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Russian School of Management: student reviews, areas of training and advanced training, branches
Russian School of Management: student reviews, areas of training and advanced training, branches

Russian School of Management is a training center that offers short-term training programs in the format of a conference, training, seminar, master class on topical topics related to professional activities. Courses are selected by profession and position. The program includes world teaching methods adapted to the Russian market. The center has an international certificate ISO 9001.

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Key learning objectives

The purpose of training is to teach employees of a particular department to interact effectively, see goals and solve tasks. The process is based on the reproduction of specific situations using the tools described in the program.

Pros of the school:

  • Employees gain practical skills.
  • The department is imbued with a business idea.
  • Team spirit is tempered.
  • Corporate ethics are developing.
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Corporate training can take place indifferent formats. The specifics of the company's work are studied, appropriate diagnostics are carried out, various forms are offered, and, if necessary, post-training support is provided.

Headquarters are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Branches are opened in the following cities: Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Krasnodar, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don and Nizhnevartovsk.

Expert magazine conducted research to identify the best educational institutions, and the Russian School of Management entered the TOP-5 of the best schools in 8 nominations. Russia is a large country and there are quite a lot of advanced training centers. Being among the first is honorable and promising.

Having seen the feedback from the employees of the Russian School of Management, it becomes clear that the work there is built up to the mark.

The teachers themselves note the high level of organization of the process, pay attention to comfortable and equipped classrooms, and highly appreciate the reliability of the center as an employer. Timely payment of wages and the ability to cooperate both under the terms of a service agreement and employment with admission to the state.

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Center Benefits

Russian School of Management is a leader in short-term business education. It was possible to occupy such positions thanks to the high-quality selection of teaching staff. All of them have experience in leadership positions and are ready to share it. Such a concentration of professional people on one site creates a favorable environment for young professionals. They are offered models for solving problems with which theyhave not yet encountered them themselves, but will definitely meet them in practice.

Studying through such programs, it becomes possible to quickly and confidently start building a career, replenishing your luggage with all the necessary tools and knowledge to solve problems that arise along the way.

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Public Procurement Programs

The Russian School of Management has been involved in training and assistance in the preparation of documentation for participation in state and municipal procurement for five years. It has all the necessary tools to assist in the implementation of government orders. Academic degrees of teachers and developed programs help in the organization and implementation of the planned projects at the proper level.

RSU consultants will help you choose a program and a business coach, taking into account the tasks of the participants. What seems difficult now may become a new opportunity in the future in the implementation of ambitious projects.

Student Wishes

The center is located at: Moscow, metro station Botanical Garden, st. Agricultural, 17, building 5.

Reviews of seminars at the Russian School of Management in Moscow can be seen on the official website. Over the years of work, a huge number of them have accumulated.

Students note the excellent teaching staff, the ability to convey the material in an interesting way, giving an energy impulse, thereby launching new thinking. By giving examples from their practice, thus reinforcing the program. They say that without this method of learning it is difficult to remember a large volumeinformation, and a clear organization and information support delight.

Students of the course of the Russian School of Management in their feedback about the seminars note that the programs are full of unique material. The volume of information is large enough for a short course, and teachers try to give it in a structured way, also giving examples from practice. Students emphasize that it is very difficult for speakers to meet the timing. And despite this, trainers help by providing links to the necessary resources.

Students are fascinated by the fact that the program is designed in relation to their work. It discusses many tools that affect its effectiveness.

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Interesting facts

The head of one production enterprise tells that the employees, after studying at the Russian School of Management in Moscow, gave extremely positive feedback about the institution. In addition, they approached him with a proposal to introduce innovations into their workflow. Thus, the speed of production has increased, and at the same time its cost has decreased. This was achieved with the help of the knowledge gained at school and a new quality developed at the center - the ability to work in a team. The manager shared his impressions with great enthusiasm and the story that it was decided with the team that the profit received from reducing the cost of goods should be directed to staff training, and, of course, to a bonus system to motivate employees.

This company has professionals in their field, there is equipment,well-established production processes, and everything goes on as usual. It would seem, why change something. But fresh decisions and well-coordinated teamwork have yielded results in the form of material rewards. Thus, the staff has an incentive to develop and become more successful.

