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Virtual card "Russian Standard": terms of registration and use

Virtual card "Russian Standard": terms of registration and use
Virtual card "Russian Standard": terms of registration and use

In the article, we will consider what a Russian Standard virtual card is. What are the main conditions for its use? Recently, there have been frequent offers to issue a virtual card in addition to the usual plastic one. Russian Standard Bank is no exception.

Product Feature

The main purpose of the virtual product is to ensure the safety of the client from the actions of fraudsters when making purchases on the Internet. By entering the main card details, a person risks becoming a victim of unscrupulous merchants, skimming or phishing, as a result of which attackers have access to the main card data and the ability to make payments on third-party sites or transfer funds.

virtual card Russian standard

Often such an oversight costs the client the entire amount on the card account. It is almost impossible to recover the lost money in such a case.Therefore, a virtual card is extremely relevant for those people who regularly make purchases and pay online. Such a card has a limited limit and a separate number, and therefore the funds in the main account remain safe. It is recommended to transfer funds to a virtual card if necessary, that is, immediately before making a purchase.

Terms of Use

For its customers who want to additionally issue a virtual card, "Russian Standard" offers very favorable conditions. Namely:

  1. It costs a little to issue such a card. You will need to pay the registration fee only once, it is 2% of the amount of funds in the account, and it cannot be less than 25 rubles and more than 300 rubles.
  2. Serving virtual cards is free. There are no hidden fees or commissions, and you won't have to pay extra for annual usage.
  3. The client has the right to choose the payment system.
  4. The product is not interconnected with other client accounts, which allows minimizing possible risks.
  5. You can apply for a virtual card without visiting a bank branch, via the Internet.
  6. The card can be used to make purchases in any online store.

It is worth noting that using a virtual card to pay for purchases at a regular outlet will not work. In addition, it is impossible to transfer funds from such a card to the accounts of individuals. But she's not meant to be.

virtual credit card Russian standard

Visa Virtual

Virtual card "Russian Standard" Visa Virtual is the first product in a series of virtual cards. It is basic, its validity period is 3-6 months. Compared to ordinary plastic, this product has the following advantages:

  1. Release speed. As a rule, before the client receives his card, it goes through a rather long way from the moment of registration to issue. This procedure takes approximately 5-14 days (depending on the region of issue and the bank). The bank receives a virtual card in Russian Standard immediately.
  2. You can get a virtual card online without presenting your passport.
  3. You can issue a card in three currencies - the card account can be in euros, rubles, dollars.
  4. Restriction on the card - 100 thousand rubles. At the time of receiving the card, the money is already on it. The client himself determines what amount is debited from the main card account.
  5. Russian standard card

Virtual cards with convenient numbers

To make it easier to enter a 16-digit number, Russian Standard has introduced cards with convenient numbers. This virtual account has the same characteristics as the previous card, however, the client can independently generate its number, which greatly facilitates remembering the details. The validity of such an account is from 1 year.

Gift virtual card

"Russian Standard" provides an opportunity to issue a virtual card in the name of another person. Such cards are a full-fledged alternative to certificates in variousstores, they can be sent to relatives or friends as a gift.

You can issue a "Gift Card" remotely, replenish it for any amount, and then send it to the new owner along with wishes via e-mail. You can deposit up to 15 thousand rubles to the account of such a product, and its validity period is 90 days.

russian standard internet bank

Cardholder Requirements

Is there a virtual credit card "Russian Standard"? Virtual accounts involve storing your own finances, not borrowed funds. In this regard, the requirements that banks impose on virtual card holders are minimal. Russian Standard has no such requirements at all. This is due to the fact that virtual cards are prepaid. The only prerequisite is that the client has a valid mobile number.

Issuing a virtual card

To get a virtual individual account in the Russian Standard Internet Bank, you need to visit the official portal of the banking organization, and then go to the section of the same name, select the product you like, and send an application for registration.

The site will open a form that will require the following information:

  1. Number of a valid phone (mobile) issued by a Russian operator and located in the access area.
  2. Payment system. This parameter does not affect the operation of the account in any way.
  3. Email. It is needed to obtain full data, details, a password for recovery(if the need arises).
  4. Account limit. Use the slider to select the maximum available amount.
  5. Card currency.

The card will be available 10-15 minutes after its issuance. To confirm the application, you will need to enter the code that will come in the SMS message, as well as pay the processing fee.

It is better to find out in advance how to apply for a Russian Standard virtual card.

gift virtual card Russian standard

Replenishment order

Before making a purchase in the online store, the virtual card must be topped up. The bank offers several convenient ways to replenish:

  1. Via transfer from an account in another bank. You can make a transfer through the Internet bank, terminal, ATM of the financial institution that issued the card. Funds when transferring from accounts of other banks are credited within 1-5 days.
  2. From the card of the same bank. In this case, funds are credited instantly.
  3. Transfer of funds by details. If the client does not have a regular card, then you can replenish the virtual product by contacting the nearest bank branch.

In this case, the client will be required to present account details and a passport. All banks, except for Russian Standard, have a commission for this operation. Funds in this case will be credited within 1-5 days.

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