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How to use the "Halva" card? Stores-partners of the "Halva" card. Where and how to apply for a Halva card

How to use the "Halva" card? Stores-partners of the "Halva" card. Where and how to apply for a Halva card
How to use the "Halva" card? Stores-partners of the "Halva" card. Where and how to apply for a Halva card

The beginning of 2017 was marked for Sovcombank by the release of a new product called Halva. The authors of the project believe that this product is able to attract new customers and become very popular.

Halva Sovcombank card

Briefly about the Halva installment card

The "Halva" installment card makes it possible to pay for goods or services with borrowed funds, and without paying interest. You can’t use it anywhere, because the circle of partner stores of the Halva card is clearly defined.

Despite the similarity to a regular credit card, Halvah has several distinctive features:

  • pay for goods and services in installments, and the return of interest is not carried out by the cardholder, but by partner stores in which the client made the purchase;
  • no down payment required;
  • Additional commissions and overpayments are also absent;
  • if the borrower complies with all conditions, then the grace period for him will be a calendar year;
  • the card is valid for 5 years;
  • use of the card is absolutely free.

The "Halva" card is unnamed,it does not indicate the name and surname of the owner, due to this, registration takes place in a short time. The limit provided is different for each client.

Terms of use of the card

Before using the Halva card, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic conditions, including:

  • Pay for goods and services only in partner stores.
  • Unable to withdraw cash or make transfers abroad and to other Russian cities.
  • Individual limit amount for each specific client. Its amount does not exceed 350 thousand rubles and depends on the income and credit history of the client.
  • Timely execution of all card payments, otherwise the bank may apply pen alties (0.1% for each overdue day, including weekends and holidays).
halva jar card

Requirements for the owner

A client who meets the following criteria can issue a Halva card:

  1. Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  2. Age no less than 20 and no older than 75.
  3. Official work experience in the last position for at least 4 months.
  4. Registering in the locality where the bank branch is located, where the potential client applied for a card.
  5. Availability of a landline phone.

If the client meets these requirements, then card processing will begin on the day of the application.


To issue a Halva card, you should go through a few simple steps:

  1. Visit any of the branches of Sovcombank andpresent the necessary documents to the bank employee. Most often, a passport is enough, but the bank may require documents that confirm the client's income. You can also fill out a simplified form on the halvacard.ru website, wait for a call from a specialist and discuss with him the possibility of issuing a card.
  2. Wait for a decision. Notification about it will be sent by SMS to the phone specified by the client or by phone call within one day after the application is submitted.
  3. Get the card in person at the branch where the documents were submitted.

The card does not need activation, you can pay for goods and services immediately after receiving the card.

Make a halva card


The client can replenish the Halva card of Sovcombank. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • through Sovcombank ATM;
  • at a bank branch;
  • transfer from card to card;
  • using the service "Internet banking";
  • organizations by card or account details through third-party organizations.

Card Cancellation

If the client wishes to refuse the Halva installment card, then his actions should be as follows:

  1. Write an application to close the card and apply with it to the office.
  2. Give the card to a bank employee who will destroy it in the presence of the owner.
  3. The account will be closed in 45 days, the client will be notified by SMS or call.

Personal account

All card transactions can besee in your account. You can enter it through a mobile application, from the official website of Sovcombank or after authorization under your account.

Partner stores of the Halva card

On the site you can find information about partner stores of the Halva card.

To view the stores, the customer must select the city in which he plans to make purchases using the Halva card.

We will present the list of stores in the form of a table, in which we will reflect only the largest and most popular retail chains.

Partner stores of the "Halva" card



Installment period


"M. Video"

4 months


3 months


3 months


3 months


1-6 mos.


1, 2, 3, 6 months



2, 3 months


3 months


2, 3 months

1000 bags

5 months



1, 2 months


3, 4 months

"Ole Lukoye"

2 months


3 months



1 month


1 month


1 month



4 months

"Moscow Jewelry Factory"

3 months

"585 Gold"

3, 5 months


3 months

Furniture and Interior


4, 6 months

"Sofa Color"

4, 6 months


10 months


6 months

Pay off debt

If it’s easy to figure out how to use the Halva card, then it’s worth talking about how to pay off the debt separately.

