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Minebit Club: site reviews

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Minebit Club: site reviews
Minebit Club: site reviews

Cryptocurrencies have gained wide popularity in the modern world. Therefore, many platforms have appeared that offer to earn money on bitcoins. Some of these resources provide for profit without investment. However, it is quite difficult to find a reliable platform among bitcoin earning sites.

The essence of the project

The Minebit Club platform offers to earn bitcoins and guarantees a stable income. "Production" is that the user is prompted to enter a captcha that allows you to get a percentage of paid advertising. Payment of funds is carried out on micro-wallets.

Registration process

The platform has a good protection and security system, according to the creators of the project. To register, you will need to enter your email address and create a password. Then you need to confirm the entered e-mail.

Faucet for earnings

The developers of the project recommend using gmail or mail.ru mailboxes. Then you need to create an e-wallet address to which cash payments will be made. The registration procedure is enoughsimple, so it does not cause difficulties even for beginners.

How to make money?

In order to earn bitcoins, the user will need to go through a simple registration procedure. The creator of the Minebit Club platform claims that this is not a standard cryptocurrency site, but a surfing service. Therefore, users can earn money not only by viewing various advertising blocks, but also by a distributing crane. Collecting coins, satoshi and cryptocurrencies using special faucets is one of the ways to earn money.

Mining on the network

On the Internet, there are a large number of taps that allow you to wind up more views for various videos, as well as promote the resource. Many advertisers actively use this service and embed various ads on site pages. Earning bitcoins by entering captcha is the most common way to get Satoshi. This method is not highly profitable, but even a beginner can use it.

How much can you earn?

User income is unlimited, because to earn money it is enough to follow simple rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to register more than 1 account in the system.
  • Users can advertise their sites and add them to the surflist.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0002 bitcoins, which can be easily collected in just a couple of days.
  • Also, participants can use referral links and attract new partners to this project.
  • Forin order to get a big profit, the participant will need to combine viewing ads for captcha, collecting virtual money from the faucet and attracting new partners.

However, the site https www minebit club receives completely negative reviews, since the project is one of the forms of scamming people for money.

Referral program

The service has a well-defined affiliate program that allows you to get a good reward. Also, the project participant receives money from earnings on viewing ads by partners in the amount of 25%. The platform adds +1% to the amount earned for each new referral.

Referral program

The developers claim that there are no hidden commissions and overpayments on this resource. However, the participants of this project have a completely different opinion.

Participants about the project

In order to form an objective opinion about the platform, you can study reviews about Minebit Club from real participants in this project. Many users talk about the fact that the site is a real "scam" because people cannot withdraw funds.

User opinion

Minebit Club reviews report that the system offers to transfer earned money to the advertising balance, but it is impossible to see real money. Some reviews note that the site is completely copied from another source, therefore it is a miserable semblance of a cryptocurrency mining platform.

To other project participantsmanaged to earn some money on the referral program. Also, reviews about Minebit Club contain information that the site has not paid money for a long time.

A small number of users note that this is an excellent accumulative resource where you can withdraw funds to an electronic wallet. Negative reviews report that making money on this project is unrealistic.

Most users claim that https www minebit club is a "scam", posing as bitcoin mining. The platform has gained a bad reputation, so users are advised not to waste time on this resource.

Site Features

At the time of registration, the system automatically creates an internal wallet. Members do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee, as well as other fees that other platforms imply. The site https://www.minebit.club.ru receives mostly negative reviews, since the withdrawal of funds is not possible on the resource.

Bitcoin mining

The creator of the resource claims that $5.5 is enough to enter the site. However, negative reviews about Minebit Club say that this project is a real "scam", which was created to lure money from people.


It is important to know that all resources for cryptocurrency mining are classified as high-risk. Having studied the reviews about the site https://www.minebit.club, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that this project is a dummy and"scam".

The main difference between cryptocurrency mining through the site and classic mining is that virtual money is in the system. Before you can use them, you need to withdraw funds. This is where most of the problems users face.

The site www.minebit.club gets negative reviews because people cannot withdraw money. At the same time, the project administration refers to various systemic reasons.

Way to make money online

The site www.minebit.club.ru receives entirely negative reviews, because people invested their personal time and financial resources in the project, but did not receive a return in monetary terms. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully study the information about the project, as well as the opinion of real participants.

When choosing cryptocurrency mining without investments, you need to pay attention to the duration of the site, the level of earnings and the method of its withdrawal. The presence of negative reviews, regular technical problems and constant problems with payments are the reason for the rejection of the project.

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