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Ostrich farm. Business plan: calculation procedure, cost determination, reviews

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Ostrich farm. Business plan: calculation procedure, cost determination, reviews
Ostrich farm. Business plan: calculation procedure, cost determination, reviews

An ostrich farm is a rather exotic business, but with the right organization it is profitable. Even a novice entrepreneur can open it, because it does not require too many material costs. You need to determine the direction in which you will develop your business. Below is a finished business plan for an ostrich farm.


This direction has a number of advantages, thanks to which this area is suitable for budding entrepreneurs.

  1. High profitability - with the right organization, the business will bring a lot of income.
  2. High demand for products. Ostrich meat is considered dietary and costs an order of magnitude higher than chicken. In addition, it contains many useful substances, which makes it an attractive product. You can also supply ostrich eggs and feathers to points of sale. Restaurants, cafes, shops - all these are your potential buyers.
  3. Ostriches are undemanding birds. They are quite resistant to temperature changes, so they are easy to maintain.

Ostrich farm as a business is a profitable direction that a novice businessman with a small start-up capital can choose. And its correct maintenance will allow you to quickly recoup all investments.

many ostriches


Ostrich farm as a business has a high profitability due to the products that you can offer to your customers. These are very valuable birds, and therefore their breeding is becoming more and more popular.

  1. Feathers - used for decorative purposes due to antistatic properties. From one bird, you can collect about half a kilogram of feathers. The cost of 1 kg is approximately 10,000 rubles.
  2. Meat is popular with consumers not only because it is a dietary product, but also because it is well absorbed by the human body. The product contains useful substances, and its cost is from 600 to 800 rubles per 1 kg.
  3. Egg is a very valuable exotic product. One ostrich egg can feed a company of 8 people, because it is very satisfying. And its cost is 800–1,500 rubles per unit. They can also be used for decorative purposes as a souvenir.
  4. Fat - used in cosmetology, so it will not be difficult for you to find a buyer.
  5. Ostrich leather is highly valued and is used to make cowboy boots. The cost of 1.5 sq. m. - from 7,000 rubles.

Also, you can get additional income from excursions. It is interesting for people to look at exotic birds, how they are looked after. This is a great extraearnings.

Choose a room

An important point in the business plan of an ostrich farm is the selection of suitable premises. It is best to purchase old farms or stables, because building a new farm is quite an expensive project. You can also rent land for business organization. The rental price depends on the area and condition of the farm.

Since ostriches are large individuals, there should be plenty of room in the room. It also needs to maintain the optimum temperature for keeping birds - this is 15 degrees. You must build an aviary so that the ostriches can move easily. You also need to insulate the room so that the birds are as comfortable as possible.

ostriches walk

Required documents

To open an ostrich farm business, you need to complete a number of mandatory steps.

  1. Register an individual entrepreneur and choose the appropriate taxation system.
  2. You must have a land lease or purchase agreement.
  3. You must also have an agreement with the veterinary service - this will allow you to receive the necessary certificates for doing business. Thanks to this, you will be able to sell your products not only to individuals, but also to large corporations.
  4. Your employees should have he alth books.

In addition, the premises must be equipped in accordance with all sanitary and safety standards.


The business plan for an ostrich farm should also include the cost of feeding the birds. They are unpretentious, so you will not need tobuy delicacies. But still, nutrition should be balanced.

  1. Hay, straw.
  2. Vegetables and fruits.
  3. Minerals.
  4. Cereals.
  5. Herbs.

Also be sure to install drinkers in which you should constantly change the water so that it is clean. Proper and balanced nutrition will allow your birds to grow up large and he althy.

beautiful ostrich


The business plan for an ostrich farm should also consider personnel costs. Of course, in order to save money, an entrepreneur can also work at his own enterprise. You will need to hire workers to care for the poultry, keep the farm clean and work in the butcher shop.

Hire an accountant who can handle all financial matters. These functions can also be performed by an entrepreneur, if he has the appropriate skills and abilities.

Which birds to buy

It is best to buy ostriches from Russian breeders, because local birds are more resistant to the Russian climate. It is best to purchase chicks that are a few days old, but only if they do not need long transportation. If the farm is far enough away, then you should wait until the birds are a few months old. Then the birds will better endure the road and adapt faster.

ostrich farm

Features of breeding

When drawing up a business plan for an ostrich farm, you need to decide on the direction of your activity. There are several of them:

  • breeding - breeding young individuals for their sale;
  • raising young animals - the emphasis is on the sale of meat and other products;
  • combination of these directions.

