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Budennovskaya breed of horses: photo, reviews, description, characteristics, character

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Budennovskaya breed of horses: photo, reviews, description, characteristics, character
Budennovskaya breed of horses: photo, reviews, description, characteristics, character

There are many breeds of horses in our country. In specialized farms, both ordinary farm animals and sports animals are grown. The last group also includes one of the best breeds today - Budennovskaya. These horses have earned excellent reviews from horse breeders and athletes, primarily for their endurance, agility and at the same time unpretentious care.

History of the breed

The Budyonnovsky horse was bred in the 20-30s of the last century in the USSR. The Don and Black Sea breeds became her parents. Thoroughbred English stallions were used to improve the racing qualities of these horses. Selection was carried out mainly at two stud farms: them. Budyonny and them. 1st Cavalry. The main purpose of the work was to create a new breed for the command staff of the Red Army. The Budyonny horse was officially registered on November 15, 1948. The basis was the corresponding resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Budennovskaya horse breed

The Budyonnovsky breed of horses was bred, the description of which will be given below in the article, first underthe leadership of former tsarist horse breeders, and then officers of the Red Army. Breeding work at that time was an extremely difficult task. After the imperialist and civil wars, there were practically no horses left on farms in the Don and the North Caucasus. It was necessary to determine the pedigree of animals in the few semi-feral herds by the preserved brands of the owners, by the remnants of documents, and sometimes simply by the memoirs of former horse breeders. A special contribution to the development of a new Soviet race breed was made by Budyonny. Hence, in fact, its name came from.


A new Budyonnovsky breed of horses was bred, the opinion of which the athletes had was simply excellent, mainly along lines (on stallions). However, uterine herds of animals with the best qualities were also created at the same time. About 100 purebred stallions were used in breeding work. However, only four studs became the ancestors of the new breed. These were purebred horses Kokas, Svetets, Inferno and Cute.

Budyonnovskaya breed of horses is also interesting because in the process of its breeding, related mating was not used at all. At the same time, animals were kept mainly according to the cultural herd technology. That is, large groups were formed according to different characteristics: sex, age and intrabreed types. Budyonnovsk stallions Bezha, Bracelet, Chimkent and Kodek are considered to be the ancestors of the best lines of the breed.

budennovskaya horse

Main characteristics of the breed

Why did the Budyonny horses deserve suchrave reviews from athletes around the world? The main distinguishing feature of this breed is its large size (up to 164 cm at the withers) and some massiveness. This primarily determines its versatility. The Budennovskaya breed of horses proved to be excellent in various types of horse racing. You can recognize these animals primarily by the following features:

  • pretty big body (167cm);

  • well-developed chest (girth - 191 cm);

  • bony;

  • light small head with straight profile;

  • long, high set, sometimes arched neck.

The Budyonny horse usually has a red color - from light, almost sandy, to terracotta. One of the distinguishing features of this breed is the presence of a golden hue. The last Budyonny horses inherited from the Don mares.

Budennovskaya breed of horses reviews

Reviews about the breed

According to most connoisseurs of good horses, the Budennovskaya breed is one of the best race horses today. Most athletes consider its representatives to be somewhat difficult to work with and demanding, but at the same time, by nature they are quite balanced and tolerant towards the owner. Many advise choosing these horses especially for show jumping. Budyonnovsky horses are distinguished not only by agility, but also by jumping ability. In competitions, they always participate with enthusiasm and can endure enormous loads without harm to themselves.

Besidesexcellent racing qualities, the Budyonnovsky breed of horses deserved good reviews for a long life expectancy, and with full preservation of working capacity and he alth. Athletes also consider absolute undemanding to feed as a plus of this breed.

budennovskaya breed

Many wish breeders to pay more attention to this particular breed. After all, she is actually one of the best to date. The craze for everything foreign has put the gene pool of this domestic breed at risk.

