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Sample regulation of interaction between departments, examples
Sample regulation of interaction between departments, examples

Each enterprise has local documents regulating its activities. One of the most significant is the regulation of interaction between departments (a sample document will be described below). For the head of the organization, it is an effective management tool. Let us consider in detail a sample regulation of interaction between departments.

sample regulation of interaction between departments


What should be the regulation? The interaction between the departments of accounting and economic service, personnel officers and the settlement and planning unit, other structural units of the enterprise is inevitable in the process of activity. At the same time, the contact of employees should ensure the implementation of the tasks set in the shortest possible time. A sample of the regulation of interaction between departments, first of all, should be available to performers. If the person responsible for its development writes down all the provisions, but subordinates cannot understand anything, there will be no meaning in the document. In this regard, forming a sample regulationinteractions between departments, three key principles should be taken into account:

  1. The document is compiled based on the business process model. The quality of the regulations will directly depend on the thoroughness of the scheme.
  2. The document structure is determined by the process model. All points of the scheme must be present in the regulations.
  3. The presentation of information is carried out in an official, dry language. It is recommended to use short simple sentences in the text of the document. Provisions should be formulated unambiguously. All abbreviations and terms must be spelled out.


Sample regulation of interaction between departments provides:

  1. Establishing and maintaining order in the preparation of documentation, effective contact between structural units.
  2. Prevention of conflict situations in the team. If schemes of interaction for work are determined in advance, the share of participation of one or another employee in the processes, disputes will not arise.
  3. Expeditious entry into the team of newcomers. The regulation helps to understand the structure of interactions, indicates which documents will be used by the employee, which services he will contact.
  4. Discipline control.
  5. Faster transfer of cases to another employee (when leaving or going on vacation).
  6. Prevention of loss of financial, human and time resources.
  7. regulation of interaction between IT and IB departments


What is the regulation of interaction betweendepartments can be considered correctly drawn up? Typically, a document includes the following sections:

  1. General provisions.
  2. Definitions, terms and abbreviations.
  3. Descriptions of processes.
  4. Responsibility.
  5. Control.

Legislative acts, GOSTs and other documents can serve as sources of definitions. The latter, in particular, include Orders of ministries, departments, government decrees. At the same time, references to regulatory documents, the provisions of which were used, should be included in the regulations for interaction between departments. The sample for he alth facilities, in particular, contains indications of the Orders of the Ministry of He alth and Social Development, the Ministry of He alth of the region.


It usually contains a graphical model of the business process. It is depicted as a diagram consisting of several blocks. The graphic image can be created using PC software products. Schemes reflect a specific procedure for the implementation of certain tasks. Visualization is more convenient than text. The diagram clearly shows the beginning of the process and each stage, the relationship between them and the final result. This model is often used by the developers of the regulations for interaction between departments of the company according to 223-FZ. The scheme highlights such key parameters as outputs and inputs, participants and clients. If a beginner gets acquainted with such a model, he will immediately understand the specifics of the process and will be ready to implement a specific task.


At the first stage, you need to determine the subject of the document and responsible persons, i.e. whodraws up and what regulations. Interaction between accounting departments, in particular, is carried out according to a clear scheme, enshrined in legislation. In this structural unit, there is always the most important person responsible for compliance with reporting requirements. He can become the person responsible for drawing up the regulations for interaction between departments. A sample document should be discussed by all employees. For this, a general meeting is organized. If the document regulates a process in which the interests of more than two departments collide, then it is important to involve key employees in the discussion. The person responsible for the development should explain to colleagues the importance of implementing the rules.

regulation of interaction between departments of the company according to 223 fz

Description of processes

Its volume will depend on the complexity of the interaction. If the process is simple, and the person responsible for it understands all the stages of implementation well, then he himself can draw up a scheme of work with other structural units. After that, he should discuss the document with the rest of the participants. If the business process is complex, then each employee develops his own part of the model. After that, all projects are compiled and discussed. In the course of familiarization with the basic document, all interested employees can propose certain corrections and additions. After that, the rules of interaction between departments of the company are transferred to the head.


It can be done directly. In this case, the head himself signs the rules of interaction betweendepartments of the company. A sample document can also be approved indirectly. In this case, the leader issues an order. The registration data of the administrative act are entered into the approval stamp.

The specifics of the work of the responsible person

In some organizations, the position of a quality manager is provided in the state. In practice, certain stages of document preparation have been developed. They must be observed by the manager who draws up the rules of interaction between departments. Example of basic steps:

  1. Define processes.
  2. Building a chart.
  3. Detailed description.
  4. Composing text.

Responsible specialist studies the schedule of employees in different departments. This is necessary to compile a description of standard situations included in the regulations for interaction between departments. Example: "The gas station is inspected using technical means such as… A report is generated upon completion of the inspection."

regulation of interaction between departments of the company sample

Defining the final goal

The person responsible for drawing up the regulations must have an idea of ​​all processes, know the duties of employees, have the appropriate qualifications and level of professionalism. The purpose of the document should be clear to employees. Otherwise, the implementation of the regulations will be an additional burden on employees.

