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How to check an account on a Sberbank card: options, instructions
How to check an account on a Sberbank card: options, instructions

Sberbank customers have as many as five ways to check an account on a Sberbank card. Some of them are quite convenient, but require prior connection of additional services, others are completely free, but do not differ in particular convenience.

Check card account using mobile banking

Mobile banking service is a set of specific services that a financial institution provides using mobile devices. By using short commands, you can request almost any data on the card for a small fee or completely free of charge (it all depends on banking conditions). In response to such commands, SMS is received with the necessary information. This service is available to subscribers of all major mobile operators.

account number on the Sberbank card

To find out the account balance on a Sberbank card, a client who has a mobile phone can. to which it is connectedmobile banking service, and its number is linked to the card in question. It is interesting to many - how to check the balance of a Sberbank card through 900. To do this, send a short message from your phone to the appropriate number. In this case, the message must contain the command "BALANCE XXXX", where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the card number.

Besides the word "BALANCE", you can also use the following commands: "01", "OSTATOK", "RESIDUE", "BALANCE", "BALANS".

Bank clients can use similar commands to perform operations such as: check the account on the Sberbank card, get a mini-statement that will display the balance of available funds, put money on the phone and much more. You can get a mini-statement by sending any of the commands: "02", "HISTORY", "STATCH", "HISTORY", "ISTORIA", "VYPISKA". After each of the commands, be sure to indicate the last 4 digits of the card on which the request is made. The command should also be sent to 900.

Advantages of mobile banking

Using mobile banking has a number of advantages:

  1. Getting information about the actions that are performed with the card account.
  2. Checking the data on the limit of available funds and recent transactions.
  3. Make transfers and payments online.
  4. Repayment of credit obligations from the card account, card blocking.
how to check card balance through 900savings bank

Knowing information about how to request a card balance using SMS allows bank customers to significantly simplify their own lives. By sending just one command to a special number, you can get all the necessary data without looking up from important matters and without leaving the room.

To use this opportunity, the client should activate the mobile banking service. The cost of this service is determined by the banking version and tariffs of mobile operators for using SMS.

Checking the balance through the support service

You can find out the balance of available funds by calling the bank customer support number and telling the operator the card number and some control information. The latter is specified in the contract. A call to the Sberbank hotline is free, and it doesn’t matter which phone the client is calling from and where in the country he is located.

Support is a very convenient customer service. Operators help to get the necessary information and solve any problem related to banking services at any time of the day.

Checking an account on a Sberbank card

Disadvantages of this method

The disadvantage of this method is that the support line is often overloaded. But in this case, you can use the answering machine: you can find out the balance by going to a specific section using numeric commands. If you know in advance which combination of numbers you need to dial to find out the balance on the card, you can not listen to all the texts of the answering machine.

The need to check the balance may arise for the client at any time. Sometimes it happens that there is no opportunity to visit the branch, the ATM is far away, and there is no Internet access. In such cases, a convenient option to check the account on the Sberbank card is a call to the customer service. However, the customer's choice.

Checking the balance at the bank branch. How to implement?

Checking an account on a Sberbank card is free. In order to do this, you must contact the bank branch. This method of finding out information is the most inconvenient and time-consuming. To find out the balance from a bank employee, you must have a passport with you, and only the owner of the account can request data. Otherwise, the representative of the bank will not give an answer to the specified question.

But when contacting the branch, the client has the opportunity to receive an official bank paper, which will reflect the number and validity of the card, card account number, statement for the required period of time. That is all the necessary information. It should be noted that the account number is not displayed on the Sberbank card.

checking the balance on the Sberbank card

Checking the balance on the card through an ATM

You can request the available balance on the card through an ATM. To do this, you should insert the card into the self-service terminal, enter your personal pin code, go to the balance request section. After performing the specified actions, the ATM will offer the choice of displaying the balance on the card - on the device screenor on a check. Each of these methods of requesting a balance is free, so the client can choose any of them, the most convenient of them.

It is important to remember that some banking organizations charge a fee if the client uses the card through other self-service terminals and ATMs. If there is not much money on the card, then it is better to check the balance and withdraw money from Sberbank ATMs. So many and much more convenient.

Before checking an account on a Sberbank card using an ATM, each client is recommended to familiarize himself with simpler and more convenient ways to manage an account and receive financial data. If you connect the convenient services provided by the company, you can significantly save your time by not spending it in line at a bank employee or ATM.

Checking the card balance using the Sberbank Online service. Features

Another way to check an account on a Sberbank card is to use the service. With it, you can find out the balance on the "plastic" absolutely at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Sberbank phone free

To be able to use Internet banking, the client needs to perform a number of actions:

  1. Go to any ATM or Sberbank terminal with a plastic card.
  2. Insert the card into the card reader, enter the personal access code.
  3. From the main menu, go to the Internet service section and, by pressing the appropriate button, request the issuance of a permanent password to gain access to the Sberbank serviceOnline.
  4. In a similar way, request the issuance of a list of one-time passwords.
  5. Take both checks.

In addition, you can activate the service by contacting a bank branch, having a passport and the card itself.

If the client has a password and login, then he can check the balance of available funds on the card at any convenient time.

With the help of the service, the client has the opportunity not only to request a balance, but also to view the history of all transactions, make transfers, payments.

To view the account status through the service, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official portal of the bank, log in to your personal account using the login and password received at the ATM.
  2. An SMS containing a one-time password will be sent to the mobile linked to the card. It should be entered in the appropriate field on the portal.
  3. If you do not want to wait for SMS, you can use one-time access codes from the second check issued by ATMs.
  4. After authorization, the client will have access to all information on all his accounts.
card balance

Phone app

In addition, there is the Sberbank Online application, which can be installed on your mobile device (if its technical characteristics allow it), to which the card is linked. In this case, the client will always have a service at hand that allows you to quickly get information on the balance.

Now you know how the balance on the Sberbank card is checked.

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