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Market "Southern" (Stavropol): description, address, opening hours

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Market "Southern" (Stavropol): description, address, opening hours
Market "Southern" (Stavropol): description, address, opening hours

There are several city markets in Stavropol, but Yuzhny is probably the most popular among local residents and guests from nearby settlements. It occupies a vast territory, which houses trade pavilions and stalls selling products wholesale and retail. In this article, you will learn everything about the Yuzhny market in Stavropol.

Location & Description

The Yuzhny market is located in Stavropol at the address: South-West 3 passage, 1. It occupies a vast territory of 11 hectares, consisting of many shopping pavilions and complexes, as well as stalls and wholesale warehouses. Goods of local, domestic and foreign production are sold both wholesale and retail. These are the product groups:

  • clothes and shoes for the whole family;
  • baby products;
  • pet products, pets;
  • food;
  • furniture;
  • goods for repair and construction;
  • everything for home and interior (includingfabrics, curtains, cornices, etc.);
  • stationery, books, etc.;
  • souvenirs, gifts, home decorations, etc.
southern market stavropol opening hours

There are really a lot of products, because it is not in vain that many residents of the city buy here. On the "Southern" market in Stavropol, you can also find goods for gardeners, gardeners, including planting material.

Working hours and reviews

south market stavropol address

Opening hours of the Yuzhny market in Stavropol: daily from 8 am to 5 pm. However, some pavilions and stalls may be closed as early as 3pm. Therefore, it is better to go there in the morning. The market has its own official website, where you can find the phone number of the administration to clarify various issues.

As for the reviews, they are very mixed. The market is really big, rich in assortment. But there are cases when prices are higher than, for example, in stores or other markets. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why the attendance of this place has decreased several times compared to what this figure was 10-15 years ago. But the market itself during this time has become better, more convenient and has acquired a richer assortment.

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