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Card "Auchan": user reviews
Card "Auchan": user reviews

In the article, we will consider reviews of the Auchan card from Europe Bank.

Shopping in hypermarkets becomes much more profitable if you have an Auchan VISA Classic bonus card. It should be noted that such a financial instrument differs significantly from the usual discount product cards offered in competitors' retail chains. "Auchan VISA Classic" is more than just a regular customer card of this hypermarket chain, but at least a full-fledged bank product. The card is supported by the international payment system Visa, so its owners have the opportunity to make payments and purchases in Russia, abroad and on the Web. In addition, you can withdraw cash from this card at ATMs or, conversely, replenish your account. Feedback on the Auchan card will be presented at the end of the article.

card Auchan Europe Bank reviews

Card lending

Auchan VISA Classic cardis a settlement debit co-branded card with overdraft lending. Moreover, the grace period for this card is 50 days. Thus, during this time, you can return the money spent without interest. If it was not possible to meet the preferential stage, then the loan rate will be from 27.5 to 31.5%. You can repay the loan by paying monthly installments, each of which is equal to 3% of the total debt (however, in any case, it cannot be less than 200 rubles). In addition, it is necessary to take into account the process of returning borrowed funds.

If the cardholder does not pay the loan on time, the banking organization has every right to raise the interest rate to 59.9% per annum (such interest will be charged on the unpaid amount). In addition, debtors may, for example, be charged pen alties for late repayment of loans. According to reviews, the Auchan Credit card is still very popular.

Auchan credit card reviews


Some of the differences that the Auchan VISA Classic card has are certainly of particular interest to those who want to use this financial product in the future.

For example, one of the favorable terms of use is that the bonus card is valid for two years, after which, if necessary, you can issue a new one. Reviews about the Auchan credit card are mostly positive.

Another feature of the card is that the fee for its maintenance per yearis from 350 to 470 rubles. (At the same time, there is a dependence on the region where the cardholder lives). It is also possible to issue one more, additional card to the same person. Moreover, in the first year, its maintenance is absolutely free, in the second, the amount for maintenance is 175 rubles. The commission fee for withdrawing cash from the card is 4.5%, but not less than 399 rubles. In this case, you can cash out no more than ¼ of the credit limit. Payment for SMS notifications - from 50 rubles.

Discount card supports 3D Secure and PayWave functions. It has a chip and a magnetic stripe, and free internet banking.

card Auchan credit Europe reviews

Bonus program

It is better to familiarize yourself with reviews of the Auchan Credit card from Europe Bank in advance. This product has a very beneficial loy alty bonus program for users. At the same time, bonuses are awarded when paying with a card around the world, including when making purchases on the Internet.

If you make purchases in the Auchan chain of stores, then the client receives 1% bonuses or points from the amount of payments. When making purchases in other stores, this percentage will be equal to 0.8%. When a person accumulates a certain number of bonus points, he can exchange them for gift cards. 1 bonus corresponds to 1 ruble according to the loy alty program.

Partners who can get a discount

The major partners are:

  • Adamas jewelry store chain (discount on all products,which are purchased by card is 5 percent);
  • hours salon "3-15" (5% discount on all goods purchased with a card);
  • Nikko dry cleaners (10% discount when paying by card);
  • Imperial Porcelain Factory (5% off).

A complete list of partners can be found on the website of this trading network. It is interesting that if the partner has his own discount program, then in certain cases the discounts will be summed up. Reviews about the Auchan Credit card from Europe Bank confirm this.

map Auchan credit europe bank reviews

How to get this type of card?

Before you get an Auchan discount card, you need to make sure that all the conditions that apply to the possible owners of this financial instrument are met. The list of such conditions includes:

  1. Cards can only be issued to citizens of the Russian Federation aged 21-65. A client who applies for a card must have a work experience in one place of no more than 4 months.
  2. If the client is an individual entrepreneur, he must present the relevant document - a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur and a tax return.
  3. Indicate three different phone numbers in the region of residence (at work, home and one additional).

You can order a card on the Internet, on the oney.ru website, or during a personal visit to the Auchan hypermarket in the lending department. It should be noted that this method is especially convenient - after issuing a card, you can immediately go shopping. Besidesit is also necessary to understand that the online application is preliminary, in the end, in order to pick up the card, you still have to visit the Auchan store. Many people leave reviews about a credit card from Europe Bank right there.

Auchan credit card reviews

Documents required for issuing a card

To obtain a card, you only need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. With the necessary limit of more than 350,000 rubles. be sure to provide documents directly confirming income:

  • certificate of income (form 2-personal income tax);
  • income certificate;
  • a statement of the salary account, which is opened in the name of the client, indicating the operations on it (the statement is provided for the last 4 months, it must be certified by the signature of a bank employee and seal);
  • IP tax return in accordance with the applicable taxation scheme.
credit card Auchan Europe Bank reviews

Which cities have shops where this card is useful?

Today, the Auchan chain of stores is represented not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Auchan stores, where you can get a card, also work in such cities as Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Omsk, Ryazan, etc. To apply for a card, if the client claims a credit limit of no more than 20,000 rubles, you only need one document - a passport. In order for the loan limit to exceed 20,000 rubles, you will need to provide additional documents.

How to close the card?

Close the Auchan card, if suddenly the client no longer needs it, it will not be difficult. To do this, you need to contact the office of "Europe Bank" or the credit department of the store, where you should fill out an application in writing.

Auchan map

Reviews about the Auchan card

Reviews from customers who used the Auchan card are quite contradictory. Some of them note that this card is very beneficial to use in cases where purchases are regularly made from this chain of stores. In addition, users do not recommend taking large loans on the card, since the sanctions for default are quite serious. And such cases occur often, for example, when a salary is delayed and a person does not have time to make a mandatory monthly payment on time.

Customers who left negative feedback about the Auchan card note that it is completely unprofitable. In their opinion, the developers of this card make money on deceiving ordinary people. For example, the bonus program provided by the card does not work at all as it was originally intended. In addition, many of these people, for some reason, are worried that their personal data obtained when opening a card will be illegally used by unauthorized persons. Also, people expressed their dissatisfaction with the amount of accrued interest in reviews of the Auchan card, indicating that such rates are excessively high, and owning a card does not bring any benefit at all.

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