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Deduction for 3 children: procedure, necessary documents and determination of the amount
Deduction for 3 children: procedure, necessary documents and determination of the amount

In Russia, the population has a huge variety of unique rights. But not everyone knows about them. And not everyone understands how to implement them. Today we will be interested in the deduction for 3 children. What's this? Who is en titled to it? How can I claim such a benefit? Answers to all these questions and more are provided below. Practice shows that understanding the relevant topic is not difficult.


First, let's find out what we have to deal with. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the population, under certain circumstances, has the right to tax deductions. They are different.

Amount for children

The Child Deduction is a standard tax refund. It helps to exempt wages from personal income tax for a particular amount. In our case, it will be fixed and depend on the number of children raised in the family.

Thus, thanks to the appropriatethe tax base will decrease for the state bonus when calculating the income tax from wages. True, you first have to figure out what exactly to count on. You should also find out how to apply for the appropriate benefit.

Who is eligible

Not everyone can request a deduction for the 3rd child. Only an officially working citizen is endowed with such benefits. With informal employment, you can not count on it.

At the moment, the child tax deduction can be received by the parents of a minor, as well as his adoptive parents or guardians. There is nothing difficult in the design. The main thing is to prepare in advance and act according to the instructions below.

Both parents work - what to do?

Interested in a deduction for 3 children? You can't call it social. This return is standard. And you need to request it at the place of your official work.

What if both legal representatives of minors work? In this case, they can claim the deduction of the standard type on an equal footing. Moreover, it is allowed to receive them at the same time.

Increased payout - fairy tale or reality

The deduction amount for 3 children in Russia may become increased. This is possible if one of the parents gives up their rights in favor of the spouse. The same goes for the situation with adoptive parents.

The single parent or other official representative of a minor child also receives an increased deduction. The main thing is to prove that there is no second guardian or other representative.

Important: ifone of the spouses does not work, the increased amount of the refund cannot be demanded from the employer.

Where to apply for a deduction for a child other than the employer

Refund amount

The size of the deduction for 3 children is of interest to many citizens. By what amount can the base be reduced when calculating income tax?

The answer directly depends on how many children there are in the family. In our case, there will be exactly 3 of them. As already mentioned, not only native minors, but also adopted children are taken into account.

At the moment, the amount of the deduction for 3 children will include 3,000 rubles if the parent has three or more minors. The amount of 1,400 rubles is not taxed if there are one or two children. Twelve thousand rubles - a benefit for raising a disabled child (up to 18 or up to 23 years old if he is a student).

If we are talking about granting a deduction to guardians, then the above amount of benefits is used, but for a disabled person the amount is not twelve, but six thousand rubles.

How much they provide

It is worth paying attention to some features of the studied state bonus. Otherwise, citizens may miscalculate what they are en titled to.

The thing is that the indicated refund amounts are calculated for each child. Accordingly, if a person has three children, he will be able to reduce the tax base by 1,400 + 1,400 + 3,000=5,800 rubles. This is the minimum amount if all children are he althy.

It's actually quite profitable. Moreover, paperworkthe time of registration of the studied state bonus is insignificant. This means that you can cope with the task at any time.

If the child is disabled

A lot of controversy causes a deduction for 3 children who are disabled. How to be in this case? What to expect?

Some think that parents will be able to get a refund of 1,400 + 1,400 + 12,000=14,800. This is not entirely correct. According to the law, it is also necessary to take into account what number a disabled child is. To this amount, you will also need to add the deduction for a he althy minor.

What does this mean? If a third child is disabled, the parent will be able to claim a base reduction of 16,200 on income tax.

Children from past marriages without adoption

People around the world get married, have children, and then sometimes get divorced, formalize their relationship again with another partner. Often, people who have remarried or remarried also have children in new marriages. How to deal with deductions in this case?

There are children - you can make a deduction at work

The total child born will count as the third. This only applies to a parent who has minor offspring from a past relationship. This means that sometimes a situation may occur when one parent has the right to a deduction for 3 children, and the other - for two or one. This is quite normal.

Important: as soon as there is an official adoption of the children of the spouses from previous marriages, they are considered withlegislative terms as general.

Divorce and double deduction

There are different situations in life. Some people try to live according to their conscience and not violate the laws, while for some, even the constitution seems useless. Moreover, not all parents have a responsible approach to issues related to minor children.

What happens if spouses who have children in common divorce? Suppose a formal marriage was concluded, not cohabitation. In this case, as some assure, the one with whom the children remain has the right to an increased deduction for children at work. Especially when it is possible to confirm the fact that the second legal representative of the minor did not fulfill parental duties.

This is an incorrect statement. Divorce does not en title you to an increased tax deduction. This is simply not provided for by current legislation, since the child will still have two living parents.

Only single parents and those in whose favor the spouse refused the personal income tax deduction can apply for the corresponding benefit.

Grounds for termination of the deduction

It will not be difficult to issue a standard tax deduction for 3 children according to the established rules. As already mentioned, you just need to know how to act in this or that case.

Before applying for an appropriate bonus from the state, everyone should thoroughly understand all its features. Otherwise, problems are not ruled out.

Reducing the tax base when calculating personal income tax may stop if:

  • oldest child is 18 or 23 years of age respectively (deduction reduced);
  • all children have become adults;
  • one of the wards (or all of them) received emancipation;
  • the death of a child (children);
  • citizen deprived of parental rights;
  • adoption declared illegal and annulled;
  • managed to refute the relationship of legal representatives and children and terminate their family relations.

As practice shows, usually the tax deduction for 3 children (and not only) stops precisely because the children grow up, reaching the age of majority and full legal capacity.

