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Motor-helmsman: job descriptions and responsibilities
Motor-helmsman: job descriptions and responsibilities

The need for a helmsman appeared at the time of the creation of the first ship. A little later, the internal combustion engine was invented and introduced into the design of the ship, so the helmsman began to perform the duties of a minder. And in order for the position to reflect all the main functions, the profession became known as a minder-helmsman.

Immediate responsibilities

Young man at the helm

At work, the minder-helmsman must adhere to a number of tasks:

  1. Primarily, a specialist must master the technique of managing a vessel in all weather conditions, instantly follow the orders of a higher management.
  2. Must know the design of absolutely all ship engines, related mechanisms, operation features and maintenance rules.
  3. In accordance with the job description, the minder-helmsman must take part in the repair of ships and monitor their serviceability.
  4. Must have information on the location of the pipeline on the ship, what the valves and valves are intended for, how the anchor worksship mooring mechanism and methods.
  5. Should be able to operate a boat, learn in practice how to rescue drowning people and provide first aid to victims.
  6. Must master the job descriptions of a ship's sailor, the ability to knit sea knots and perform painting work.
  7. Be able to read and understand the readings of all instruments on board.

Typical job description for a minder-helmsman

Vessel structural element

Citizens who have reached the age of 18 and have passed a medical examination for compliance with the position, as well as those who have undergone theoretical and practical training in specialized educational institutions, are accepted for work.

Having a certificate for the right to work as a minder-helmsman are accepted and dismissed by the immediate supervisor in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the Charter of the organization, all rights, obligations and benefits apply to the employee in full.

Qualities of a potential applicant

Workplace of the ship's assistant

Motor driver-helmsman must have high discipline in order to accurately and in a short time to carry out the orders of higher management. It is very important to have spatial thinking, which is necessary for orientation in space on the water. In addition, he must remember the places he has already been.

Be able to monitor the surrounding area in order to timely identify threats that impede the free passageship. Vision should not be reduced in bad weather conditions - rain, fog, darkness. With the help of an excellent eye, the helmsman will instantly and correctly determine the exact distance from the vessel to the emerging terrain.

sunset at sea

Excellent hearing will be useful to the minder to identify the correct operation of the ship's engine by characteristic sounds, and will help to eliminate its malfunction in time.

Must have a good vestibular apparatus, be able to swim both on and under water, and not be prone to seasickness. And performing the necessary work on the ship will require the initial skills of a locksmith and a certain physical strength.

Long shifts are only for patient and hardy people, and a permanent team should evoke only friendly emotions, absence of conflicts and mutual assistance to others.

Rights and obligations of the profession

Cabin of the helmsman

The job description of a helmsman-mechanic is governed by the Charter of the company in which the employee serves. It also spelled out his rights and basic duties. But it is worth remembering that the leader can set a task that is not prescribed there, but this does not give the right not to follow the order of the authorities.

Required education

To match the vacancy of a helmsman-mechanic on a ship, you must master a specialized education in a secondary specialized institution in any of the following areas:

  • sailor;
  • mechanic-engineer;
  • shipbuilding and water transport technology;
  • ship mechanic;
  • navigator or ship mechanic's assistant.

All these areas allow you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to work with ship engines and manage water transport.

shipping ship

Skill Levels

There are two levels of a specialist in the speci alty - these are 5 and 6. However, the duties of a helmsman-mechanic do not affect the level of tasks performed. The difference lies only in the power of the ship's engine, which the helmsman is authorized to control.

So, for example, a worker of the fifth category can operate a vessel with an engine power of up to 850 kW, the sixth does not have such a restriction.

Possible career growth

Educated specialists will be able to work in any fleet and on any ship. Over time, having gained the necessary experience and passing the necessary training, it is quite possible to safely become the captain of a ship.

How much does a specialist earn


The level of salary of a helmsman-mechanic depends on the region of residence of the employee and the power of the engine of the vessel he controls. In the far corners of the country, the salary of such a specialist is 6.5–15 thousand rubles.

Those living in the central region will be able to earn 25-30 thousand rubles a month.

As you can see, not a lot. But do not forget that during the shift period the company fully provides employees with uniforms and necessary food. In addition, there are all social guarantees, paid leave and performance bonuses.work.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Checking the engine for serviceability

The advantages of the position of a helmsman include:

  • the profession is quite in demand and relevant at the labor exchange;
  • career opportunity to ship captain;
  • complete social package from the organization.

Disadvantages include:

  • low wages;
  • mandatory presence of an appropriate certificate of education;
  • work schedule - shift.
Cargo ship

There is a contingent of people who like to surf the sea, they want to know the real courageous sea friendship, to see distant lands, to visit any corner of the world. It all seems so romantic that not only men, but also girls go to serve in the fleet. However, for a true specialist in this position, this is primarily hard work. In all weather conditions and circumstances, ships are designed to carry cargo and passengers. Also, with the help of legal proceedings, fish are caught and the spaces of the World Ocean are explored.

On small tugboats, the level of responsibility of the helmsman-mechanic increases significantly, because the ship is steered without valuable instructions from the captain, and the specialist at the helm places all responsibility on himself. Therefore, here you need to be especially careful, be able to identify a malfunction in the engine by the nature of the sound, clearly navigate the instruments and quickly make important decisions in danger.

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