of cocktails, small-talk, and now you already know some of the right people.
  • Exhibitions. If you are interested in finding a serious industrialist, then this is the place to meet him.
  • Unions and associations. Often businessmen unite in non-profit associations in order to defend their interests. Find out if there are similar organizations in your city.

Build relationships

No entrepreneur wants to spend weeks and months closing a deal. But if you start cooperating with foreign partners, then too hasty a deal can cause concern. In some cultures, interpersonal relationships are more important than work relationships. For example, if you start working with American businessmen, then your conversations will be conducted on purely professional topics. But if we talk about Asia, then in this case you will first need to establish a trusting relationship with a business partner. As a result, it may take you much longer to conclude a contract than you expected, and this should be taken into account.

Check your future partner

how to find a business partner in china

If you have already chosen a future business partner and secured his consent, then your next step should be to check his good faith. This stage is not the most pleasant, but it is necessary in working with other people. After all, a lot will depend on your partner, including the success of yourself.business, so you should not neglect "homework". If you have the opportunity, visit a factory or production facility and ask for a tour. Look at the quality of products, pay attention to whether the basic requirements are met.

After that, check the business partner's background. How reliable is this person, how many successes and defeats did he have? Any information you can find will be helpful. Finally, check the authenticity of the company, its registration and owner. If you do not have time to do all this, hire a specialist to do this work for you, but in no case skip this step.

Fix problems in understanding

Often, several people cannot understand each other even if they speak the same language. But if there is a language gap between you, then the situation worsens even more. In this case, you can hire an intermediary or translator who can make your work easier. It happens that the solution of work issues due to the difference in language and mentality can be delayed for many weeks, so keep this in mind in advance.

Also, different cultures accept saying "no" in different ways. If you have the opportunity, ask someone who knows the language and culture of the country to attend the transaction.

Search for partners in China

business partner relationships

Finding a Chinese supplier is not easy. But despite cultural differences, it can be much easier than finding a business partner fromRussia. The fact is that in China, manufacturers have long been accustomed to working with the world market, and the quality of their products has become much higher. How to find a business partner in China? The most reliable way is to come to one of the industrial exhibitions. The largest of them takes place every spring in Guangzhou and Shanghai. In addition, many suppliers can be found in large wholesale markets in China. Only a few manufacturers have offices and branches in Russia where you can see product examples.

But what if you can't go to China? The Internet or business consultants can help you with this. On the Web, you can find partners in any field, in addition, this method will not require you to spend a lot of money. That is why it is the most popular.

Search for partners in Russia

Finding a business partner in your country is much easier. You will not be separated by different languages ​​and mentality, which means that trusting relationships can be established much faster. The search for business partners in Russia can be carried out in various ways:

  • On specialized resources. There are free sites where anyone can post an ad looking for a partner. Also popular are sites like Avito and YouDo.
  • At industrial shows.
  • Among employees of other commercial structures. If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, you can captivate other people with your ideas and win them over to your side.
  • Through acquaintances.
  • When attending trainings andcourses.
  • At charity dinners and events.
search for business partners in Russia

Recommendations from experts

How to find a business partner on the Internet? If you want to establish a long-term cooperation, then first of all you need to think about what you can offer the other party. It is important to answer a few questions:

  1. What exactly do you mean by partnerships: investment, sponsorship, work, ideas? The more clearly you define your requirements for a partner, the better.
  2. How will the other party benefit? If you want to find a like-minded person, you must be able to present your business. Better back it up with real facts and figures.
  3. How can you protect yourself and your partner from failure? If the other side has a guarantee of security, it will be more willing to meet.

How to draw up a contract?

A business partner agreement is a prerequisite for creating a common business. This will keep both parties safe and allow you to focus on your work. The contract must be drawn up legally competently, and it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • Obligations of each party. Partnership is about equality in business, but it would be better if everyone's field of activity is clearly marked on paper.
  • Responsibility for failure to meet obligations and deadlines. Even if you have a trusting relationship with a partner, it would be useful to include this item in the list. The punishment may be a fine, forfeiture of profits, ortermination of the contract.
  • Profit distribution. Each party should receive income according to the share of their contribution, the amount of work and experience.
  • Decision-making mechanism. Who exactly will make the final decision? How will voting on important issues take place? These questions need to be answered before the project launch.
become a business partner

How to become a business partner yourself?

At present, more and more people do not want to work for a stranger and decide to go “free swimming”. If you are one of them, but you are afraid to start an activity from scratch, then you can become a partner of a more experienced person. At the moment, there are many affiliate programs in which you can participate. In this case, as a rule, you need to have a certain amount of money or a good working idea.

The job of a business partner can be many things. It largely depends on the area in which your business is located. What rules should be discussed before entering into an agreement with a business partner?

  • Share your investment. The money you invest will serve as an additional guarantee for your work.
  • One look at doing business. Make sure you have the same view of the world.
  • Know your partner as a person. Go to a few meetings and try to "review" it in an informal setting.
  • The partner's share in the business must not exceed 50%.
  • Share friendship, family ties and business. Even if you are in a close relationship with a partner,discuss your responsibilities outside the context of a personal relationship.
search for business partners in Russia


Beneficial partnerships can strengthen a business and make it much more sustainable. This is especially important during a crisis that can undermine the success of many enterprises. You can find a business partner at trade shows, on the Internet or at a business party. It is difficult to find an entrepreneur with similar views. Before that, it is advisable to answer yourself the question of what you can offer to the second party, and prepare the necessary documents. If you do not want to look for partners in Russia, then contact a business consultant or visit industrial exhibitions held abroad.

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