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Who is a porter: qualification requirements, duties

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Who is a porter: qualification requirements, duties
Who is a porter: qualification requirements, duties

When checking into a hotel or a hotel, people think little about the function of each employee who is part of the staff. For vacationers or business travelers, it is important that the room is clean, food can be delivered as soon as possible, assistance with luggage is organized in a timely manner. And often the guests know about the duties, for example, of a maid, but who the porter is is a mystery to them.

Who can become a receptionist

A receptionist is, in other words, an administrator in a hotel. The responsibilities of this employee directly depend on the size of the hotel complex and its capacity of guests. The porter in the hotel (small) has a large range of duties. This is due to the fact that in large hotels, special services are involved for most actions in relation to guests.


Since the job of a receptionist involves meeting guests at the entrance or at the front desk, a person of presentable good appearance is hired. Higher education is not required, but secondary (complete) general education, individual training (or secondary vocational education inhotel business) and knowledge of two foreign languages.

Job Responsibilities

Who is the porter, upon arrival at the hotel is easy to understand. Guests see him often, and most of the operations and actions related to room decoration are carried out by this employee.

Receptionist must be multitasking

Receptionist duties include:

  1. Monitoring the timely payment of debts by settled citizens (for accommodation and additional services).
  2. All operations related to the verification of documents of guests who are checking in (permission to check in upon presentation of a passport, execution of all necessary documents, compliance with the passport regime).
  3. Control of the movement of the number of rooms, preparation of rooms for check-in in a timely manner, compliance with the rules that are established in the hotel by the residents.
  4. Supervise the change of duty personnel and keep records in a special journal.
  5. Resolve conflicts between internal staff so they don't affect hotel service.
  6. Documentation and submission of reports to the accounting department.
  7. Interaction with residents: issuing / receiving room keys, as well as keeping them out of use, informing guests about the availability of additional paid and free services and their provision.


Who is the receptionist, we figured it out. And if earlier it seemed that there was nothing complicated in the work of this employee, now, knowing the scope of his duties (often even wider than indicated above), it is no longerthink about it.

There are a lot of nuances about which the receptionist should not forget. For example, if a client pays for accommodation with a bank card, then the name and surname on the card must match the name and surname in the passport. And there are many such examples.

The receptionist gives the keys

A person working in this position must successfully cope with multitasking, be able to receive both a Russian guest and a guest from China, be responsible and keep a cool mind in difficult situations.

Now, thinking about who a receptionist is, many will understand that this is not just a smiling person at the front desk who gives and receives room keys, but an employee with a lot of duties affecting the operation of the entire hotel.

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