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How to become a film critic? Description of the profession

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How to become a film critic? Description of the profession
How to become a film critic? Description of the profession

Profession film critic causes a lot of interest among ordinary people. Representatives of this speci alty are engaged in a thorough study of films, compiling constructive reviews and disseminating information to potential audiences. To become a specialist in this field, you need to have an irresistible sympathy for cinema.

how to become a film critic and earn money


The main duty of a critic is to review films and write objective reviews. It would seem that this is not a job, but a dream. However, it has many features and even pitfalls.

One of them is that this speci alty is not taught at the university. That's why the question of how to become a film critic is so popular.

Besides, no one knows by what criteria to evaluate these specialists. Which film critic can be called good, and which - bad. Everything is incredibly subjective. If your emotions when watching a movie match the review, you are more likely to name a film criticgood. And vice versa. However, each user evaluates the paintings subjectively. The task of a film critic is to try to maintain objectivity as much as possible. This is not easy, because everyone is subject to emotions. However, the profession obliges to keep them under control.

Attitude in society

The work of a film critic is quite difficult. Among viewers and film industry workers, it has a somewhat negative connotation. After all, no matter how perfect the picture is, it is the critics who will always find flaws in it and will certainly convey them to a wide audience. Those whose work has received negative ratings treat film critics accordingly. After all, a lot of time and effort is invested in any project, and someone's assessment, sometimes superficial, can scare off potential viewers.

how to become a film critic without education


Film critic as a speci alty is not represented within higher education institutions. As a rule, specialists in this field have enough education related to art. Only after carefully studying it can one become a film critic.

A shorter path can also be chosen - studying in courses. For example, at the Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters in St. Petersburg. This institution trains directors and other professionals who want to connect their own activities with the film industry.

A future film critic only needs one or two years of study to understand the peculiarities of the profession. If you need accelerated training, in the same educational institution, a student can attend from six to fifteenbasic lectures.

film critic education

How to become a film critic?

Even with an education in the field of art, the formation of specialists for the most part occurs in practice. You need to watch films as much as possible and read the work of other specialists.

In addition, it is important to devote enough time to practice. This is the main point in answering the question of how to become a film critic without education.

Practice as often as possible by reviewing movies you've seen before. Constantly hone your writing skills, as they directly affect the quality of the reviews you perform.

In parallel, form your own audience of readers. From them you can get various feedback, as well as grains of constructive criticism that will allow you to improve in the profession.


film critic profession

If you don't like classic movies, focus on another genre. The list of films for writing reviews is incredibly wide. The main task of those who are interested in how to become a film critic is the ability to analyze information and do it with an open mind and at the same time objectively.

When the number of films you have watched reaches a solid mark, new films will seem less entertaining to you. However, this is quite common among film critics.

If you are a film critic, this does not mean that you need to look for flaws in every picture. Who said a review can't be positive?

Try to be objective and collect as much information as possible in case you personally did not like the picture and you plan to write a negative review.

how to become a film critic

Important aspects

Answering the question of how to become a film critic, one should not lose sight of the fact that representatives of this profession must have a certain taste, attentiveness, tact, memorize new information well and be able to think figuratively. These qualities do not have to be innate. They can and should be developed by those who are interested in how to become a film critic and make money on it.

Try to convey information in a way that is interesting to the reader. At the same time, do not load it with an abundance of terms, otherwise the potential viewer will quickly lose interest in the film and your review.

The profession of a critic cannot be obtained in a higher educational institution. However, it occupies an important place in society, allowing viewers to make choices, and directors to get objective opinions about the works released.

How do I write reviews?

Classic structure necessarily includes a brief retelling of the plot so that the reader can understand what the picture is about. It is also relevant to list the names of the actors who participate in the project. In some cases, the viewer may be interested in information about the box office.

The task of the critic is to decompose the film into its component parts. Showing a sense of tact, you can also report admitted film blunders.

How do film critics make money?

As you understand, in order to earn money in this area, you need not only talent, but also popularity. The level of income greatly depends on this.

For example, novice critics can be paid about a thousand rubles for a review. While well-known professionals earn many times more. However, it will take time and effort to reach the appropriate bar.

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