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How to get a job in the investigative committee: conditions, necessary qualifications and skills
How to get a job in the investigative committee: conditions, necessary qualifications and skills

Criminal Crime Investigator is an honorary public position available to almost every citizen in Russia, regardless of gender. To get a job in the Investigative Committee, you must not only make a lot of effort, but also be in good he alth.

Basic requirements for the candidate

An employee of the ICR is studying the Criminal Code

Teens leaving school often ask questions about how to get a job in the investigative committee and what kind of work they need to do. An employee of the Investigative Committee in the Russian Federation must perform not only mechanical work, but also have mental abilities.

Before you get into the service, the candidate needs to get a higher education in one of the specialized universities. The main educational institutions involved in preparing cadets for work in the TFR are the Academy of the Prosecutor's Office and the Academy of the FSB. Institutes and universities related to the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are also suitable.

Uyoung people completing their studies, the following question often arises - how to get a job in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation after receiving a higher legal education? When the cadet successfully passes all the exams, receives a diploma of higher education, he can count on employment in the investigative department. In the first few months, he will have to undergo an internship, on the successful completion of which his future career in this industry depends. If the practice was given easily, then the candidate can count on a good position in the TFR. However, it is worth remembering that after graduating from a university and completing an internship in the career of an investigator, training does not end. Each investigator in this state structure, regardless of position and rank, must pass exams every twelve months in the following disciplines:

  1. Hand-to-hand combat.
  2. Shooting with handguns.
  3. Physical education.

Achieving higher education in a specialized university is not the only path that can be paved to work as an investigator. The second way is to enter the service of the police investigative bodies. Even people with secondary education are taken there. However, without a higher education, you should only count on the less honorable position of an assistant investigator. But the situation can be corrected by getting a higher education (even in absentia), after studying 3 courses at the institute in the speci alty.

Investigator career

Patch on the uniform of the Investigative Committee

The career ladder of an investigator whodeals with the disclosure of criminal cases, is as follows:

  • Assistant Investigator;
  • crime investigator;
  • senior investigator;
  • head of department.

In order to achieve a promotion to become a senior investigator or head of department, you need to complete additional legal education.

Every student who dreams of a career in the Russian Investigative Committee should know that just getting a specialized education will not be enough. It is necessary to have personal qualities, such as persistent character, determination and courage, because the investigator sometimes has to work with criminals and murderers.

Where to start to become an employee of the TFR

One of the important qualities that an investigator for the disclosure of serious criminal offenses must necessarily possess is analytical and non-standard thinking. Not a single employee in the investigative bodies can do without the use of these skills. It is also highly desirable to be able to find an approach to people, to be a good psychologist. All of the above skills are necessary to get the information you need to work in the process of communicating with victims of a crime or during the interrogation of a suspect.

Also, while working, you need to be very careful, because an employee of the Russian Investigative Committee needs to read a huge amount of documentation every day, work with evidence, and it is important not to miss every little thing, otherwise the crime will not be solved. Well, perhaps the most important qualitiesfor employees, this is an excellent physical shape and impeccable he alth.

To serve in the Investigative Committee, you must also have certain knowledge related mainly to the legislation, the Criminal Code, in force on the territory of the Russian Federation. If you enter a good university with a degree in jurisprudence, you can get all the necessary basic knowledge in this industry.

In the process of work, a young specialist will have to keep a number of protocols and other important documents. Therefore, it is desirable for each employee of the RF IC to have the following features:

  1. Ready for constant overwork as a result of high workload.
  2. Persistence.
  3. Readiness for long and painstaking work.

Applicants who dream of serving in such a state structure as the TFR should take into account that this work is extremely dangerous. This can be seen during the internship, which is sent to senior students. Competent and productive work during practical training provides applicants with a good place in the service after graduation.