Optimization and design

Comprehensive study of the processes taking place in the enterprise, allows you to identifyweak spots. Analysis of situations, results, operations makes it possible to optimize activities. This, in turn, allows us to form several scenarios for further development. So, the enterprise can leave everything as it is, create a new model of work or correct the old one.


It is important that each employee clearly understands what he needs to do and how the results achieved will affect his earnings. That is why it is necessary to discuss the regulation before its approval. The key role in the preparation of the document is assigned, of course, to the head of the working group (project). The task of this specialist is to raise critical questions. He must be able to present a clear process model. Each participant sees the picture with his own eyes. There needs to be a common understanding. Each participant needs to explain the responsibility in creating the regulations. In most cases, teams are skeptical about the implementation of such a document. Depending on the complexity of the process, the introduction of regulations takes 4-12 months.

regulation of interaction between departments of the company

Introduction features

To introduce a new regulation, you must:

  1. Recognize previous documents as invalid.
  2. Introduce new local acts to activate the regulation.
  3. Develop the documents necessary to apply the approved rules.
  4. Fine or implement new modules of automated infobases.
  5. Make forms of non-standardized documents.
  6. Change or supplement staffingschedule.
  7. Find candidates for new positions, appoint or transfer workers.
  8. Teach the performers the new rules.
  9. Conduct outreach to employees.
  10. Perform a trial implementation of the regulation.
  11. Correct the text based on the results of experimental execution.
  12. Put into action the final version of the document.
  13. Define procedures for quality control of the regulation.

After the measures for the implementation of the document are determined, the manager issues an order. It should be noted that due to the duration of the events, the date of approval and direct entry into force of the regulation will differ. Let's consider further the main mistakes that employees make when compiling a document.

Inconsistency with practice

It is important to entrust the creation of regulations to an employee who is directly related to the work activities at the enterprise. Suppose the organization has become very large. The management can well afford to form a special service, whose tasks will include solving development issues. Accordingly, the department will set the task to describe all the processes of the enterprise. But the purpose of this event is unimportant to them. If the regulations are made up of people who are not involved in real activities, then the employee who manages it will not execute the scheme. Accordingly, the document does not make sense to work.

regulation of interaction between departments sample LP

Lack of flexibility

Many responsible persons strive for maximumdetail. This situation is caused by ignorance of the differences between the preparation of regulations and the description of real production processes. If the task is to automate operations, their detailing is intended to help employees. The need for regulations arises when many people are involved in the production. Their actions are often duplicated, but each person interprets this or that operation in his own way. The regulation aims to resolve disputes. It should be borne in mind that the employees of the organization must have a certain freedom in action, allowing them to make one or another decision depending on the situation. For example, a customer can be answered immediately instead of after some time.

Large volume and complexity of text

Regulations consisting of 5-7 pages are considered optimal. At the same time, its content should be capacious, but brief. It is not recommended to use complex, multi-part sentences. The text must be understandable. In addition, you should pay attention to the terms. You should not replace concepts with synonyms, use abbreviations without decoding.

Interaction between information security and IT departments

Currently, in many enterprises, the contacts of these services are very difficult. Difficulties are associated with internal conflicts of IT and information security departments. There are several options for ensuring their effective cooperation. The first and simplest is the presence of employees (one or more) who specialize in information security within the information technology service. Rules of interaction between IT departments andIB in this case reflects typical approaches to cooperation. The organization of work is carried out on the basis of the prevailing stereotype that information security is part of the provision of information technology. If there are no conflicts between these services at the enterprise, then the manager may think about arranging the information security service as a separate structure of the IT department. Accordingly, it will be necessary to allocate more resources, including financial ones, to ensure such activities.

what is the regulation of interaction between accounting departments

Typical sample

The General Provisions specify:

  1. The purpose of the document. As a rule, there is such a phrase: "The present regulation determines the procedure …".
  2. Scope. The regulation may apply to workers or facilities.
  3. Regulatory documents in accordance with which the act was developed.
  4. Rules for approval, adjustment, cancellation of regulations.

In the section "Terms, abbreviations, definitions" the concepts used in the document are given. All abbreviations must be spelled out. Terms should be given in alphabetical order. Each concept is indicated on a new line in units. h. The definition of the term is given without the word "this", through a dash. In the "Process Description" section, a step-by-step description is given. It is advisable to introduce subparagraphs. Each of them will correspond to a specific stage. In the same section, employees involved in the performance of certain operations are indicated.Not only actions are described, but also their result.

Responsibility and control

The regulations should contain an indication of the possibility of applying sanctions to persons who do not comply with the provisions. Liability is allowed under the law. It can be criminal, administrative or disciplinary. It is mandatory to indicate the full name and position of the employee who monitors the implementation of the regulations.

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