Important: upon dismissal with subsequent employment, a refund will have to be demanded from the new employer from the very beginning.

Design Guide

What deduction for 3 children you can get, we found out. This information is very easy to remember. But what if a citizen intends to claim the corresponding state bonus?

Tax Code of the Russian Federation and tax deduction for 3 children

As it was emphasized earlier, the deduction for 3 children will have to be issued according to the established algorithm. For now, the recommended behavior is:

  1. Create a package of documents required by law. We will get acquainted with its components later.
  2. Submit an application at your place of work for a standard tax deduction for 3 children. Better make it at home ahead of time.
  3. Submit a petition to the authorities, supporting it with documents.
  4. Waitresults.
  5. Application for deduction for children

If everything is done correctly, the employer will start applying the deduction for children from the very first payment of the citizen. Very comfortably. Otherwise, the subordinate will be told why he was refused. It will be possible to correct the situation and wait for the reduction of the personal income tax base.

Key Documents

What tax deduction for 3 children is issued by citizens, we found out. And I also managed to get acquainted with some features of this right. Nevertheless, the information provided earlier is not enough to fully understand the topic under study.

To claim a tax deduction, you need to prepare some certificates. They will change depending on the life situation.

If a citizen is a parent of three minor children, to reduce personal income tax you need to prepare:

  • passport;
  • birth certificates for minors.

At the same time, the last document must be provided for each child. Employers accept only originals of the specified papers. Their copies are not legally binding.

Documents for adoptive parents

How many deductions for 3 children are due to modern employed citizens? It all depends on how he althy the minors are. To begin with, consider a situation in which children do not have he alth restrictions. This is the easiest scenario.

If the adoptive parent wants to request a tax refund from the employer to reduce personal income tax, he will have to take with him:

  • personal identifier;
  • adoption certificates;
  • birth certificates for all children.

As in the previous case, you will have to take care of the availability of the originals of these documents. This is usually not a problem.

He alth problems

What else do you need to remember about the benefit being studied? What if there are disabled children in the family? Under such circumstances, more paperwork will have to be faced.

To request the employer to reduce the tax base when calculating personal income tax, you need to prepare the previously mentioned documents. In addition, you will have to present certificates of disability. They are issued after passing the medical commission.

When the spouse refused

Deductions for the 3rd child, as well as for other children, in the Russian Federation can be claimed at any time of employment. True, the documents in this case will have to be taken very carefully. The absence of at least one certificate is a reason for refusing to exercise the law under study.

As already mentioned, one of the parents can waive the standard deduction in favor of their spouse. In such a situation, the applicant will be able to receive an increased refund.

To do this, you need to prepare not only the above lists of documents, but also:

  • refusal of the father of the child from the deduction at work;
  • certificate from the place of employment of the husband or wife;
  • certificate of marriage.

In fact, getting a deduction for 3 children is not so difficult. True, sometimes citizens have some problems. Fortunately, everythingthey resolve quickly if the above guide is followed.

Claiming the Standard Child Tax Credit

Unusual situation

Now we can consider one non-standard situation that occurs in practice. For example, how to issue a deduction for a child if the employer did not provide it or made it in smaller amounts than expected.

In this case, you can exercise the appropriate right through the district office of the Federal Tax Service. True, you will have to try hard and take the situation very seriously.

The thing is that in the described case, you need to act according to the following instructions:

  1. Fill out the tax return for the reporting tax period. It is better to do this with a special application. It will need to mark the deduction code for 3 children, and then form 3-personal income tax.
  2. Get proof of income from employer.
  3. Prepare the above certificates together with their copies, which do not need to be certified.
  4. Apply to the local tax authority with an application for a personal income tax deduction.

All that's left now is just to wait. The citizen will be refunded the overpaid tax to the account indicated in advance, for example, to the Mir bank card.

If a citizen made any mistake while applying to the authorized body, he will be denied a deduction. True, the applicant will have time to correct the situation.

Important: the answer from the Federal Tax Service must come to the person in writing.

If there are problems withdocuments

Can't find the deduction code for 3 kids? Can't generate a tax return?

Deduction code for the first native child - 126, for the second - 127, for the third and each subsequent - 128. For two children for guardians - 130 (first child) and 131 (second child). The deduction code for a disabled child is 129 when a deduction is given to a parent or adoptive parent, and 133 for a guardian or foster parent, for a second disabled child - the same as for the first, but again depends on who the deduction is granted to.

If there are problems during the registration of a deduction for a child through the Federal Tax Service, you can solve them very quickly. True, for a fee.

We are talking about contacting private intermediary companies. For a certain amount, they help the population to draw up documents and exercise certain rights. Receiving deductions through the Federal Tax Service is usually included in the list of services offered.

This solution is usually found in extreme cases. The population is trying to cope with the tasks on its own in order not to overpay.


We found out which personal income tax deduction code for 3 children to fill out and how to apply for the corresponding state benefit too. This, as you can see, is quite simple.

Employer without reason can not refuse to exercise the relevant right. If he does not provide such a deduction, you can complain to the Labor Inspectorate or immediately contact the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

The return of overpaid tax is not the most common service, but it cancome in handy if a person is counting on a standard tax deduction. How to request it was described above. The main thing is not to forget to indicate the account number to which money should be transferred if you are trying to exercise your right through the Federal Tax Service. For a typical child tax credit claim, this information is not required by the employer.

Filling out 3-personal income tax for deduction for a child

Is it possible not to apply for the studied benefit? Yes, it is available on request only. And you can request a standard refund at any time from the moment of official employment.

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