Three basic types

Budyonnovskaya breed of horses, the characteristics of which were discussed above, are divided into three large groups according to the characteristics of the exterior:

  • massive type;

  • characteristic;

  • Eastern.

The first group includes the most massive and muscular, even slightly rough horses. In terms of playfulness, they are slightly inferior to other types. Animals of the eastern group are characterized by a certain roundness of shapes and smooth lines. Such horses inherited these qualities mainly from their Don mothers. The horses of the characteristic group are distinguished by well-developed muscles and an elongated body. Sometimes representatives of this breed of mixed types are also found on farms.

Budyonnovsky horses may differ somewhat depending on where they were once bred. For animals of the stud farm. Budyonny is characterized by broad-bodied, muscular and golden-red color. Horses bred in the stables of the factory of the First Cavalry Armyhave a large head and are somewhat angular. Their color is often bay. The horses bred at the Yurlovsky stud are distinguished by their elegance and exact compliance with the breed standards.

Budennovskaya breed of horses characteristic

Content Features

The Budyonnovsky breed of horses is bred these days, usually using herd or large-group technology. The queens are kept together with the young. Grazing of herds is carried out in limited spaces. All wayward queens are removed from groups, which helps to improve the breed in terms of complaisance, contact and patience.

Foals are weaned from mares in September. Moreover, all young animals born from February to May are removed from the herd. Further, the foals are distributed into separate herds according to the floor. Cult groups are formed from the best representatives of the breed. Subsequently, such stallions and fillies are sent to racing training departments or used in breeding work. Contain foals of the Budyonnovsk breed, two in stalls. Each is given a separate nickname.


At the age of two, the best foals of the Budennovskaya breed are tested at the hippodrome of the city of Rostov. Approximately 15-25% of horses are allowed to be tested. Running at the limit of more than 1 km allows you to select the best representatives of the breed. To date, all stallions from Russian stud farms have successfully passed this test. The selected mares of the broodstock did not let us down either. More than half of them successfully overcome trials with smooth jumps.

Budennovskaya horse breeddescription

Success in competitions

The popularity and fame of the Budennovskaya breed is explained, among other things, by the high results achieved by these horses at the hippodrome during various competitions. In smooth races, they are second only to representatives of the thoroughbred riding breed. These horses showed themselves well in distance runs. Also, they achieved good results in step-chases. So, for example, Budyonny stallions Breve Boy and Surguch traveled as much as 300 km in a daily run. And Priboi and Erudit in the Big Pardubice steppe chase became the winners in the competition with the horses of the thoroughbred riding breed.

Modern Budennov horse breed: character

A distinctive feature of these stallions and mares are tolerance and complaisance. Without exception, all athletes consider them also very smart. But sometimes Budennovsky horses can show some waywardness. The thing is that at the moment at the stud farms the line leading from the stallion Rubinchik is mainly bred. And this horse was distinguished not only by an impeccable exterior and excellent racing qualities, but also by a somewhat ambiguous character. Even the offspring of him to achieve cost the breeders a lot of work. But on the other hand, in the 50s of the last century, it was with the help of Rubinchik that the descendants of the Bracelet, Codex, Bezh and Chimkent were significantly improved.

Disadvantages of the breed

There are many advantages to this breed. However, it also has one small drawback. Budyonnovsky horses are monogamous. This means that they are verybecome attached to their master and do not recognize anyone else. For a modern racehorse, this is considered a disadvantage, primarily due to the fact that a large number of personnel usually work with it.

Budennovskaya breed of horses character

The lack of selection work is another reason why the Budennovskaya breed has recently been somewhat inferior in popularity, for example, to the same German horses. A small disadvantage of these horses is their susceptibility.

To date, not only domestic but also foreign breeders are showing interest in Budyonnovsky fillies and stallions. Many connoisseurs of good horses abroad believe that with the use of this wonderful Russian horse, the characteristics of many other breeds can be significantly improved. So the Budennovskaya breed of horses (the photos presented on the page clearly demonstrate their impressive exterior) is currently considered very promising.

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