When making purchases in partner stores, you must payattention to the installment period provided by a particular network.

Calculation of terms is also quite simple:

  • The minimum mandatory payment is calculated on the day the card is issued. It must be entered on the card every month on the same date. For example, if the card is received on September 14, then the payment must be made on the 14th of each month.
  • To pay off the installment plan, money is deposited within 14 days from the date the minimum payment is calculated, for our example, the deadline will be September 28.
how to use halva card

Calculate payment amount

To calculate the amount of the required minimum payment, you need to sum up purchases with unpaid installments divided by the number of installment months (do not forget that it is individual for each specific purchase).

Let's look at an example. The cardholder made three purchases in a month: the first for 2,000 rubles with an installment plan for 1 month, the second - for 3,000 rubles with an installment plan for 3 months, and the third - for 6,000 rubles with an installment plan for 2 months. Calculate the required payment for the next month: 2000/1 + 3000/3 + 6000/2=6000.

If the cardholder fails to make this payment, then starting from the sixth day of the delay in payment, 0.1% of the debt will be added daily to the amount of the debt.

Cash withdrawal

The main purpose of the Halva card is cashless payment for goods and services.

It is not possible to withdraw cash from the credit limit account.

However, you can cash out your own funds from the Halva card. Banks and ATMs"Sovcombank" will help you with this. It is also impossible to do this at ATMs and cash points of other banks.

halva installment card

Card "Halva": reviews

Like any product, the Halva installment card has both positive and negative reviews.

The advantages of the card, its users include the following points:

  • Getting an installment plan for goods without a long wait.
  • Interest-free installments up to 12 months.
  • No down payment.
  • Large (up to 350 thousand) and revolving credit limit.
  • A large number of partner stores.
  • Free receipt of the card and its annual service.
  • Free SMS notification about card transactions.
  • Availability of the "Internet Bank" service, where you can view the history of transactions.

However, not all users speak positively about the Halva card. Negative reviews are most often based on its shortcomings:

  • Stringent requirements for a potential cardholder.
  • The Halva card is considered by banks as a credit burden, so it can become an obstacle when applying for a new loan.
  • If the cardholder does not use it within six months, the card will be canceled automatically.
  • The holder's e-mail is "cluttered" with letters with promotions from Sovcombank partners.
  • The terms of the agreement oblige the bank to be notified of a change in the holder's passport data within 5 days, ifviolating the deadline, a fine equal to 3 thousand rubles is imposed on the holder.
  • Partner stores decide for themselves which range of goods and for how long the installment plan is provided.


Despite the presence of a sufficient amount of information about the map on the Web, users often ask questions about Halva that interest them. Consider the most popular.

How to use the Halva card?

Using a card implies only a cashless payment when buying goods in installments. This is the only type of operations that can be performed with borrowed funds.

Map halva list of stores

Who starred in the advertising of the Halva card?

The card is advertised by Ekaterina Skulkina, a former KVN girl, now known to viewers from the Comedy Woman project.

Can I pay with a utility card?

Utilities can only be paid using own funds.

Does the card have Cash Back?

Sovcombank's Halva card has a reward under the Cash Back program, it is 1.5%. However, accrual is made only when paying for goods or services with a card at the expense of own funds.

What is the benefit of the bank?

The Bank receives a commission from partner stores where purchases are made with the card. Thus, the benefit is obvious to everyone: the store increases the turnover, the bank receives a commission from each purchase, and the bank's customers have the opportunity to use interest-free installments.

How much can I spend?

You can make purchases with the card until the credit limit is exhausted.

How to withdraw my own funds from the card?

paying interest to your own account at Sovcombank also through a bank employee.

Halva installment card

Can I top up the card with an amount greater than the minimum required payment?

You can, however, keep in mind that the "extra" funds will also be spent on paying part of the next payment or repaying it.

To issue or not to issue a card is everyone's business. If used correctly, it can provide a good opportunity to make large installment purchases without overpayments. However, non-compliance with the terms of the contract can lead to unplanned expenses, because you need to use the Halva card strictly following the requirements of the bank.

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