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Professions around the world: list, rating. The rarest professions in the world
Professions around the world: list, rating. The rarest professions in the world

Every person, of course, needs a profession. From childhood, he begins to think about who he wants to become. Someone wants to be like dad or mom, someone relies on their own interests. But now it's time to make your choice. The professions of the whole world are open before you. The main thing is not to make a mistake.

Professions around the world. Where to stay?

So, more details. Professions around the world give everyone the opportunity to choose their own path in life. Often, this is not so easy to do. After all, I want the profession to be in demand and highly paid. True, we should not forget that there is nothing eternal in this world. The labor market is constantly changing. Once prestigious professions become irrelevant. They are replaced by more ambitious speci alties - like marketers, advertising specialists, sales managers, etc. So what are the most demanded professions today? Let's try to figure it out.

Gene engineers

Describing the professions of the whole world, of course, it is impossible not to mention them. These people receive today about 98 thousand dollars a year. Constantpopulation growth can lead to a serious problem - hunger on the planet. Even now in many underdeveloped countries there is a shortage of food. And the ability of the Earth to grow the right amount of food is not so great.

professions around the world

Advertising Managers

The ranking of professions includes these guys in the top ten. The number of different services on the market and a variety of products is also growing very rapidly. Ways to promote them need the most original and bright. Today, simply producing a quality product is not enough. He needs a unique image, a positive image. The buyer should not want to buy it, but definitely do it. This is how this speci alty appeared.

IT specialists

The salary of some "IT people" is 100 thousand dollars a year. It's no secret that computer technology controls everything today. IT-specialists protect systems from hacking, develop software. In a word, this speci alty is our technological future.


Professions around the world include this speci alty in the first place in the ranking of demand. It is lawyers who deal with the settlement of all kinds of legal conflicts. In the modern world, without their intervention, not a single contract is drawn up, not a single document is signed, and not a single major deal is turned over.

occupation rating

Market Analysts

Let's look further at the rating of professions. Market Analystsreceive today about 112 thousand dollars a year. They help answer questions about whether it is worth releasing your product into circulation and when it is better to do it. Experts collect the necessary information, conduct analysis, predict potential future sales, customer availability and business success.


The most demanded professions in the coming years are, apparently, in the field of medicine. For example, the demand for dental services is four times greater than the supply. New dental offices open regularly, but they still can't fill this niche.

Anesthesiologists also earn a lot. This position is especially popular abroad. This is not just a doctor who chooses the dose of anesthesia during the operation. This is a professional who ensures the safety of the patient both during and after the operation.

Surgeons receive about $350,000 a year. In addition to performing operations, their duties include a lot of "paperwork" and constant examinations of patients. Accordingly, such a high level of wages is well deserved.

rarest jobs in the world


Remember the nursery rhyme that "all professions are needed." Pilots are in demand today no less than doctors. Air transport is the fastest and most popular in the world. Therefore, the profession of a pilot is one of the most prestigious and highly paid. But there are a lot of requirements for it: precise skills, training, psychological stress, responsibility for people's lives. Appear today, of course,already unmanned aircraft. However, they will definitely not be able to completely displace living people soon.

all professions are needed

Senior managers

Directory of working professions, as a rule, does not include such speci alties. In fact, these positions are very much in demand. These include both the president of the company and the CEO. In essence, they are one and the same. The top manager is the main figure in the functioning of the enterprise. He needs to make important decisions, choose the course of the company, be responsible for the final result of the work. This position requires great responsibility, therefore it often leads a person to stressful conditions.

Social professions

Next item. Social professions have a lot of advantages. They provide an opportunity to engage in a variety of interesting activities, broaden horizons, and provide self-realization of the individual.

Social and humanitarian professions include: coach, psychologist, sociologist, social worker, social teacher, ethnographer, archaeologist, blogger, copywriter, media worker, political scientist, educator, teacher, recruiter, tour guide, graphic designer, PR manager, linguist, translator, speech therapist, culturologist, museum worker, librarian. Social and economic speci alties include: accountant, marketer, manager, economist.

the most in-demand professions in the coming years

Rare professions

So, the positions in demand have been considered. Now it is worth turning your attention to the rarestprofessions in the world. This group includes the position of a sign language interpreter. The professions of a stylist (a person who makes wigs, beards, eyelashes, sideburns, mustaches and braids to order), a machine operator at a match factory (osierator), a kavist (a specialist in alcoholic beverages offering a specific wine for a specific dish), teatester (tea taster), greenkeeper (specialist responsible for the condition of green lawns for football, baseball, rugby, golf, etc.), oenologist (specialist who selects grape varieties for making wine) and speechwriter (writer for politicians and businessmen).

directory of working professions

Rare male professions

And now more specifically. The rarest professions in the world among men are sometimes simply striking in their originality. Among them: a dergal (a specialist who collects seaweed for three months a year), an organ builder, a climbing equipment tester, an aircraft washer, a monsterologist (a specialist in the study of monsters), a cow shearer, an observer at the work of strippers. The latter watch the girls dance for two months, take notes and receive a salary of $10,000 a month.

Rare female professions

Recently, the line between male and female professions has become blurred more and more. Nevertheless, there are such professions where meeting a woman is a rarity. For example, there is only one single female gondolier in the world. To master thisprofession, the Venetian had to undergo six months of training and pass exams.

social professions

It's rare to see female truckers as well. However, such cases do occur. Women are driving huge trucks. At the same time, they build a family life, raise children.

Ladies are also known to cope with the work of glassblowers no worse than men. Moreover, they can create masterpieces thanks to their delicate feminine taste.

The rarest profession in the world

The rarest profession in the world is considered to be the caretaker of a paradise island. It arose when a person was needed who could promote holidays on one of the Australian islands. One of the travel companies was looking for such a person. For six months, the man had to live in a villa on the island, swim in the pool, scuba dive, take pictures, play golf and blog. For six months spent on Hamilton Island, the happy owner of this profession was able to earn 110 thousand dollars.

Summing up, it is worth saying: "To each his own!". Don't forget the above quote - "All professions are needed!".

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