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How to top up a qiwi wallet in Belarus. Overview of Methods

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How to top up a qiwi wallet in Belarus. Overview of Methods
How to top up a qiwi wallet in Belarus. Overview of Methods

Qiwi (or Qiwi) is already perhaps one of the most popular electronic payment systems in Russia. However, in Belarus it did not work immediately. And until now, users from the territory of the republic have certain questions about the service, to which it is far from always possible to quickly get an answer. The most common question is how to top up a qiwi wallet in Belarus. Although it is quite difficult to do this, it is possible.

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Why topping up is a problem

The Qiwi electronic payment system came to Belarusians much later than to their neighbors. And it still works with significant limitations in functionality. In particular, replenishing a qiwi wallet account in Belarus is still difficult, because the possibilities provided by the system are seriously curtailed.

Even after Qiwi was transformed into the electronic payment system Visa QIWI Wallet, and the international company Visa began to deal with it, the problem, including with the transfer of funds, was not completely resolved. So the need to break down specific methods and figure out which works and which doesn't is more urgent than ever.

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Methods that won't work

The most obvious answer to the question of how to replenish a qiwi wallet in Belarus will be wrong. It is impossible to link a Belarusian card to a Qiwi account in order to quickly replenish it from any point with Internet access. If any person promises you that with his help this opportunity can be opened, then you should not believe him. As a rule, such a tempting offer will be a scam.

Supposedly working methods

At the moment, some users claim that the method of replenishing a Russian qiwi wallet in Belarus has already appeared and this can be done through another electronic payment system - Yandex.Money. This system in the republic functions fully and allows you to deposit funds, including from the card. After replenishing the Yandex.Money wallet, rubles from the account can be freely converted in a huge number of online exchangers, where you can even choose the preferred rate.

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The advantage of the method is that at this stage it is the only way to replenishqiwi wallet in Belarus via phone. This is done using applications of electronic systems and web versions of online exchange offices. However, there is a significant minus, and it consists in rather large commissions, which are taken by both the Yandex.Money system itself and some exchangers. If among the methods of how to replenish a qiwi wallet in Belarus, you choose just such a complex exchange, then be prepared for percentage deductions that "bite off" a significant part of the amount.

Officially approved deposit methods

These, of course, are payment terminals, which are installed in Belarus at the points of greatest concentration of people, as a rule, these are shopping centers, supermarkets, railway stations. The terminals have a fairly noticeable design, so it is impossible to miss them. Of the minuses of this method of replenishment, the following can be distinguished:

  • The terminal does not give change. Therefore, you need to make sure that the funds are of the required denomination. But as a compensatory measure, you can top up your mobile phone balance with the rest of the money or make any payments through ERIP.
  • Need to know exactly where the terminal is. The Qiwi website in Belarus has a map where you can find the nearest installed devices.
  • Impossibility of instant replenishment. The user wants to choose the fastest method of replenishing a qiwi wallet, but in Belarus, he will have to sacrifice the speed of replenishment. Still get to the desired terminal just to transfer a small amounton the bill, quite disadvantageous.
  • You need to understand that the Belarusian legislation is extremely negative about anonymous wallets in payment systems. This should be taken into account if you want to frequently pay for any services and even more so receive funds to your account.
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Impressions of "Kiwi" among Belarusian users

Due to such a large number of restrictions, the system is not very popular among Belarusians. Most of them admit that they would have looked at Qiwi were it not for such severe restrictions that require a lot of additional actions where the average Russian user does not bother at all.

However, people working with Russians start a qiwi wallet precisely because of its great popularity in Russia. However, most try not to do this using a Belarusian phone number. Many hope that in the future the policy of the system will change, and the terms of use for the citizens of Belarus will become more loyal. Given that the popularity of Internet payments among Belarusians has grown in recent years, this can bring significant profit to the company.

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