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Support staff is The concept, definition, working conditions and principles of remuneration
Support staff is The concept, definition, working conditions and principles of remuneration

On the territory of the Russian Federation, in the legislative regulation and in the Labor Code, there are no precise instructions on which employees of the organization can be attributed to the main or auxiliary personnel.

However, business entities may issue local regulations with provisions governing the definition of support staff functions.

The role of support staff

What are core and support staff

The main criterion for dividing personnel into categories is their activities and the importance of the functions of a particular position in the work of the organization. Unlike the main, support staff are those employees who are busy performing tasks that are not related to the main activities of the company. According to the actual functions performed by employees, they are divided into the following categories:

  • Key staff. Through its activities, it brings direct benefits to the organization. This includes employees, without whom it is impossible to normalfunctioning of the organization.
  • Support staff. This category includes employees whose activities are not key to the enterprise. Without support staff, a business entity will be able to continue to function without loss of efficiency.

Support staff are employees who perform additional functions that do not directly affect the core business of the company. The division of personnel into main and auxiliary staff does not exclude the division of employees into other categories.

Support staff outsourced

Which professions are support staff

It is difficult to single out professions directly related to support staff. The list of professions varies according to the areas of activity of the organization. Auxiliary personnel may be present in private and public structures.

He alth care support personnel are an example. It includes employees who are not doctors. They provide other functions of institutions. Their work helps doctors and patients. In this area, support staff are the following positions:

  • nurses;
  • orderlies;
  • paramedics;
  • catering workers;
  • cleaners.

For commercial organizations, positions related to support staff are determined directly by the employer. He independently forms the criteria and characteristics of this type of workers, regulates their activities.

Support staff in the medical field

What are the characteristics of support staff

Support staff is an important element in the structure of an organization. With its help, employers can resolve a number of possible difficulties in the company's activities. Nevertheless, there are a number of characteristic features that cannot be ignored.

Auxiliary workers are the first target when downsizing is needed. They do not actually affect the income of the organization, so they often reduce labor costs due to them.

The activities of support staff can often be easily outsourced or hire workers under a service contract. Keeping these workers on staff is not always cost effective.

Management should take into account that there is always a high turnover among support staff. But compared to the main staff, this feature is not critical.

Reporting is recommended to be divided into the results of the work of the main and support staff. Sometimes, including the role of support staff in the overall performance of an organization does not make sense at all.

Which production personnel are considered support staff

Production personnel includes employees and specialists, due to the actual activities of which the income of the organization is formed or its main functions are performed. Support staff can also be of the production type.

Industrialsupport staff

Production support personnel are employees who are not involved in production or providing the vital needs of the organization. But they affect the performance of the company. Such workers include cleaners, cooks in departmental canteens, cleaning services and others.

Administrative support staff

Administrative staff is aimed at organizing the main processes in the organization. The range of tasks is determined by the needs of a particular business entity. The scope of activities of employees belonging to the administrative staff includes managerial functions, organizational and logistical issues.

Administrative support staff may include positions such as office manager, legal adviser, recruiter, and others, depending on the needs of the organization.

Administrative support staff

Which support staff belongs to the management team

The managerial staff ensures the purposeful activity of the entire organization and the coordination of the work of its individual departments, departments, production sites. It includes employees of the administrative apparatus:

  • organization administration;
  • office workers;
  • administration office of the institution.
Management support staff

Management support staff may include employees who performadvisory activities in the management of the organization. But at the same time, their powers do not allow them to be attributed to positions in which the functioning of the company or production is directly supported, and the requirements for the qualifications of employees are lower than for the main staff.

How support staff are paid

There are support staff that the organization is interested in, therefore providing competitive wage conditions. These are engineers, operators servicing complex equipment, financiers, lawyers. In other words, workers whose activities require certain experience and qualifications.

It is recommended to plan the remuneration of support staff through the implementation of an effective employment contract. It is recommended to provide for the possibility of wage differentiation through grading, allowances and tariffication, which directly depends on performance indicators, labor productivity.

Compensation for support staff

The role of support staff in the activities of the organization

To understand who belongs to the support staff, you need to carefully study the specifics of the activities of a particular organization. The range of workers and employees falling under this definition is quite wide. This type of worker includes both government employees and employees of private organizations.

The main feature of the support staff are the functions of labor activity. They do not directly affect the main work of the subjectmanagement, their powers do not include making decisions that affect administrative management. Typically, their functions involve conducting logistical activities on a regular basis. These measures are aimed at improving the functioning of the management of the enterprise and all its structures, to help the main staff of employees, and to ensure optimal working conditions for all employees of the company.

In today's organizations, the entire staffing structure implies employees who perform support functions for their unit. The activities of support staff make it possible to redistribute the workload of the management team among other employees with a lower level of qualification (or without it at all). It is safe to say that the support staff in the organization's workforce structure is an integral part of the human resources necessary for the effective management of business entities.

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