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Architectural design of recreation centers: projects with photos
Architectural design of recreation centers: projects with photos

Recreation center (or tourist base) - one or more buildings, also a complex of buildings that act as places for public catering, cultural and educational leisure, entertainment, recreation, as well as receiving excursion services. Most often, bases are built for tourists who prefer outdoor activities, such as cycling, skiing, hiking, mountain, water and, in some cases, horseback riding. There are also bases built for ordinary tourists as a place to stay and spend holidays. Therefore, a recreation center business project is a recreation center construction project, which includes the development of an institution and making a profit by attracting customers.

Stages of design, approval and start of construction

Recreation center construction project

Steps include:

  • first inspection of the site;
  • marking the land (geodesy);
  • drawing up a project and building plan;
  • creating thumbnails;
  • approval of sketch drawings;
  • drawing up a communications plan (roads, pipes, power lines, and so on);
  • create sketch drawings of buildings andpremises located on the territory of the base;
  • beginning of designing objects and communications.

Samples of photo projects of the recreation center are presented in the article.

Fields of activity

Bases can be divided by area and purpose into fishing, hunting, tourist and sports. Currently, hunting and fishing camp sites are very popular in Russia. They can be located anywhere, for example, in the mountains or near a river. Complexes near the lake are also very popular. Bases are also divided according to their mobility types:

  • stationary;
  • stationary-mobile;
  • mobile.

Stationary - bases on which all structures were built capitally, without the possibility of movement. They can only be demolished or reconstructed.

Stationary-mobile - bases that have structures with the ability to move over long distances. For example, floating barges or mobile camps.

Mobile - fully mobile bases that can move freely over short, medium and long distances. Most often these are tent camps.

Tourist Base Business Project Task

The main objective of the business project is to develop documentation that allows you to design and build the complex in the shortest possible time, with the shortest payback period for previously invested funds or investments. It is highly desirable to create a project with the active participation of specialized specialists: marketers, technologists, foremen, estimators, etc. To create a great demand among customers foroffered services the concept of the recreation center should be significantly different from the proposals of competitors. A competent approach to the formation of a list of services, pricing, interior and landscape - all this will increase popularity among guests already at the opening stage.

What buildings should be at the camp site?

When developing a building plan, it is worth considering the possibility of erecting, organizing and operating various buildings, structures and objects:

  • cafe, canteen, kitchen to treat guests;
  • if you have access to a body of water, you can design a fishermen's pier or beach area;
  • landscape concept development;
  • premises for living and recreation;
  • places of cultural leisure and recreation;
  • communications (electricity, water, internet, etc.).
Business project recreation center

Organization of catering places (canteen, restaurant, bar, and so on). One of the essential components of a successful recreation center, especially designed for lovers of active pastime. Hot drinks, salads, hot meals - all this can significantly increase the organization's revenue. It may also be interesting to rent out the premises. Income in this case will be significantly lower than from owning a catering point.

Mini recreation center project

When the recreation center is located near the river, it is desirable to provide for the construction of a pier in the project. This will create a comfortable environment for visitors such as fishermen. Agree incomfortable conditions, fishermen can sit with a fishing rod longer, come and stay for morning or night fishing. At the same time, athletes who are fond of rowing or swimming will be able to appreciate the convenience of the pier and come more often to train on the pond. The pier consists of a stone or reinforced concrete wall, places for attaching ropes (for mooring ships) and a floor that rises above the water. For lovers of a beautiful tan and swimmers, you can equip the beach. Its organization is connected with the coordination of the project, the inventory used, the conduct of water samples and the organization of an observation point for rescuers. In addition, the arrangement of a recreation area is also implied. You will need to fill the coast with sand, pebbles or gravel, keep it clean.

Landscape design - artificial creation of hills, lowlands and artificial reservoirs. The design project of the recreation center is very important, as it will bring you a greater influx of visitors.

Premises for living and recreation. Most often, recreation centers offer separate houses or hotel rooms to accommodate guests. Each option has its own advantages: in a hotel, prices for guests are usually lower than for staying in a house. But the construction of both types will attract customers with any preferences.

recreation center design projects

Sketches, photos and projects of houses for the recreation center will allow you to decide on the design concept and can be used in the future to attract customers. Residents will live in these buildings. Therefore, the better the living conditions, themore customers will choose to stay with you. The houses must be equipped with a fire safety system. It is important to maintain a safe distance from neighboring buildings. If the building is made of flammable substances (wood), a concrete clearing should be made between the houses. The recommended distance between reinforced concrete houses and buildings is 6 meters, between stone houses - 10 meters, between wooden houses - 15 meters.

Houses can be divided into several classes and take into account the preferences of customers with different income levels. For example, a low-cost home might have two rooms to accommodate different families or small businesses. For this option, the presence of one or two bathrooms will be sufficient. A higher-class house will not have neighbors; more expensive furniture can be installed here. The total area of ​​the building may also differ several times upwards.

Places of rest and leisure. Learn the interests of your potential customers and try to meet those needs. Perhaps your future guests will be interested in a tennis court, a basketball court, equipped billiard rooms, saunas, a swimming pool, a bar and a dance floor. Do not forget about children's entertainment: small game forms and simulators.

