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Business ideas from scratch in Belarus: overview, features and recommendations

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Business ideas from scratch in Belarus: overview, features and recommendations
Business ideas from scratch in Belarus: overview, features and recommendations

One of the effective ways to tangibly improve the level of prosperity in Belarus is the implementation of a good small business idea. What kind of business to do in Belarus is a question that does not have a clear answer. The choice largely depends on the preferences, location and starting capital of a particular person. But the good news is that there are enough ideas to start a business for people with different levels of resources.

Promising directions

The catalog of ideas for business in Belarus includes many profitable areas. If we analyze them, we can identify several promising segments. We are talking about the following business categories:

  • Repair and construction work. New shopping centers, clubs and residential buildings are constantly being built in Belarus. Services for interior design also do not lose their relevance. For this reason, by creating a construction company, you can earn good money. The main thing in this area is to establish yourself as a reliable professional. If the works are delivered on time, the buildings are erected withoutconstant delays and quality at the level, then there will be no problems with customers. The advantage of such a business is that it is also suitable for small towns.
  • Light industry enterprises. By producing clothing, essential goods and food, you can reach a decent financial level. These product groups will always be in demand. With good quality against the background of an acceptable price, you can get a stable flow of orders. It is worth remembering that by producing a product in Belarus, it can be successfully sold to neighboring countries.
  • Wholesale and retail trade. Chains of stores, wholesale depots and individual retail outlets can provide a steady income even in difficult times. For business development, it is important to correctly analyze demand, make test purchases and then invest in goods that are most popular. You can start with a small specialized store - a retail outlet, which presents, for example, only tea and coffee, but in a large assortment. Other areas can also attract the attention of buyers: cheese, fish, meat, etc.

Before starting a business, it is important to write a business plan, which should record all expenses, sources of profit and the planned level of the latter. That is, you need to translate possible risks, drawdowns and investments into specific numbers.

business ideas for belarus

If you do not take into account force majeure circumstances and draw up a strategy solely from the position of success, then you can lose money and get out of business with debts. Therefore, planningprofit, both underlying costs and unexpected costs should always be considered.

In addition to the main areas, it is worth considering specific ideas for doing business from scratch in Belarus.

Clean water

This product will always be needed by people, as now more and more citizens care about their he alth and the condition of their children. This fact means that people agree to spend money on good quality water.

There are several ways to use this edge of demand to earn money:

  1. Points for the sale of drinking water. They can be placed on the streets, in special stalls, or you can use the square meters of shops by concluding a lease agreement. Such an idea for a business from scratch in Belarus is a good start, if only for the reason that bottled water is significantly cheaper. At the same time, the quality is sometimes even higher.
  2. Install filters. Sale of water treatment equipment with subsequent installation is a promising business, especially in those cities or areas where old pipes are used. Not all people want to go or go somewhere for clean water. For this reason, they often opt for filters. With good service, fast, high-quality service, as well as an online store with a clear interface, such a business can bring a stable and high income.
small business ideas what business to do in rb

Regardless of the product, when creating an online store, it is worth duplicating it on social networks, attracting an audience through competent content construction. This approach has helped manybrands to reach a new level.

Inbound tourism

Understanding what kind of business is profitable to do in Belarus, you should pay attention to an interesting vacation.

Not all residents of the CIS and Western countries have a clear idea of ​​what life in Belarus looks like and what this country can surprise with. Thanks to the visa-free regime, which allows you to stay here for up to 5 days, it opens up the possibility of organizing interesting routes for guests from neighboring countries and beyond.

Even in 2 days you can see a lot of special places:

  • Museum complex "Dudutki". Here you can appreciate the most diverse facets of the culture and life of the Belarusian people.
  • Nesvizh Castle. This is a museum-reserve, which has preserved the atmosphere of the era of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Visitors will be able to see how the representatives of the ancient Radziwill family lived.
  • Minsk. The capital is interesting for its versatility. In the city there are buildings that were erected in different eras. There are pre-revolutionary buildings, Soviet-era houses and modern projects. All this diversity is complemented by clean streets, conducive to long walks.

Of course, there are many other places that can interest guests from neighboring countries.

what kind of business is profitable to do in belarus

If you correctly organize routes (saturation, duration) and take care of a decent service, then such a business can attract a lot of customers.

For this reason, this idea is definitely worth considering when thinking about which one to open from scratchbusiness in Belarus.

Organic production

Every year people care more about the quality of food. Against this background, the popularity of organic products is constantly growing.

It is possible to implement this idea for a business from scratch in Belarus in the form of a local agricultural project. It is important that only organic elements are used in the farming process - customers should receive exactly what is presented to them.

You can grow both vegetables and fruits. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the production of various natural sauces and delicacies that are popular.

business in belarus which one to open from scratch

Using only natural ingredients is a factor that can have a significant impact on sales.

You can offer organic products to various stores, chains, or open your own outlets by creating a new brand.

Such a business idea for Belarus is a good option, but do not forget about the documentary side of the process. We are talking about the official labeling of organic products. It will take time to receive it as there will be checks.

Quadcopters and drones

Using this technique, you can organize a special shooting of various significant events. For example, birthday, wedding or corporate event.

The bottom line is that, in addition to the basic angles, shooting will also be done from above, as well as from those places that are inaccessible to the photographer (water, various places in the mountains, etc.).With the right approach, creative videos and photos can turn out.

catalog of ideas for business in rb

Quadcopters will also perfectly cope with such a task as an unusual delivery of gifts or flowers. An example is the unexpected visit of a similar technique with a spectacular bouquet to the 16th floor.

People are willing to pay for fresh and vivid impressions, therefore, with a decent level of implementation of such an idea for a business from scratch in Belarus, you can have a stable income.

Cleaning company

This is one of the best small business ideas for small towns in Belarus. The bottom line is that even in small towns there are people with a high level of we alth, as well as companies with good profits. Both of them periodically need services for high-quality cleaning of their premises. They will not engage in high-tech elimination of dust and dirt on their own.

Amid such demand, even a small cleaning company, consisting of a business owner, a few employees, the necessary tools and a car, can provide itself with a steady stream of orders.

cleaning company

At the very beginning, it is important to offer discounts in order to gain a foothold in the market. Package agreements will help with this. This means that when concluding a contract, say, for six months, the price for services is reduced.

Fitness club

This is another business idea suitable for small towns as well.

In any locality there are women and men who watch their figure. And often they lovedo it in good conditions. For this reason, a fitness club with good prices, well-chosen equipment and trained trainers will not be left without customers.

small business ideas for small towns in rb

When starting a business in the service sector, you need to remember that the main competitive advantage is service. Of two clubs with similar characteristics, the one with the highest level of customer comfort will be the most popular.

Other interesting options

The list of business ideas from scratch in Belarus can be continued for a long time. Here are some of the more interesting options:

  • sunflower oil production;
  • growing tea and coffee beans;
  • camping sites;
  • selling fresh eggs;
  • chili cultivation;
  • advertising agency;
  • ISP;
  • hotels for children, where you can leave a child for a period of several hours to several days;
  • production of shoes, clothing, etc.

Many of these ideas allow us to work not only with clients from Belarus, but with the entire CIS.


Starting a business in Belarus and getting a decent profit is real. The main thing is to analyze the market, identify the main areas of demand and open the first business in the area that is the least risky.

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