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Tomato Sugar Nastasya: photo and description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato Sugar Nastasya: photo and description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato Sugar Nastasya: photo and description, characteristics, reviews

Tomato Sugar Nastasya is a relatively new variety of tomato, entered into the State Register only in 2015. However, despite the fact that gardeners have only recently learned about these tomatoes, they have already gained quite a lot of popularity. In any case, the Web has mostly only good reviews about Sakharnaya Nastasya. The photo and description of this variety will be presented to the reader further.

What are tomatoes

This new variety belongs to the group of stem determinants. However, Sugar Nastasya cannot be called too low. Bushes of this variety can grow up to 1.5 m per season. The first brush on Sakharnaya Nastasya is usually formed after 6-7 sheets from ground level. In total, on each bush of this variety, up to 7-8 fruitful brushes grow per season. In each such inflorescence, about 4-5 fruitful ovaries are formed.

Sugar Nastasya in the greenhouse

Tomatoes of this variety have simple inflorescences, and the leaves are medium in size. A distinctive feature of Sugar Nastasya tomatoes, like most other standard tomatoes, are powerful thick shoots. Very well developed in thesetomatoes and root system.

The yield of this variety, judging by the reviews of summer residents, is not bad. With good care and under the condition of growing in closed ground, up to 9-11 kg of fruit can be harvested from 1 m2 plantings of Sakharnaya Nastasya tomatoes. At the same time, these tomatoes ripen quite late - on the 100-115th day after planting. That is, they can be attributed to mid-season varieties.

Sugar Nastasya's tomato fruits: description

In terms of yield, tomatoes of this variety, of course, are somewhat inferior to modern hybrids. However, this is fully compensated by the high taste qualities of the fruits of Sugar Nastasya. Tomatoes on the bushes of this variety grow very sweet with a slight sourness. To taste, as many summer residents note, they rather resemble old tomatoes that were grown back in Soviet times.

ripening fruits

The pulp of tomatoes of this variety is very fleshy and juicy. Its taste qualities were highly appreciated, including by experts. When conducting variety tests Sakharnaya Nastasya, this item was rated “excellent”. And this does not happen with every modern variety.

Seeds inside the fruits of Sugar Nastasya do not develop too much. At the same time, the seed chambers in tomatoes of this variety are most often not particularly large. This variety belongs to the group of beef tomatoes. That is, the number of seed chambers in the fruits of such tomatoes usually does not exceed 4.

seed chambers

The color of these new tomatoes, which have already managed to fall in love with summer residents, are bright red. Whereintheir shape is a little unusual and resembles a heart. Near the stalk, the fruit may have a slight ribbing. Among the advantages of tomatoes of this variety, gardeners, among other things, include a dense skin. When ripe, tomatoes Sugar Nastasya do not crack. The mass of tomatoes of this variety reaches an average of 300 g.


The Sakharnaya Nastasya variety was bred by breeders primarily as a salad variety. Therefore, such tomatoes reveal their taste qualities most fully when eaten fresh. Of course, summer vegetable cuts prepared with these tomatoes are simply excellent.

In addition, the fruits of tomatoes Sugar Nastasya are often used by gardeners to make juice. Ketchups are also quite tasty from these tomatoes. Of course, the fresh fruits of Sugar Nastasya can also be used in the preparation, for example, of meat second or first courses. Many summer residents also note that fish with these tomatoes is very tasty.

Planting seedlings

The seeds of this variety are sown in boxes usually in early March. In this case, the planting material is pre-treated with potassium permanganate. Seedlings are planted in rows with a step of 2 cm and a distance between individual holes of 1.5 cm. The seeds are deepened by 1 cm.

Subsequently, seedlings are cared for according to the usual technology. That is, periodically it is watered and weeded. In the soil, the seeds of Sugar Nastasya are recommended to be planted in fertilized. Plants of this variety usually develop actively, and therefore they needquite a lot of nutrients.

Seedlings of Sugar Nastasya

Landing at a permanent location

The breeders who developed this variety recommend summer residents to grow it in a greenhouse. It is in this case that Sugar Nastasya will give the best yields. However, if desired, tomatoes of this variety can be placed on the site, of course, right on the beds - in the open. But in this case, seedlings should not be transferred too early to a permanent place. Return frosts can severely damage Sakharnaya Nastasya.

These tomatoes are planted because they grow tall and with a fairly dense crown, not too often. Experienced summer residents recommend placing them at a distance of about 50 cm from each other. It is advisable to add a little ash and manure to each hole when planting such tomatoes.

planting tomatoes


Nutrients Sugar Nastasya during development, as already mentioned, requires quite a lot. To get a good harvest of these tomatoes, they should be fed at least 3 times during the season. For the first time, tomatoes of this variety are usually fertilized at the beginning of flowering. The second time, tomatoes are fed when the first ovaries appear. For the third time, fertilizers are applied to the beds with Sugar Nastasya about 2 weeks before the first fruits ripen.

Growing Sugar Nastasya

You can use both mineral and organic fertilizers to feed tomatoes of this variety. In the first case, summer residents usually use, for example, such complexcompositions like "Kemira", "Fortress", "Agricola". From organics for Sugar Nastasya, gardeners most often choose mullein infusion, diluted in a ratio of 1:10. Also, beds with such tomatoes are recommended to be mulched with compost or well-rotted manure.


Tomato variety Sakharnaya Nastasya, judging by the reviews of summer residents, does not like too much moisture. When iterating with watering, the gardener runs the risk of getting watery fruits from such bushes. Experienced gardeners recommend watering Sugar Nastasya no more than 1-2 times a week. At the same time, gardeners advise abundantly pouring beds with tomatoes of this variety.


Like many other salad varieties, the fruits of Sugar Nastasya ripen gradually - in waves. Too much hurry with the collection of these tomatoes, according to many summer residents, is not necessary. When ripe, tomatoes of this variety do not crack. At the same time, these tomatoes are also distinguished by a high degree of keeping quality. Sugar Nastasya tomatoes can be stored indoors for up to 1 month. It is also worth noting that they are suitable for transportation.

Tomato Sugar Nastasya: reviews of summer residents

As already mentioned, the opinion of gardeners about tomatoes of this variety was very good. Gardeners consider the main advantage of Sugar Nastasya, of course, to be the excellent taste of the fruit. Also unpretentiousness is also attributed to the unconditional advantages of tomatoes of this variety. Sugar Nastasya tomatoes get sick, judging by the reviews available on the Web, extremely rarely. The immunity of this variety, as noted by some gardeners, is simplyimpenetrable.

Growing Sugar Nastasya

Instead of a conclusion

Thus, the tomato Sugar Nastasya deserves very good reviews for its good yield. The photo on the page and the description of the variety by gardeners on the Web confirm that these tomatoes certainly deserve attention. By planting this plant on his plot, the summer resident is very likely to get a good harvest of sweet fragrant tomatoes without much effort.

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