Communication design is a must for a modern tourist base. It is necessary to lay electricity and water to each structure. Cable Internet can only be connected to houses where customers want a little privacy. For vacationers in the hotel, access to the World Wide Web can be providedover Wi-Fi connection.

You can choose the project of a mini-recreation center

If there are funds and opportunities for impressive investments, you can think about building a suburban complex that occupies a large area. With more modest opportunities, you can start with less global ideas. It is also planned to build houses, technical buildings, fire safety organization, but on a smaller scale. Ready-made projects of the recreation center will help in organizing a business. We will introduce you to one of them as an example.

How to start creating a recreation center?

Studying the surroundings and choosing the best place. It can also be a point next to a river. It is desirable to have forest areas. The distance to settlements should not be impressive

  1. One person will need an average of 10 square meters. It is best to build a two-story building. On the ground floor there will be a recreation room, a kitchen, a small dining room or a cafe. On the second floor there will be bedrooms and rooms. Don't forget the staff quarters.
  2. Be sure to provide a well-covered car park on the territory of the base.
  3. If the hostel is focused on athletes, you need to purchase sports equipment. Installation of gazebos and barbecue areas will allow customers to enjoy evening communication in the company. The administration of the base will also benefit from this - such measures increase the degree of fire safety and allow with less effort to control the situation in the entrusted territory.
  4. If the base is located in the habitats of wildanimals, you can organize a hunt. If the base is located near a reservoir in which fish is found, fishing can be organized.

Which attachments to focus on?

For an approximate preliminary calculation, you can use the following numbers. It is worth remembering that prices and conditions are different for regions. Therefore, in the process of developing an individual business project, it is necessary to analyze prices and rely on the conditions and initial data for your area.

Let's consider an example with the lease of land, which is located in the suburbs. The site that you choose for construction must be agreed with the administration and the relevant contract and permission must be drawn up. An impressive package of documents will consist of a topographic plan, a building permit, documents on cadastral registration, and a conclusion on the possibility of connecting to communications. The package of documents may be different depending on the region. Do not forget about registering a legal entity or individual entrepreneurship.

The approximate amount of registration costs will be 110,000 rubles.

Cost of construction work

Ready-made projects of the recreation center

For the construction of a recreation center that can accommodate 50 people, approximately 10-15 hectares of land will be required. This requires the purchase or long-term lease of the territory. The average cost can be 500,000 rubles a year.

The best solution would be to build a two-story house. The cost of construction can be determined at the rate of 5,000 rubles per square meter. Forone person needs an average of 10 square meters. For 50 people, 500 square meters will be required. It is also necessary to provide premises for personnel and storage of equipment, inventory, etc. The minimum number of staff will be 15 people. They will need a separate technical room of 150 square meters. A total of 650 square meters will be required. Taking into account the costs of registration and communications, the price will rise to 8,000 rubles per square meter.

For the construction of a building, finishing, laying and connecting to communications, you can safely lay expenses in the amount of 8 million rubles. It is worth remembering about the improvement of the territory, namely the organization of parking. The cost of work and materials will be about 1 million rubles.

Total: rent, investment in construction and improvement - 8,500,000 rubles.

Equipment and furniture

  1. Basic furniture (beds, chairs, bedside tables, wardrobes) – 700,000 rubles.
  2. Kitchen equipment, including a bar - 300,000 rubles.
  3. Various household appliances (electric ovens, TVs, refrigerators) – 600,000 rubles.
  4. Sports equipment - 200,000 rubles.
  5. Equipment for organizing hunting or fishing - 200,000 rubles.
  6. Other expenses - 100,000 rubles.

Total: 2,100,000 rubles.

Employee salaries

To maintain the recreation center, the business plan must provide for a staff of 15 people:

  1. Manager - 40,200 rubles.
  2. Administrator - 35,100 rubles.
  3. 2-3 chefs – 30,900 rubles.
  4. Assistant cook - 20,100 rubles.
  5. 2 bartenders – 25,500 rubles.
  6. 2 waiters – 20,500 rubles.
  7. 2-4 maids – 20,500 rubles.
  8. Handy worker with a salary of 25,500 thousand rubles.

Thus, approximately 390,000 rubles are needed for the wage fund.

Investing in advertising services: how to promote?

Recreation project by the river

Like any other business, opening a holiday home will also require an advertising campaign that tells potential customers about your establishment's unique offering.

For the initial stage, you should pay maximum attention to the creation and promotion of the site, setting up advertising on social networks, distributing and posting flyers in public places.

Total: 200,000 rubles.

Houses for the recreation center projects photo

Project payback

In general, about 12,000,000 rubles will need to be spent to open a recreation center.

The cost of a day's stay, taking into account three meals a day, will be about 900-2,000 rubles. On average, taking into account 80-95% of the occupancy of the recreation center, the revenue will be 1,800,000 rubles per month. At the same time, the average monthly profit is 460,000 rubles. Thus, the approximate time of payback and return on investment is 27 months.

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