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Recreation center business plan: an example with calculations, features and recommendations

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Recreation center business plan: an example with calculations, features and recommendations
Recreation center business plan: an example with calculations, features and recommendations

Recreation in Russia is becoming more and more popular. Due to the unstable economic and political situation in the world, with the growth of the exchange rate, vacationing at local resorts is becoming increasingly popular. If you build a recreation center that will work constantly, and not just in a certain period, then the payback will be quite decent. Such an enterprise is quite expensive, but if you organize everything correctly, you can get a good income. Below is a business plan for a recreation center with calculations.

Choice of land

In this enterprise, it is very important to choose the right piece of land on which the holiday home will be located. Ideally, if it is located on the banks of the river, and next to it is a forest. The main thing is that the complex is located in a picturesque place. But not in protected areas.

So, the main point of the recreation center business plan is the choice of a suitable land plot. The main condition is that it must be allowed for use. And also its area should be at least 4 hectares. For your popularitythe location of the recreation center must also meet the following requirements:

  • near the city;
  • close to major highways;
  • It should be convenient for visitors to drive up to the base.

If a businessman has found a suitable place, then he needs to determine the type of permitted activity on this site in a public cadastral map. If everything suits you, then you can draw up a land lease agreement.

recreation center


The next step in the example of a recreation center business plan with calculations is its design. It is best if specialists, namely the design bureau, deal with this. But professionals will take it to work only after the entrepreneur receives the land for rent and the relevant authority issues the terms of use for this site.

The recreation center project should consist of housing stock - these are the rooms in which the guests will be located. It can be both separate rooms and built houses. There must be an administrative building, a canteen, technical rooms and a medical office. All this should be in one building. An added bonus is a conference room, which will make the complex attractive to various corporations.

If you have not made a bathroom in the rooms or buildings, then a common toilet should be placed on the territory of the recreation center, and best of all - several. To make the complex more attractive, it needs to be landscaped: build a bathhouse, equip a dance floor, places forsports, put gazebos. With the development of the enterprise, you can expand and supplement the complex.

gazebo in the forest

Room furnishing

And also in the business plan of the recreation center, the arrangement of rooms for guests should also be noted. Your target audience should be the middle class, i.e. you need to provide a quality service at the best price. Therefore, the arrangement of rooms should provide your guests with comfort and coziness.

There must be a bed in the room. In some you can put a single bed, in others - a double bed, and somewhere - separate beds. So, each guest will be able to choose a suitable room that will meet his requirements. And also in the apartment you need to put a wardrobe, a mirror, a bedside table and a lamp.

From technology, some rooms can be equipped with a TV, telephone, bathroom and shower. Of course, ideally, every room should have a bathroom. Such a different arrangement of rooms will allow you to attract customers of different levels. Of course, the main focus should be on the middle class, and a few rooms for business class clients.

It is best to decorate the interior in light colors - this will visually make the room larger and more comfortable. Choose curtains, bedspreads and furniture in a suitable range of shades.

recreation center interior

List of required documents

In the business plan of the recreation center, it is also necessary to note the package of necessary documents for opening the complex. The most difficult process of obtaining is associated with registrationland plot. In addition to choosing a suitable site, you must conduct appropriate geological surveys and order a project from an architectural bureau. And also you should obtain a building permit from the local administration. For building you will need:

  • topographic plan of the land;
  • document on the technical conditions for connecting the complex to the necessary communications;
  • documents on cadastral registration.

The list of required documents may differ depending on the region. For more detailed information, please contact your local municipality. In addition, you need to prepare another package of documents for doing business:

  1. Registration of a legal entity (LLC) and selection of the desired taxation system.
  2. Agreement for the lease of a land plot or its purchase.
  3. Documents confirming that the complex was built in accordance with all the necessary requirements for fire, technical and environmental safety, SES.
  4. Contracts for the provision of services by other organizations (construction, engineering, etc.).
  5. Price list with print.
  6. Employment agreement.
  7. Safety and behavior rules at the recreation center.
  8. Sanitary books for employees.
  9. Visitors logbook, feedback and suggestions book.

Having prepared all the necessary documents, you can start organizing a marketing campaign.

tourist lodges


In a ready-made sample business plan for a recreation center, an important point is also a marketing campaign. The popularity of your complex depends on successful advertising. The right marketing will expand your customer base:

  1. Advertising in the media. Be sure to place an ad about the recreation center in the tourist and entertainment sections.
  2. Leave promotional leaflets in shopping malls and business centers.
  3. Create a website that will contain all the information about the recreation center.
  4. Create a group on social networks, communicate on thematic forums.
  5. Hand out flyers in high traffic areas.
  6. Arrange various promotions that will make your vacation more attractive.
  7. Make a discount system for regular and corporate clients.