Documents for university admission

Parade of employees of the TFR on the occasion of Victory Day

People are often interested in how to get a job in the Investigative Committee? For admission to a specialized institute or academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an applicant should prepare a number of documents in advance:

  1. High School Diploma.
  2. A medical certificate that confirms the impeccable he alth of the futurestudent.
  3. Certificate of passing a psychological test.
  4. Several black and white photos (each university has its own requirements and number of photos, you need to check them by contacting the admission committee).
  5. A completed application form for those wishing to enter the institute.
  6. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  7. Application for admission to an educational institution.

First steps for employment

Uniform patches for employees of the Investigative Committee

To get a job as an investigator in the Ministry of Justice, you need to find out if the educational institution sends applicants who have received diplomas to places of service. If your university does not provide such services, then you need to independently look for a vacant position.

There is a personnel reserve in the departments of the TFR, so you need to apply to the nearest branch of this service, and if they have a vacancy, they will contact you.

If invited to an interview, do not forget to bring a document confirming your age (passport), a he alth certificate, an extract from the police about the absence of a criminal record for you and your immediate family (brothers, sisters, parents and spouse). You must also bring your military ID if you have one.

Many young people are wondering if it is possible to get a job in the Investigative Committee without going through military service? Passing military service in the Russian troops is not a prerequisite for joining the ranks of the TFR, but it will bean added benefit for candidates.

Additional checks

Meeting of employees of the RF IC

Be prepared that after the interview you will be sent for a conversation with a psychologist. He will offer to pass a special test, the passage of which can take several hours. After that, the psychologist will study the results, where he will judge the moral preparation of the future employee of the Investigative Committee, his stress resistance and balance.

At the time of entry into the service, you must not have chronic illnesses or any abnormalities that could prevent you from fulfilling your professional duty in the future.

Don't be surprised if an HR specialist asks you to write your own biography, which should indicate the date and place of birth, the education received, and also describe your personal qualities, such as:

  • habits;
  • occupation in spare time;
  • interests, etc.

If the head of the department positively decides to hire you, you must fill out a standard application with a request to accept you as an investigator.

Trial period

Young guys who have completed their studies and received a law degree want to know how to get a job in the Investigative Committee. Each investigator who first enters the service must pass a probationary period at the workplace, which lasts from three months to six months. All this time you have to work under the guidance of a mentor, usually this role is played by an experienced employee,who has worked in the department for at least three years. He is obliged to teach the new colleague all the basics of the workflow.

If the trial period was successful, the guarantor will write a positive review about you. Then you, as an investigator, can work on cases yourself.

Is it possible for girls to work in the TFR

Official car of the TFR

Before you get a job in the Investigative Committee for a woman, you need to learn that the profession of an investigator is not an easy task, especially for the fairer sex, but many women successfully make a career in this direction. They are quite satisfied with their work and even like it.

Many people are interested in the answer to the question of how to get a job in the investigative committee for a girl who graduated from a university? All applicants who have received legal education at specialized universities under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service, as a rule, are successfully employed in their speci alty.

Is there a difference in requirements

Emblem of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Many girls are interested in how to get a job in the Investigative Committee. When choosing new personnel for the ranks of power structures, preference is given to strong and young young men. However, girls often also have a place there, but you should know that the requirements for them are very serious, such as:

  1. Graduation from the institute only with positive marks.
  2. A clean biography of the applicant and her relatives.
  3. Successful completion of an aptitude test, including a psychological test.
  4. Good physique.
  5. Perfect he alth.
  6. Knowledge of foreign languages.

Some women wonder what needs to be done and how to get a job in the Investigative Committee? When entering the Faculty of Law, a girl will need to pass the exam well at school, having received high scores on testing in the following subjects:

  • Russian;
  • social studies;
  • history of Russia.

To figure out how to get a job as an investigator in the Investigative Committee for a girl, she needs to know that when applying for a job, the applicant must be given a complete list of documents. It will contain a lot of references and documents, including a testimonial or recommendation from university teachers.

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