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Bartender - who is this?
Bartender - who is this?

A bartender is a person who serves customers at the bar. His main duty is the preparation of various drinks based on alcohol and without it. Currently, this profession is quite in demand, as night-time establishments cannot function without bartenders.

Characteristics of the profession

This profession first appeared in the US during the "gold rush" with the appearance in the shops of areas for recreation, called bars. Certain people were pouring alcoholic drinks in stores at the time.

The bartender must know the names of all the drinks that are sold, and be fluent in the technology of preparing various cocktails. Also, the profession of a bartender is the responsibility for the design of prepared drinks and compliance with the conditions for their storage.

The bartender is an important worker in bars, restaurants or nightclubs. They choose a person for this position with special care, because the microclimate in the institution can directly depend on the bartender. Sometimes there are people behind the bar who canmasterfully juggle various objects in the process of preparing drinks. Only highly qualified bartenders can demonstrate such skill. Such a bartender is a godsend for an institution. He is able to become the hallmark of any bar.

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Professional bartender must have vitality and sociability, endurance and composure. There are times when visitors come to the bar who want to talk about the most intimate. It is necessary to listen carefully to them, to help with advice.

The profession of a bartender is often a job at night, as bars are most in demand at night.


People on duty at the bar must be resistant to stressful situations. They should not be afraid of difficult working conditions, because the character of visitors is different and bartenders have to do their work in noisy and smoky rooms.

The bartender does his job standing on his feet for many hours, all his attention is focused on the visitors and the process of preparing drinks. He must have work experience, a creative streak, a good mood, a sense of humor and sociability. Then customers will appreciate his professional level and will come to the bar more and more often.

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Without the presence of these abilities, work can be a punishment for the bartender.

Experience and salary

The salary of a bartender can be attributed to pretty good. It directly depends oncustomer categories. In prestigious establishments with high prices, the work of bartenders is highly valued.

The bartender is a pleasant person who is able to respond to all customer requests. In addition to high-quality drinks, it helps visitors to relax and get rid of emotional stress. Success in this profession can only be achieved by a person who has abilities in the fields of music, chemistry, psychology, humor and acting. A bartender with such a set of qualities (there are enough vacancies in this speci alty on the labor market) will never be left without a job.

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To master the skills necessary for work, you should complete special courses or work as an assistant bartender with extensive experience. And in order to masterfully communicate with visitors, you must have natural talents. The right understanding and response to the needs of the bar visitor is the key to success in this business.

The bartender must also distinguish between the main types of alcoholic drinks, know the measures of their volume, have an idea of ​​what glasses should be served with different drinks and how to mix them.

Profession benefits

The advantages of this profession include the following factors:

  • Bars often open much later than shops and offices, so the bartender doesn't have to wake up early.
  • You can get professional training on short courses or on an internship with a professional bartender without spending a lot of time and money.
  • Bartender is a profession filled with fun and communication with visitors. Many friends and acquaintances appear.
  • You can sparkle at any party with your cocktail mixing skills.
  • Without sitting a lot of time in a boring office and not working hard physically, it is really possible to get a decent financial reward for your work.
bartender is a profession

Disadvantages of this profession

The disadvantages of this profession are:

  • Irregular working hours if the bar is open until the last visitor.
  • Fighting the urge to taste prepared drinks.
  • The need to politely serve customers with a smile, regardless of their state of mind.
  • A bartender must have a good memory.
  • After finishing work, the bartender can get tired of being in a club, surrounded by a noisy crowd.
  • Liability for dishes, drinks and appliances.

Recommendations for a beginner bartender

  1. If you don't know what to say, the best thing to do is to just keep quiet.
  2. Don't lose your cool in every situation.
  3. You should always be polite to your customers.
  4. A bartender should not listen to conversations between bar customers.
  5. He should be treated with due respect for visitors.
  6. The bartender should always take a neutral position in conflict situations.
  7. A bar employee should not demonstrate the level of his erudition in front of his visitors.

Bartender is a profession for people with good he alth, strong character and the necessary erudition. This job is primarily for young people. A large number of establishments are now focusing in their work not only on the design of the premises and a rich assortment of products, but also on the professional and personal qualities of bartenders.

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Every year around the world on February 6, Bartender's Day is celebrated. On this day, festive events are held, where the best bartender and brands of drinks receive well-deserved awards. On this day, there are also sparkling shows, competitions, parties on various topics, tastings.

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