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Layout of three-room Khrushchev houses: options, sizes, redevelopment
Layout of three-room Khrushchev houses: options, sizes, redevelopment

Many five-story buildings built during the reign of Khrushchev have been inhabited by different people for more than 50 years. Someone inherited a three-room Khrushchev apartment, and someone bought it because of its low cost. With proper care of the building, such buildings can last for more than a dozen years. At one time they were built for temporary use and were not provided with a high level of comfort.

The general conditions created in such apartments barely meet the required minimum, because here everything is minimized to the extreme limits. Starting from the height of the ceilings, which barely reach the level of 2.5 m, ending with violations of all soundproofing rules. In addition, the total area of ​​the three-room Khrushchev building has been minimized, plus the bathrooms have been combined, on a tiny plot of 4 sq. Therefore, no one is surprised when they try to transform such apartments through redevelopment.

Kitchen in a three-room Khrushchev

Standard layout3-room apartment in Khrushchev

In most cases, the internal walls of such apartments do not belong to the supporting structures. This creates favorable conditions for redevelopment. However, when considering the layouts of three-room Khrushchev houses in brick houses, one may encounter a situation in which the ceilings are supported on interior walls. In total, you can find the following options for such apartments:

Two rooms are so small that it is just right to arrange one in such an area

Two large rooms are adjacent, and the third is very small

The living rooms are deployed on two sides of the building

You can rarely find a layout with three isolated rooms

In some layouts of three-room Khrushchev houses, you can find a pantry arranged in the room. It is convenient to convert such a room into a dressing room, freeing it from unnecessary shelves and cans with conservation. The next large room is better to arrange as a living room, where you can arrange friendly gatherings and spend home holidays. And the remaining smaller room will make an excellent nursery.

How to legalize redevelopment in an apartment

Legal clearance can be done in several different ways. It is best to order a redevelopment project by contacting specialists from the relevant authorities. You can only submit a sketch of upcoming changes. The submitted application is considered in three cases:

If there is a redevelopment sketch

If necessary, the sketch should indicate the places and methods of upgrading the carriersgrounds

If there is a draft

In the latter case, the review will take place without additional collection of information to draw up an act on the security of the changes being made. In the first two cases, you will need to independently collect a regulated list of papers. This includes documenting a redevelopment sketch created on the basis of a three-room Khrushchev scheme for approval.

The ultimate goal, giving legal grounds for the forthcoming work, is to obtain an approved change plan, as well as a certified license project by the reviewing organization. Such applications are usually considered by the Permit Center located in the area where the apartment is located. Considering the question of how to legalize redevelopment in an apartment, it should be said that it is possible to start repair work only after all approvals. Otherwise, the efforts will be in vain. You will pay a fine and return everything as it was.

Three-room apartment Khrushchev

Several ways to change the interior

Of course, it should be borne in mind that no redevelopment of a three-room Khrushchev will help change the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment, however, a competent change in the internal arrangement of rooms can significantly increase usable space. In such cases, two main paths are chosen:

The demolition of all existing partitions in order to further distribute the area into useful areas by various methods of zoning the room

Partial combination of rooms in order to get rid of non-functional corridors

First undermodernization always includes a kitchen in a three-room Khrushchev, whose area barely reaches 6 m22. As a rule, it is combined with an adjacent room, creating something that looks like a "studio". In this case, the door leading from the corridor can be laid and the resulting space can be used to expand the bathroom.

The room that was combined with the kitchen, as a rule, communicated with the neighboring one through a common door located near the window. This door can be moved closer to the corridor and partition the room with a partition wall with an opening, leaving room for passage to the new living room and kitchen. Thus, we get three modified rooms: a kitchen-living room, a spacious bedroom and a large bathroom. The third room, usually facing the other side, remains unchanged in the layout of the three-room Khrushchev.

Remodeling the bathroom

In some cases, one has to face the problem when permission to increase the size of the bathroom cannot be obtained. In this situation, you will have to reorganize the bathroom in a different way. To do this, you need to remove the bathtub and replace it with a shower cabin, and place a washing machine on the vacated area.

In such circumstances, the passage to the kitchen is preserved. It is combined with an adjacent room. A door from the corridor remains in the next room, and a passage from the kitchen opens into the adjacent room. In this situation, it remains to lay the interior door as unnecessary. The result is two isolated spacious rooms and a fully functional bathroom.

