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Best sales book. Reading List for Sales Managers
Best sales book. Reading List for Sales Managers

The best sales book is a very important tool in business and trade. Making sales, winning a client, staying on the crest of a wave among competitors - these are the goals that real business masters set for themselves. The handbook will help make these goals achievable.

Magic of negotiation. Say no first

Say no"

The best book on sales, one of the many books on business, will always help you understand unclear issues. It is no secret that the overall result depends on the actions of a person, his thinking, the way he makes decisions. Very often, fearing to lose a client, we involuntarily do senseless and forced actions, falling under the influence of the client, and lose control over the general state of affairs. This is how we jeopardize our success. Negotiating in business is a very important financial tool. Our monetary success depends on its result. To stop depending on this result, to influence it ourselves is the main goal of many representatives of business and trade. How to achieve this independence, plan correctlyand negotiate, tells on the pages of his book "First say no" Jim Camp.

Simply saying "no" and gaining influence over the client during the negotiation is the most effective tool in the arsenal of negotiation techniques. Having overcome our fear of losing a client, we stop depending on him and focus our attention on our own behavior, which can be controlled. On the pages of his book "First Say No", Jim Camp guarantees a positive result in negotiations, regardless of the nature of the partner. The author teaches to have an approach to people with any psychological attitude. "at the end of the negotiations, and the self-confidence present in the future ensures a good result. The book teaches in any case to maintain dignity, excludes humiliation and infringement of a business partner.

The main tool in a conversation is the voice

Negotiation strategy

Can everyone be rich? Yes. Every person has the potential to become rich. Many people try to start their lives from scratch, achieve success and improve their financial condition, but not everyone succeeds. Without knowing how to use the power of influence correctly, to make it work for themselves, people do not succeed. Many do not understand that the greatest potential is concentrated in ourselves, in our mind. It is no secret that the main tool in work and life today is the mobile phone. Almost every person has it. From conversation toA lot comes from the phone. In business, every new step begins with a phone call. It is impossible to exclude the fact that the result of the perfect step depends on the same call.

A correctly made call is a whole art, which is taught by the "master of the call" Evgeny Zhigiliy. The author focuses our attention on how, by making a phone call, we involve or become involved. These two words have their own psychology. But in any telephone conversation, we either sell something (product, information, solution) or buy. The overall result of our plan depends on what happens.

The advantages of a phone call are clear: time, money, comfort zone, etc. If the first impression is made by appearance, facial expressions and smell, when making a call, we leave only one tool - our voice. It is from him that the result of negotiations on the phone depends. To become a real master of telephone conversation, to achieve success in the process of making cold calls, it is useful to listen to the recommendations that Evgeny Zhigiliy gave in the Call Master.

Phone Call Master

Telephone conversation

Neil Rackham's book "SPIN Selling" is a reliable tool in transactions. The information is simple and interesting, able to make you understand the main criteria for achieving the desired result: prepare and plan a call, control the sound of your own voice (so that it is positive), know and remember the text of the sentence well, and lastly, be sure of a successful result of a telephone conversation.The book will be very useful to everyone who works in the business world, to all those who make sales every day. It is not difficult to understand the desire of the author to present his idea and make it clear that the main tool in a telephone conversation is the human voice.

SPIN sales

Get customer trust

Sale is the ultimate goal of any trading company. The result of the transaction depends on the skill and skill of the seller. Sales can be large and small, but they all require some kind of exposure to the buyer. When making large sales or transactions, the main goal of the seller is the ability to win the trust of the buyer. To do this, hold business meetings, during which there is an acquaintance with the buyer. During the conversation, a series of questions are asked, henceforth having the trust and loy alty of the client. The book teaches you how to successfully complete large transactions, while establishing a close relationship with the buyer. Organization of business meetings and the main abbreviation for different types of questions is the main theme of Neil Rackham's book. "SPIN sales" is an indispensable publication for managers, sales agents, executives.

The job of a salesperson is to win the heart of their customer

win a client

Everyone who is involved in sales is well aware of all the difficulties and obstacles that arise during the making of sales. To be able to sell a product among a large number of competitors selling a similar product is, one might say, a whole science. Alexander Derevitsky's book "Sales Personalization" was based on the personal experience of the writer and hisfollowers. The main essence of the book is to attract a potential buyer by addressing him personally. Information that is addressed to a specific person works more effectively in business than an abstract appeal to consumers in general. The buyer appreciates how his interests are taken into account, his needs are met, and he pays money for it. The main theme of the book is how to win the heart of every client.

The battle for success

Trade wars

Retailers and business managers always have questions about industry developments, pricing, commerce, and the totality of new trends in the retail industry. The best book on sales, "Trade Wars: The Battle for On-Site and Online Success," features over a hundred real-life examples and descriptions of situations from a wide variety of markets. Comparison and analysis of various trading situations, issues of differences between retailers and manufacturers and other topics are laid out on the pages of the book. A special place is given to e-commerce: ways to competently connect the latest technologies and devices to the overall process. The book focuses on trade analysis and comparisons of trade marketing VS brand marketing, the total cost of a brand change versus the cost of a shopper changing store. The book "Trade wars. The battle for success on the shelves and online" is very useful for leaders, as well as managers and even students.

Book for managers - a textbook of wisdom

Authors of the book "The Complete Guide to the Sales Manager"collected a lot of information about sales methods, the implementation of new ideas and the solution of fundamental issues in various trading situations. The book is intended for a wide range of readers - from executives to managers and salespeople. After all, modern trade workers must possess many qualities at the same time: wisdom, flexibility. Sales executives - charisma and the ability to motivate their employees. The authors of the book make it possible to understand how important all these qualities are for the overall achievement of the goal.

How to win and keep a client?

Guerrilla sales

The best book on sales is a guide that can teach wisdom, the ability to endure and achieve your goal. Murat Turgunov's book Guerrilla Sales teaches how to take a buyer, a client away from competitors. This guide is a little different from the books we've read before. Thanks to the skill of the author, the book is filled with various psychological portraits, its pages give off light humor. The pages of the book contain many useful tips for novice managers. The main idea is how to win a client? To achieve this goal, many different scenarios and practical tips have been invented. And also selected various words-magnets for sellers, the use of which helps to attract the buyer.

One of the directions of the book is the ability to recognize people who make decisions and work with such people. In addition, examples of analysis and study of competitors are given. Only knowing your competitor well can you emerge victorious from the fight,the book says. About ten secrets of experienced salesmen are revealed and practical guides are given on how to behave during the sale.

How to reach decision makers?

The most powerful tool, according to the author, is the ability to keep a business person in the sales process. The author is sure that it is this method that will help win buyers, customers, people who are able to make a decision, and therefore buy. The book is useful not only for sellers and managers. It can also become a desktop for heads of trade departments, commercial directors, and merchandisers. After reading this type of guide, a person receives a charge of positive emotions, he is confident in his actions and is set for a positive result. In addition, the seller is armed with all the necessary knowledge, information and without any doubt is ready to win the client. Murat Turgunov's book - successful planning for success and winning the trust of the buyer.

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