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Upper market in Stavropol: description, address, opening hours

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Upper market in Stavropol: description, address, opening hours
Upper market in Stavropol: description, address, opening hours

There are three markets in Stavropol located in different districts of the city: Oktyabrsky, Industrial and Leninsky. The one located in Leninsky is officially called Market No. 2, or Central. However, locals have been calling it "Upper" for many decades. Market No. 2 in Stavropol is just as popular as the others.


The Upper Market is located in Stavropol at the address: st. Artem, 51. However, you can also enter it from the side of the street. Pushkin and st. Lermontov. It depends on what kind of market you need: clothing, grocery, construction, etc. Here you can find almost everything that a person may need in everyday life.

What can you buy at the Upper Market in Stavropol?

upper market stavropol address

It includes several pavilions, as well as open areas where various goods are sold. Here you can buy everything that a modern person needs:

  • clothes and shoes formen, women, children and expectant mothers;
  • food: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, groceries, etc.;
  • building materials, tools, repair items;
  • curtains, fabrics, clothing and shoe repair shops, ateliers, everything for tailoring;
  • stationery, books;
  • underwear, hosiery (for the whole family);
  • bags, backpacks, wallets, etc.;
  • accessories (scarves, hats, gloves);
  • costume jewelry, hair accessories and other decorations;
  • planting material (seeds, seedlings, seedlings);
  • dishes;
  • toys;
  • goods for animals, as well as pets (parrots, guinea pigs, snakes, fish, etc.).

Maybe we missed something in this list, but you can really find absolutely everything on the Upper Market in Stavropol. The market also includes stores of federal chains, for example, Fix Price. Next to it is the European shopping center, which is also full of shops, small companies that repair equipment, sell phone accessories, duplicate keys, and so on.

Working hours

upper market stavropol opening hours

The upper market in Stavropol is open from Monday to Sunday. Many merchants open pavilions even on holidays, so the weekend can be spent with benefit, so to speak. However, it is better to clarify the working hours by phone. On ordinary days it opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. But it is not uncommon for the pavilions to be closed as early as 3 o'clock in the afternoon. As they say themselvestraders, it all depends on the day of the week, because you can not always expect a stream of buyers.

As for reviews, they are different. Many write that the Upper Market is no longer the same. Of great importance is the high rent, so you can see half-empty shops. Also now, many people prefer to go shopping in shopping centers. Meanwhile, the markets are losing their relevance.

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