Features of the transfer of partitions

Originally three-roomKhrushchev has a completely inconvenient layout with the dimensions of all rooms. To change this, redevelopment is necessary, which in its meaning implies the demolition and rearrangement of the walls. For this procedure, you must obtain legal grounds. It should be carried out with the elimination of all the resulting deficiencies. Transferring and removing partitions always involves certain risks. In such a situation, only specialists with experience in dealing with such issues can take responsibility for the consequences.

Redevelopment of a three-room Khrushchev

Complete dismantling of the wall separating the kitchen from the adjacent room is only necessary in exceptional situations. More often it is enough to cut through a spacious arched opening so that the task is considered completed. As practice shows, in some cases it is this partition that can turn out to be a load-bearing wall. Today, no one will give permission to weaken such a structure. Therefore, when purchasing an apartment, such questions should always be clarified in advance.

Elimination of imperfections on the floor

If you inherited a three-room Khrushchev apartment, you cannot avoid problems of all kinds. This will certainly apply to gender as well. According to the rules of that time, they were covered with boards, the service life of which has long ended, but they still remain in their place. Therefore, such a coating will have to be dismantled and replaced with a cement screed. Using this procedure, it will be possible to bring the level of the floor into a common plane, on which any coating will lie without any problems: tiles, laminate or linoleum,which are able to serve for a long period of time.

Layout of a three-room Khrushchev in a brick house

If the rooms face different sides of the building, the floor difference can reach 18 centimeters. Then it is better to leave isolated rooms at their own level, separating them with closed door frames. Otherwise, there is a threat of lowering the ceiling to a critical level.

Ceiling decoration

On a low-set ceiling, it will not be possible to install a volumetric chandelier that can provide full lighting to the entire space of the room. For this reason, before finishing work, it is necessary to distribute the wiring to several small lamps that can evenly distribute lighting over the entire surface.

If concrete floors are installed neatly (with differences not exceeding 4 cm), then it is best to level the ceiling with gypsum plaster using the rule. After rough application of plaster on the ceiling, the surface is smoothed with a spatula. Then several layers of finishing putty are applied, and the surface is painted.

However, it happens that the differences in the setting of the plates of that time exceed 10 cm. Then it is better to level the ceiling plane with drywall with a minimum loss of height. To minimize losses, do not build the ceiling plane in the horizon. If there is a slope from the center of the apartment to the outer walls, it is worth saving it by leveling only the plane. Such a trick will allow you to hide the raised part of the plane under a slight slope, which visually compensates for the lowceilings.

Interior decoration

Despite the small area of ​​a three-room Khrushchev, there are enough cutting-edge styles that can give it a glamorous look. The small size of the rooms can always be compensated by a competent selection of furniture and decor.

3 room apartment in Khrushchev

Many advise contemporary style. It has all the necessary qualities that are suitable for a small apartment. Firstly, it is the convenience of the location of objects. Secondly, maximum availability and reliable functionality. According to the designers, in order to visually enlarge the room, it is necessary to draw a parallel between the color of the walls and the ceiling, bringing the shades as close as possible. Other style features:

  • Maximum simplicity in design, concisely placing accents.
  • Zoning space, which can be of great help in redevelopment in Khrushchev.
  • Using modular designs and highly functional furniture.

Experts advise

According to the designers, in order for the interior to be distinguished by individuality, it is worth abandoning unnecessary decorative elements. In such a situation, one large picture is enough.

Scheme of a three-room Khrushchev

Scandinavian style

The spaciousness and airiness of this style make it attractive for small apartments. Inhabitants of the northern latitudes prefer light tones, perhaps with a slight deviation towards gray. This is what dictatedpreference for this style. The floor in such cases is decorated with a wooden coating, and the furniture is selected without pretentious details. Scandinavian style prefers simplicity, avoiding complex designs and colorful decorations.


This style is distinguished by non-standard views on the surrounding reality. Blocks of concrete floors, the appearance of a brick wall, bends of water pipes, hints of carelessness in the arrangement are not hidden under the scenery, but are opened for viewing. Loft welcomes the freedom of creativity, promoting the complete denial of the uniformity of tones and the tension of the planes. Interiors of this style avoid heaps of furniture, limiting themselves to only the most necessary (usually multifunctional) items, which is perfect for a small apartment.


This style does not recognize luxurious items, prefers pastel colors in the color of the walls and shades of furniture. By opting for wood products, adherents of minimalism make the interior lighter. Such motifs look great in a small apartment, filling it with light and comfort.

Three-room Khrushchev layout with dimensions

Giving preference to built-in furniture, this style helps to best realize the possibilities of Khrushchev. Add here a large number of various lamps that can create the illusion of space inherent in minimalism. You will see that this particular style will be one of the best solutions for these conditions.

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