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Homemade rotary mower
Homemade rotary mower

Manual labor in agricultural areas is increasingly being replaced by special equipment and machinery. A rotary mower is one of the necessary devices that you can purchase or make yourself.

Rotary mower

Accessories for small tractors

The mini-tractor is now used everywhere. Manufacturers of this transport are also engaged in the production of additional equipment for it. It is necessary in order to facilitate the implementation of certain actions. A rotary mower for a tractor is one of such devices, which is especially required in the summer. But in winter you need to use nozzles for snow removal, in spring - seeders, harrows and a plow. Harvesting tools are indispensable in autumn.

mounted rotary mower

How do you make your own equipment?

It is worth noting that attachments for agricultural mini-equipment (tractors, in particular), offered by manufacturers, are very expensive. Many people have learned how to make them with their own hands, using ready-made designs for this. Sometimes they make them based on devices,developed independently. A self-propelled rotary mower is useful on the farm when there are livestock that require a lot of vegetable feed to keep. Vegetation must be harvested to be stored during the cold season, and this simply cannot be done.

rotary mower to motoblock

Equipment classification

Mowers, which are used most often on the farm, are divided into two types. They differ in how they work:

  1. Segment mowers. They are mainly used for utility and design purposes. With their help, they ennoble the territory near the house and mow lawns. The design includes sharpened stationary plates and a movable cutting knife. Its main advantage and the secret of its popularity is its relatively affordable price.
  2. Rotor mower. According to farmers, it is more convenient and profitable. With its help, you can not only cut grass, but also a number of crops. The design of the equipment is very simple. It consists of a special platform equipped with moving working discs along with knives. The device works by means of the PTO of the tractor.

Many people prefer to make such mowers on their own. Making them is very easy. In addition, they are efficient in terms of use and do not clog too much.

How to attach the device to the walk-behind tractor?

Any factory or homemade rotary mower has different dimensions and performance. In addition, the devices differ in mounting schemes. Depending on the methodattachment to the tractor there are such types of equipment:

  • Trailed. Connect the device to one of the hydraulic outputs of the power unit. The number of rotors is at least 3 pieces. They stand behind the vehicle.
  • Semi-mounted. It is equipped with a pneumatic wheel, as a result of which the load is distributed as evenly as possible. The equipment is attached to the rear hitch of the tractor with a bracket, and it is raised and lowered thanks to the hydraulics of the power device.
  • Mounted. Best suited for use in difficult terrain. The mower becomes frontally on the front linkage.
self-propelled rotary mower

What do you need for work?

In order to start self-assembly of the unit, you will need:

  1. Wheels whose diameter is 450 mm maximum. Parts from a children's bike or stroller will do.
  2. Pipes and corners made of metal. Scrap metal can also be used.
  3. Metal sheet or bottom from old barrels.
  4. Pulleys.
  5. Bearings.
  6. Knife for rotary mower.
  7. Belts or rubber band.
  8. Welding machine.
  9. Electric drill manual.
  10. Nuts and bolts.
  11. Drills.
  12. Wrenches.


The rotary mower must be assembled from the special tools and materials listed above. At the same time, you can find all this without difficulty. Simple scrap metal is suitable in the form of spare parts from old non-working equipment, used frames, metal barrels andmany more. To make the mower yourself, you only need the required materials, a minimum of technical knowledge and the ability to own a welding machine. This is enough to create efficient equipment. Rotary mowers can be functionally used like this:

  • For mowing grass.
  • Laying it in windrows and slope.
  • Cutting and chopping.
homemade rotary mower

Algorithm for doing work

A do-it-yourself rotary mower is made quickly enough if you know in what order to perform each action. It includes such components: a frame, knives on disks, a protective cover. In a self-made device, the frame is made from 40 cm pieces from a metal corner, which are connected by welding. And to make knives, you can use old ones from a non-working tractor mower. They will need to be cut by 30 mm, but the traction of the unit is not enough for this. Also, from a sheet of metal 4 mm thick or the bottom of the barrel, cut out two circles of 380 mm each. Install knives on them, which ensure free rotation, since pruning is carried out by removing vegetation using centrifugal force. There is also a device that powers the mower.

For the device, the lower discs of 450 mm in diameter can be used from the cultivator. For the manufacture of axial shafts, their fastening together with knives, take a metal pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. You need two bearings. One is placed on it, and the second on the welded pulley. Disks with knivesmounted on the axle shaft. Then the pulleys are welded to the pipe. Our rotary mower is almost ready.

blade for rotary mower

Product Features

To complete the manufacturing process of the device, install the protective cover at the top. The processing width of the product is about 1150 millimeters. In this case, the lower disks of the device are attached directly to the frame by welding. The resulting rotary mower is capable of cutting vegetation up to 5-7 centimeters high. The speed of work is approximately 10 kilometers per hour. With its help, you can easily remove the grass with the calculation of harvesting for hay and remove the remains of vegetation.

The rotary mower is a very profitable solution for people who appreciate the efficient operation of the equipment and want to save on its purchase. Making it yourself is not so difficult if you are not able to buy an expensive unit. And when a person does not have time to assemble a mower from scrap metal and other accessories, he can purchase something not too expensive.

do-it-yourself rotary mower

How to connect the mower with a walk-behind tractor?

For everything to work successfully, you need to fasten the parts correctly. The rotary mower is attached to the walk-behind tractor in the presence of a reverse mode. And to the power take-off shaft - by installing the connection unit through the hitch socket. Inaccuracy in this regard can provoke the destruction of the mower. Parts and their parts will fall out. On the moving blades of the mower, it is imperative to install a special protective cover, as already mentionedpreviously. Do not forget to remove additional weights from the wheels on the walk-behind tractor.

The process of mowing grass for hay should be done at minimum speed. Don't forget to engage the clutch when doing this. When you are moving and the mower is on at this time, do not make any sudden turns or movements. Do not violate the safety regulations for use. Turn the mower as smoothly as possible, observe the deceleration mode. This should not be forgotten in cases where it moves by means of a mini-tractor. And only in this case it is possible to harvest hay with the help of a block quickly and effortlessly.

Do-it-yourself rotary mower

Safety rules at work

If you decide to assemble a rotary mower yourself, you need to make sure that it not only functions correctly, but is also safe for you and for other people. Before starting work with the unit, check that all connections are secure. Do the first test run, making sure that no one, not even animals, is within 50 meters.

Despite the fact that the algorithm for self-assembly of the mower is not so complicated, it is better to do this only if you are good friends with the technique, know how to use metalwork tools and a welding machine. But if there is not even a minimum knowledge in this direction, then it is better not to risk it. If necessary, you can choose a mower in the store for every taste at an affordable price.

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