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"Ecodolie Sholokhovo": owner reviews, addresses and photos

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"Ecodolie Sholokhovo": owner reviews, addresses and photos
"Ecodolie Sholokhovo": owner reviews, addresses and photos

Every modern resident of the metropolis dreams of unity with nature, this is what explains the purchase of summer cottages, country houses located 100 and even 200 km from the city. Muscovites are the main proof of this. Tired of the endless bustle, frantic pace of life and a huge number of people, we run away to small villages and towns in order to at least feel as calm and secluded as possible there. At the same time, not just apartment buildings, but cottage settlements, which combine a lot of advantages, have recently become very popular. You get your own house with a garage and a plot, as well as all the necessary communications and infrastructure. The best option for many will be the Ecodolie Sholokhovo project. Reviews about it are very contradictory: some buyers were truly delighted with the location, comfort, while others, on the contrary, revealed a lot of shortcomings. Our task is, within the framework of this material, to make the most objective overview of the village and determine how suitable it is for life.modern Muscovites.

About the project

The best traditions of suburban construction formed the basis of the author's project "Ecodolie Sholokhovo". Owner reviews are the best confirmation of this. Low-rise buildings, represented by individual cottages, townhouses and apartments, are the best that the modern real estate market can offer today. An area of ​​103 hectares has been allocated for construction, on which it is planned to locate about 1,500 comfort-class residential facilities. The village with developed infrastructure, closed territory and all necessary communications is a modern alternative to city apartments. And all this is not far from the capital! The first reviews of the residents of "Ecodolie Sholokhovo" are enthusiastic, because no one could have imagined that just 15 km from the Moscow Ring Road you can spend your everyday life in such a comfortable and high-quality way, gather with friends and relatives.

Ecodolie Sholokhovo reviews


Reviews of the residential complex "Ecodolie Sholokhovo" confirm the location of the complex: Mytishchi district, the village of Sholokhovo.

Only 15 km in the direction of Dmitrovskoye Highway separate the Moscow Ring Road from the building site. The place is chic, the cottages are literally immersed in the greenery of trees, which contributes to a favorable ecological environment. Feedback from Ecodolie Sholokhovo residents also affects the main concept of the project, the developer's desire to create the most comfortable living space, while preserving the natural landscape. At the same time, it was possible to avoid cluttering up space, the feeling of an "anthill", on the contrary,giving residents a sense of privacy.

Transport accessibility

Customer reviews "Ecodolie Sholokhovo" highlight the issue of the availability of the project for various categories of residents. Many people believe that suburban projects are only suitable for those who have a car in the family, even several. And all because every day to overcome the way to work with many transfers is really tiring. Ecodolie Sholokhovo is a pleasant exception. It is being built up in the direction of Dmitrovskoye Highway - a highway with dense and heavy traffic. Today there is no railway here yet, but you can easily get to the complex by bus or fixed-route taxi - you just need to choose the most convenient one. From the nearest metro station, buses leave literally every 10-15 minutes. If your family has a private car, the road to the capital will become a pleasant pastime, because you can "fly" to the Moscow Ring Road in just 20-25 minutes.

residential complex ecodolye sholohovo reviews


The north of the capital has not been built up for an impressive period of time, and all because vast territories here were set aside for industrial enterprises and solid waste dumps. But recently the situation has changed radically: all the measurements made did not reveal any deviations from the norm. Reviews of the residential complex "Ecodolie Sholokhovo" confirm that it is easy to breathe here, there is no unpleasant smell, no discomfort. Accordingly, real estate here is an excellent investment in your future andthe future of their children.


The level of comfort for suburban complexes is measured by the degree of infrastructure development. Potential buyers of apartments and townhouses are concerned about the presence of social infrastructure facilities, primarily kindergartens, schools and clinics in the immediate vicinity. So, the project provides for the construction of its own kindergarten, but definitely not in the near future. Accordingly, parents planning to purchase real estate should foresee the possibility of registering a child in the nearest institutions that are within relative reach of the residential complex "Ecodolie Sholokhovo". Feedback from the first residents speaks of the possibility of registering children in kindergartens and schools located nearby. To do this, you must apply to the MFC of the city of Lobnya or Dolgoprudny with a written application. It is better to do this in advance in order to get a place in the selected kindergarten as soon as possible. And here, parents are still waiting for certain inconveniences associated with the route of movement, since direct transport has not yet been organized in this direction.

Ecodolie Sholokhovo owner reviews

The same situation with polyclinics, hospitals, service organizations. All of them in a huge assortment and variety are presented only in nearby cities. The territory of the complex is closed, equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system. All residents can count on ample parking space.


There are severalreal estate option, the most affordable of them is an apartment. The apartments are presented in three-story houses built using modern energy-efficient technologies, which allows you to feel as relaxed and free as possible even if there are neighbors behind the wall. You can choose from one- and two-room options from 30 square meters. These are quite compact living spaces with isolated rooms, a bathroom and a balcony.

Ecodolie Sholokhovo customer reviews


If you are looking for more spacious apartments, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the townhouses presented in the residential complex "Ecodolie Sholokhovo". Reviews confirm that at the moment you can buy luxury apartments from 88 square meters for only 4.5 million rubles. They are represented by a spacious kitchen-living room and a bathroom on the first floor, as well as two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second. And this is the most modest option.

residential complex ekodolie sholohovo reviews of residents


And, finally, luxury cottages from 110 square meters, which will be a win-win option for large families. There are several options to choose from with thoughtful layouts and incredible functionality. Moreover, all cottage owners will receive a small piece of land.

residential complex ecodolye sholohovo reviews


By purchasing real estate in Ecodolie Sholokhovo, you will definitely get closer to your dream home. And another obviousproof of this is the presence of the finish. The first tenants were already convinced by their own example of how well the work was done, with what trepidation and attention the designers and craftsmen approached the design of the living space.


Don't worry about comfort, because communications in "Ecodolie Sholokhovo" are exactly the same as in a modern Moscow apartment. The territory of the complex is gasified, water and electricity are supplied to it, a full-fledged sewerage system functions. The territory of the complex is guarded, equipped with a video surveillance system that provides a high level of security.

Ecodolie Sholokhovo reviews of residents

Summing up

Who better than the residents themselves will be able to evaluate the project? Every modern Muscovite appreciates comfort and independence. That is why the residential complex "Ecodolie Sholokhovo", the reviews of the residents of which we analyzed, has become so popular and attractive. The project is unique, it has absorbed a lot of advantages. But at the moment, he cannot provide that comfortable life that the developer talks about so much. A certain discomfort is primarily associated with the lack of all the necessary infrastructure. Moreover, at this point in time, the transport network is not as well developed as we would like. Of course, the project is young, its construction began not so long ago, therefore, in the short term, these shortcomings should be eliminated. However, if these features do not bother you, you have the time and personal transport, be sure to take a closer look at the project,visit its territory in order to form your own opinion and, perhaps, look after your own apartments. At the moment, real estate here can still be purchased on the most favorable terms.

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