A properly designed advertising campaign is an important component of the success of your enterprise. Be sure to note which tools have proven to be the most effective to fine-tune your marketing campaign.


In the project to create a business (how to open a recreation center), you should note how many staff you plan to hire. It depends on the size of your complex and the number of visitors. An entrepreneur can act as one of the administrators and an accountant if he has the appropriate skills:

  1. Administrator - it's best to hire two people who can alternate. His duties will include meeting clients, informing them and resolving all issues that mayappear to visitors.
  2. Nurse - she will be able to provide first aid and monitor the he alth and condition of visitors.
  3. Cook. This employee will provide tasty and varied meals - one of the important components of quality service. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the search for a cook. He must have the appropriate education and preferably work experience.
  4. Waiters. You will need service personnel in the dining room if you have a large number of visitors and you are focused on business segment customers. For a small tourist resort, you can introduce a self-service system to save money.
  5. Bartender. If your complex has a bar, then you need to hire such a specialist.
  6. Maids. Their number depends on the size of your complex. It is their responsibility to keep the rooms clean and comfortable.
  7. Guards.
  8. Handy workers who can perform various household tasks.

Also then you can use the services of other specialists, for example, for celebrations. Qualified personnel is one of the important components of the success of your enterprise.

mini-recreation center

Additional sources of income

The business plan for creating a tourist mini-recreation center should also include additional sources of income. This will make your business more stable and profitable. After all, rest at a tourist base is a seasonal business, so if you want it to be profitable, you shouldtake care of additional sources of income:

  1. Organizing the New Year holidays is one of the most profitable periods in business. Offer an interesting New Year's program and organize exciting holidays. This will help attract large groups of people.
  2. Organization and holding of holidays for children and graduations.
  3. Organization and holding of banquets and other events.
  4. You can also provide assistance services for organizing trainings and other corporate events, conferences and seminars.
  5. If your base is located near natural attractions, then you can conduct interesting excursions.

Also, for an additional fee, you can provide guests with sports equipment or a barbecue grill for rent. Additional services will not only give you the opportunity to increase income, but also expand your customer base. But only all services must be provided at the highest level.

recreation center in the forest

Target Audience

In the business plan of the recreation center and the camp site, your target audience should also be noted. After all, based on their needs and level of prosperity, you will need to design the complex. The owners of recreation centers have a fairly wide segment of consumers. The main customers are:

  • children of preschool and school age;
  • sports and dance schools;
  • students;
  • big companies;
  • educational staff;
  • young people;
  • familyand older couples.

You need to study the needs of the target audience, and this will allow you to provide quality services.

Financial component

The basis for drawing up a business plan for a camp site is the financial component. Calculations need to be done based on the size of the complex you plan to build. To save money, you can find a site with ready-made houses that you only need to renovate.

This is a rather costly type of business that does not pay off so quickly. Approximate investments in its organization will amount to about 3,000,000 rubles. The main costs will be spent on the construction and equipment of houses and landscaping - about 1.5-2 million rubles

Your income will depend on the number of your visitors. You can rent one room from 1,000 rubles per day, and more expensive rooms - from 1,500 rubles. Fixed costs are rent, staff salaries and utility bills. But with a sufficient flow of customers, your profit will be from 700,000 rubles. But such a business does not pay off quickly, and in order to increase profitability, constantly improve the service.

Market Analysis

In an exemplary business plan "Recreation center as a business" it is necessary to analyze the possible risks. This is not only high competition in the market, but also other economic nuances. It can be minor problems in the field of utilities and property. And also carefully consider the reviews of guests, try to resolve all conflict situations. Keep in mind that you need to monitor the quality of the providedservices.

tourist recreation center


Most entrepreneurs note that this direction is not suitable if you do not have a large enough start-up capital. If you take a loan, then the payback time will increase even more. Therefore, this direction is suitable for experienced businessmen. And also at the construction stage, it takes a lot of time to obtain all the necessary permits and the design of the complex itself. In addition, you need to constantly improve the service and monitor the well-being of the rooms and the territory. Therefore, this business line is suitable for those who like to constantly develop and improve.

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