Such transformations can rightfully be considered an indicator of the effectiveness of the teaching methods of the Russian School of Management. Since the goal of any business, whether it is manufacturing or the service sector, is to make a profit.

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How to get started

The cost of courses depends on the program and duration. The center has created loyal conditions that help students to study on interesting conditions. Detailed information can be obtained on the official website of the Russian School of Management. It also describes in detail the program of seminars, the timing of their passage, teaching staff and cost.

Payment can be made both in cash and by bank transfer. Electronic payments are made to the details specified in the invoice. When taking advanced training courses for employees of one enterprise at different courses, payment can be made for all students in one payment.

From employees of the management team of the enterprise will be required to provide documents confirming the presence of higher education. Since at the end of the training a state diploma will be issued.

In other cases, documents on education are not required, at the end of the courses the Russian School of Management will issue certificatesstate standard. In a situation where plans have changed, and there is no opportunity to undergo training, there is always the opportunity to reschedule the dates. To cancel the courses, it is necessary to inform the manager of the center in writing five working days before the start of the course. Paid fees are guaranteed to be fully refunded.

Course Popularity

To understand the demand for seminars and various professional development programs, it is enough to see the number of employees of various kinds of organizations studying. There are more than 10 thousand of them in the Russian School of Management. The list of clients who regularly send their employees to classes includes such large companies as Aeroflot, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz and many others.

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Seminar catalog

To select the required course, you need to contact the training center or go to the official website, where you can see the entire list of programs offered, including:

  • General management.
  • Right.
  • Strategies. Projects. Innovation.
  • Safety.
  • Logistics. Supply.
  • Contests. Tenders.
  • Construction. Development.
  • Trade. Retail.
  • Marketing.
  • Production.

Training courses are presented in 35 areas, and each of them is divided into several highly specialized courses. For example, the course “Strategy. Projects. Innovation" has the following subsections: project management, innovation management and processes, new products andmarkets, start-up projects.

Russian School of Management in St. Petersburg

The training program and the qualifications of the coaching staff do not differ from the training center in Moscow. The institution is located at the address: Exchange Lane, 2, letter A.

A cozy square in the courtyard of the training center helps to restore strength for the perception of information at subsequent seminars.

Reviews about the Russian School of Management in St. Petersburg

Students note that the result exceeds expectations. There is no monotonous reading of the material, the training takes place in live communication, so there is always the opportunity to raise questions from a particular student.

Those who have completed the course share advice and say that before choosing a program, you need to carefully study all the options offered. Only in this way is it possible to get exactly what you are interested in.

Listeners note that the theory is adapted to real business and applicable in their direction. Particular attention is paid to the comfort created in the educational institution and the excellent technical base.

They also express their gratitude to individual teachers of the Russian School of Management. So, for example, the coach of the Event-management course Olga Podgoronaya is noted, emphasizing that she is a true professional in her field, it is interesting to listen to her, and the positive radiated by Olga charges the entire audience. Huge work experience allowed her to create author's material filled with information as much as possible. She constantly gives interesting examples, and all her students are involved in the learning process, there are no isolated students.The information received at the center, already on the way home, begins to direct to the creation of new projects.

Center Coaches

The Russian School of Management leaves only a positive opinion among the seminar participants, which can be seen in the wishes of the students who were inspired by the process and offer their additions.

Of course, all the teaching staff are successful businessmen and managers. Everyone is a qualified specialist. Students appreciate the information they give out, which is confirmed by the success of the trainer and is easily applicable to the realities of the listener. The Russian School of Management receives such feedback in its branches.

In many training centers, the teaching staff knows the theory and has never put it into practice, has not encountered pitfalls and currents. Therefore, listeners, who mainly consist of experienced specialists who have encountered specific issues and tasks in practice, are not always ready to perceive a theoretician. In most cases, students, seeing a teacher in front of them who has never left the walls of the university, do not accept information at the proper level.

And, conversely, when students see a successful person in front of them, who is ready to explain in a language they can understand, is a professional in his field, knows how to focus on really important issues, thereby emphasizing his highest level, then the seminar takes place on one breathing. The Russian School of Management is an example of a competently selected teaching staff, which is where its success lies. The desire of the students to continue the seminars isthe highest evaluation of the work of the center. Reviews about the Russian School of Management can also be found on the Web. On the Internet, they also have a positive trend.

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