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Office administrator job description: duties, functions and rights

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Office administrator job description: duties, functions and rights
Office administrator job description: duties, functions and rights

In most public places, the first person you meet as soon as you cross the threshold is the receptionist. These specialists are hired by hotels, beauty salons, restaurants and, of course, office institutions. They have many responsibilities, from communicating with guests and partners to processing documentation.

Office Administrator Job Responsibilities


It is worth saying that the administrator is a very versatile profession, which can include versatile duties. The advantage for beginners is that it does not require any in-depth knowledge in a particular area.

Potential employers pay more attention to personal qualities. A potential candidate for the position of an office administrator should be moderately sociable, be able to establish contacts with different people, and correctly express their own thoughts. It will also be an advantage to have an interest in the chosen field.activities and the ability to deal with stress. The latter quality will certainly come in handy for the future administrator. He will have to communicate with a huge number of visitors, among whom conflicts will certainly come across. However, even in such situations, the administrator must be able to remain polite.

It should be noted that depending on the company's recruitment policy, there may be requirements for higher education, ability to work with office equipment, etc.

The work schedule for this position is usually determined by the opening hours of the establishment, since it is the administrator who opens it in the morning and closes it in the evening. However, when working around the clock for employees, a shift schedule is drawn up. As a rule, offices do not work in this mode.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the administrator and office manager are different professions. The office manager actually supervises other employees. The administrator, unlike him, does not perform this function. He only performs his own functions, interacting with other employees of the office if necessary.

office administrator instructions

Main responsibilities

The office administrator, being at the workplace, must perform a considerable number of tasks that the management assigns to him. Let's briefly list them.

  • Reception and subsequent distribution of telephone calls. During negotiations, the administrator must record the information and transfer it to employees. If necessary, the call shouldredirect to another department.
  • The duties of an office administrator include a clause requiring an employee to provide initial advice to potential clients.
  • The need to process incoming as well as outgoing documentation.
  • Posting job ads on specialized portals and recruitment agencies. Also, the duties of the office administrator involve conducting initial interviews with potential candidates.
  • Purchasing stationery and consumables necessary to ensure the smooth operation of office equipment.

In addition to the duties listed above, the office administrator actually constantly interacts with people. These are both potential customers and current employees of the company. It is this specialist who is responsible for scheduling employees.

office administrator position


The number of rights, unlike duties, is much less. So, what does the office administrator instruction do?

  • Act on behalf of the company, representing its interests in interaction with other enterprises.
  • To interact with other employees within the assigned authority.
  • Make proposals for consideration to improve the organization's performance.
labor protection instruction for office administrator

Office administrator functions

Being at the workplace, this specialist shouldperform a considerable number of tasks assigned to him:

  • Preparing the office.
  • Maintain order.
  • Serving visitors.
  • Telephone service.

In fact, the number of functions may be more. It depends on the list of job responsibilities of the office administrator in a particular institution.

office administrator functions

Preparing the office

Fulfillment of assigned functions, as a rule, begins with preparation for a new working day. Arriving at his workplace, the administrator checks the work of office equipment, the availability of consumables and stationery. Next, the specialist must familiarize himself with the list of visitors and create conditions for their meeting.

office administrator job description sample

Maintaining order

The administrator should not be directly involved in cleaning and other activities to maintain order in the office. However, among his duties is the need to coordinate the work of the maintenance personnel. He must schedule the cleaning, as well as indicate its duration.

office administrator position

Customer Service

The duties of the administrator also consist in negotiating with visitors about the time of the visit, coordinating them with the head. The schedule of visits should be drawn up in such a way that there are no overlaps and no one has to waste time waiting. In addition, the administrator must meet visitors. It is he who creates the firstimpression.

Telephone service

This function is assigned to the administrator to free the manager from negotiations and not distract him from the workflow. An employee can solve some issues on his own or make an appointment for a visitor in accordance with the manager’s schedule. When performing these functions, the employee must certainly maintain confidentiality, not disclosing to outsiders the information available to him.


The office administrator job description may include different items depending on the requirements of a particular organization. However, as a rule, standard conditions will be prescribed in it, which are taken as a model.

  • General provisions.
  • Qualification requirements. As a rule, a secondary specialized education is sufficient for a potential administrator. Experience will definitely be an asset.
  • Responsibilities. No job description is complete without this item.
  • Rights. The administrator, for example, has the right to make proposals for improving the activities of the enterprise.
  • Additional provisions that may include items not included in other sections.

It is customary to provide a job description to a new employee for review, the fact of which he must confirm with his own signature.


Instruction on labor protection for the administrator of the office makes some requirements for working conditions. For example, the workplace should be located in such a way that the employee is comfortablecarry out their own duties. As a rule, it is located next to the manager's office and allows you to monitor other employees.

You need to understand that when performing duties, the administrator, as well as other employees, often have to use office equipment. That is why it must be placed in such a way that it is available for short-term use.

One of the important tasks that is not clearly spelled out in the job description of the administrator is to act as a link between the immediate supervisor and subordinates. Therefore, the employee should try to create a favorable environment and establish contacts with other specialists. It is important not only to correctly convey the instructions of the leader, but also to be able to control the accuracy of their implementation.

For this reason, the ability to connect with others becomes an important factor in achieving success in this position. This applies to both leaders and subordinates. As for personal qualities, organization and stress resistance are considered quite important, which allow you to manage other employees and remain calm even when dealing with conflict visitors.

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