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Can I put dollars on a Sberbank card through an ATM?
Can I put dollars on a Sberbank card through an ATM?

The use of banking plastic has become such a part of our lives that many of us can no longer imagine it without credit cards. This is not surprising. After all, it is so convenient to carry with you not a stack of ever-wrinkling and rustling paper bills, but a thin piece of plastic. One of the most famous institutions issuing such is Sberbank. Its branches operate throughout Russia and the CIS countries. But, despite its popularity, many customers still do not know whether it is possible to put dollars on a Sberbank card. Let's fill this gap in this article.

Rubles and currency
Rubles and currency

When do I need foreign currency on my account?

The need for foreign currency on the card may arise if you plan to travel abroad. Or you need to replenish your account and pay for any goods, services in foreign currency. The difficulty arises when there is no currency on your account at all. Or maybe your card is not suitable for this at all. SoCan I put dollars on a Sberbank card?

Cash deposit, ATM
Cash deposit, ATM

Real or not?

To answer such an exciting question, you need to find out a few basic points. For example, you should know which card you have. In particular, in any branch of a credit organization it is possible to open an account in foreign currency (US dollars), national currency and order a multi-currency card (transactions with domestic and foreign currencies are possible).

If you have a ruble credit card, the question of whether it is possible to put dollars on a Sberbank card will disappear by itself. This operation is not performed.

It is realistic to put only domestic currency on a ruble card. But you can do it for dollar and multicurrency. How to do it is another matter?!

Deposit via ATM
Deposit via ATM

Transfer money through a terminal or ATM: is it real?

So, is it possible to put dollars on a Sberbank card through a terminal, ATM or any other self-service device? Most often, many cardholders replenish their account using self-service devices. It is convenient and very fast.

But since Sberbank's ATMs and terminals work with the national currency, this operation to credit dollars or euros to the account is not possible.

As for whether it is possible to put dollars on a Sberbank card through an ATM, and withdraw rubles, here the answer is similar to the previous one. It is forbidden. The ruble card was created in order to withdraw rubles from it. Put dollars on it with an ATMor terminal is not allowed.

Multicurrency and dollar cards allow you to work with foreign currencies. However, it is also impossible to replenish them with this very currency through terminals and ATMs. But through ATMs you can replenish your account in rubles. Conversion at the current exchange rate of the bank will occur instantly. And the money will be in your account almost immediately. But is it possible to put dollars on a Sberbank card in other ways?

Branch of Sberbank
Branch of Sberbank

How can I really replenish the card with currency?

One of the most reliable and proven options for replenishing a card with foreign currency is to contact a bank branch. To do this, you only need a passport.

And remember that you must have a multi-currency or dollar bank account opened to complete the transaction. In the case of opening the first version of the account, it is realistic to put dollars on Sberbank cards with rubles. Can this be done with a dollar card? Answer: no. You can only put dollars on a dollar card. Accordingly, they will be on it. But if you later want to withdraw money from this card, you can do it in rubles at the exchange rate. According to the legislation and policy of the bank, cashing out of a foreign currency card through ATMs and terminals is allowed only in Russian rubles.

Sberbank Maestro card
Sberbank Maestro card

How is a currency or multicurrency card replenished?

Thinking about whether it is possible to put dollars on a Sberbank Mastercard card, do not forget about the rules of a credit institution. According to them, you can put on the cardmoney.

This can be done in a bank branch. But at the same time, you will still receive a certain amount in rubles. The transfer will be made at the current exchange rate of the bank. But you can use such a multi-currency card in the currency that is most relevant for your country of residence. For example, only rubles will work in Russia. In the USA - dollars, and in European countries - euros.

Online dollar transfer
Online dollar transfer

Can I put dollars on a Sberbank Visa Gold card?

Premium cardholders can top up dollar and multicurrency cards in foreign currency. It is noteworthy that your multicurrency card account will have not only dollars, but also rubles and euros. Moreover, both options for Sberbank cards involve paying for an annual service.

Despite the presence of foreign currency units, the main one will still be domestic. In the absence of a certain amount for service or for reconversion at the current exchange rate of the bank in rubles, funds are withdrawn from the dollar account. If the required amount is not enough on it, then money is withdrawn from the account in euros.

Replenishment of the dollar account is carried out through the bank's cash desk in the nearest branch.

Can I top up my card online?

Replenishment of Sberbank plastic cards via the Internet is also possible. The main condition is connection to virtual banking. And the second important point - it is allowed to transfer funds from card to card. But at the same time, they both must be issued in different currencies. For example, one is in dollars, and the second is in rubles.

How to doonline currency exchange?

First you need to enter the service website. If you are not registered, go through a simple registration. Then go to your personal account, carefully study the current exchange rate, follow the link "Currency exchange". And finally, you will only have to indicate the recipient's card number. At the same time, the exchange of the national currency for dollars will be completed very quickly.

How to withdraw dollars or euros from the card?

Withdrawing foreign currency from a multicurrency or dollar card is possible only at Sberbank branches. You will also need to present your valid Russian passport for this.

How to top up a card in euros?

If you have a multi-currency card and you decide to replenish it, you can do it in rubles through terminals or ATMs. The exchange will take place at the current rate. Funds will be available immediately.

The second option for replenishing the card is to contact a representative of a credit institution. To do this, select any nearest branch. Come to it with a passport and carry out this currency transaction through the card.

At the same time, you can put euros, dollars or rubles on your card, instantly exchanging them for a currency that suits you. After that, dollars or euros will be credited to your account. And the bank will receive a small percentage of this. In the end, everyone will be satisfied.

And finally, the third replenishment option is the use of virtual banking. For example, replenishment can be made from a ruble card to a multicurrency one.

Can I deposit from another bank?

Transfer to your Sberbank accountdollars can also be from a branch of another bank. For example, if you are his payroll client. It is also possible to perform this operation by going to the branch of another bank with a passport. Alternatively, it is really possible to transfer funds from card to card. This is relevant, for example, if you have a multicurrency card in Sberbank and a dollar card in another bank.

In a word, if you need to replenish your card with dollars or euros, it is possible to do this, but subject to certain rules. You cannot do this at an ATM. Only if you decide to exchange rubles for foreign currency. Keep this in mind.

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