Each option has its own characteristics when organizing a business. If you are going to breed birds for the purpose of obtaining meat, then you should sell feathers, fat, eggs. All this has a high cost, selling such products will make your business very profitable.

If you plan to breed juveniles, then you need to ensure the cyclical change of livestock. Also, you should take into account that these birds are unstable, that is, in one year the female can lay a lot of eggs, in another - less. Ostriches are able to breed most of their lives, and they have a rather long one. The experience of farm breeders shows that with proper care and optimal conditions, life expectancy is the same as that of those living in natural conditions, which makes this business sustainable.

ostrich egg

Marketing campaign

Ostrich farm business plan (bi plan) should include a marketing campaign. Thanks to effective advertising, a businessman will be able to sell his products faster and expand his customer base. An ostrich farm in Russia is a rather exotic business, so it is necessary to make an effective and correct advertising campaign.

  1. Make a newsletter of your commercial offer to restaurants and cafes, especially to establishments that specialize in exotic or dietarykitchen.
  2. Place advertisements in the media (radio, newspaper ads, tickers, food magazines).
  3. Be sure to create a website. On it, write your coordinates, information about your farm, photos and customer reviews.

Also organize groups on social networks, communicate on thematic forums - this way you can not only expand your customer base, but also read useful information about poultry farming. An interesting marketing ploy is the creation of a YouToube channel. People will be able to see how the birds are kept, how the farm is equipped, and this will attract a good flow of customers to you. You can also advertise excursions, which will be a good source of additional income.

Business Tips

Bird breeding is quite a risky business, so you need to analyze the market and possible risks in order to minimize them. To do this, you can use the advice of experienced breeders:

  • constantly keep the room clean;
  • organize quarantine departments;
  • disinfect the farm regularly;
  • purchase an incubator for breeding birds at home;
  • work in the incubator only with special gloves;
  • Send ostrich droppings for laboratory testing periodically.

If you follow the above recommendations, you will be able to create the most comfortable conditions for breeding ostriches. And this will increase the profitability of your enterprise.

ostrich eggs


The business plan for an ostrich farm with calculations should include a financial component. To determine the profitability of the enterprise, you need to paint all the expenses and income. So, your main costs for starting a business are:

  • land rent - the cost depends on its size and location;
  • repair and improvement of the premises;
  • acquisition of an incubator - its cost is high, but it is a bargain - from 75,000 to 120,000 rubles;
  • buying young animals - 15 females and 2 males will cost you about 170,000 rubles;
  • paperwork;
  • feed costs;
  • payroll costs.

To calculate the profitability of your business, you need to take into account not only the income from the sale, but also the expenses:

  • payment of utilities;
  • buying feed;
  • employee salaries;
  • other small expenses.

To save money, you can buy food at wholesale depots. The average cost of keeping one ostrich is about 4,000 rubles, for the entire livestock - 68,000 rubles. An average female ostrich can lay 60 eggs, then their total number will be 900 units. You can keep half to replenish the livestock, and put the rest up for sale.

On average, one ostrich egg costs 1,500 rubles, which means that from the sale of 450 pieces you will receive 675,000 rubles. Already only the sale of these products will help you recoup the costs. Therefore, the ostrich farm quickly reaches profitability indicators. Then, when your livestock isincreased, it should be divided into two parts. One is needed for growing young animals, and the other is for obtaining meat products.

With a properly organized business, you can quickly reach high profit margins. Therefore, the ostrich farm business idea seems very attractive to beginner businessmen.

ostrich hatching eggs


Businessmen say that the ostrich farm is one of the few areas in which you can quickly reach a high income at a relatively low cost. But at the same time, many note that due to the instability of egg laying, it is difficult to calculate the exact profit. Therefore, they combine several directions at once: breeding young animals and selling not only eggs, but also meat, fat and feathers.

Also, there is relatively low competition in the Russian market, which makes it easier for novice businessmen to reach a good level of income. It is advised to start with a small number of birds to minimize risks, and then the enterprise can be easily expanded.

Ostrich farm as a business - profitable or not? This is a very profitable direction that does not require large investments. And the organization of excursions will allow not only to expand your customer base, but also to make it a landmark of your region. In addition, excursions will motivate you to constantly maintain order and develop your business.

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