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Mortgage on 2 documents in Sberbank: terms of provision, necessary documents and interest rates

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Mortgage on 2 documents in Sberbank: terms of provision, necessary documents and interest rates
Mortgage on 2 documents in Sberbank: terms of provision, necessary documents and interest rates

Every person wants to own their own living space. But not everyone, unfortunately, has the opportunity to immediately buy it. Fortunately, in our time, almost everyone can get a home loan from a bank.

Now we will talk about the option, which is one of the most popular. And this is a mortgage on 2 documents in Sberbank.

Requirements for the borrower

Any citizen of the Russian Federation over 21 years of age can apply for this loan. Also, his total work experience must be at least 12 months over the past 5 years, and at the time of applying to the bank - six months of continuous.

Mortgage conditions at Sberbank according to 2 documents are really loyal, and here are the papers the client must provide:

  • Application-questionnaire, which is filled in the department.
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, which has a registration mark.
  • The second document capable of certifyingpersonality. These include: driver's license, passport, military or federal ID, military ID, insurance.
mortgage on 2 m documents sberbank

You will also need a document on the collateral provided, if the client has one. If the application is approved, the following papers may be required:

  • Confirmation of the availability of the down payment.
  • Package of documents on loaned housing.

It should be clarified that although we are talking about a mortgage in Sberbank on 2 documents, the organization may request the presentation of other securities at its own discretion. But this is in controversial cases.


Of course, Sberbank will not approve a mortgage on 2 documents just like that. Strict conditions are imposed on potential borrowers. Namely:

  • Minimum down payment is 50%.
  • A loan can be taken in the amount of 300,000 rubles or more.
  • The maximum amount is 15 million for people buying property in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and 8 million for residents of the regions.
  • A home loan can be issued for a period of 12 to 360 months.

These conditions apply only to two products. Mortgages under 2 documents are provided by Sberbank to customers who buy housing under construction or ready-made (“Single rate”).


This is the most important nuance that cannot be overlooked. I must say that the most favorable interest rates are offered to people who are payroll clients.Sberbank. Mortgage on 2 documents for other citizens is offered on different conditions - they are added to the annual 0.5%.

mortgage on 2 documents Sberbank reviews

The minimum rate is 10.1% for the purchase of finished housing and 10.4% for the purchase of an object under construction. Surcharges may also apply:

  • Without online registration - 0, 1%e
  • Without concluding a he alth and life insurance contract – 1%.

It should be noted that most often the rate is determined on an individual basis. The real value, as a rule, is 11-13% per annum. This is the fee for simplified conditions and the inability or desire to present documents confirming income.

How to calculate loan parameters?

Thanks to the existence of an online calculator, anyone can independently find out their individual mortgage conditions.

Suppose the conditions are:

  • The apartment costs 10,000,000 rubles
  • The initial payment is 5,000,000 rubles
  • The rate is 12% per annum.
  • The loan is issued for 10 years.

The monthly mandatory payment in this case will be approximately 71,736 rubles. Every year you will need to pay a total of 860,832 rubles. For 10 years, the total payment, including interest, will be 8,608,320 rubles. It turns out that a person will overpay 3,608,320 rubles.

Sberbank mortgage on 2 documents conditions

According to the conditions of the bank, in this scenario, the client's monthly income should be approximately 90,000 rubles. But if you trythis salary on the above conditions, it turns out that for 10 years a person will give 79% of his income to the bank.

And everyone knows that no more than 20% should go into debt. Otherwise it is financial slavery. However, everyone has the right to decide whether it is beneficial to him or not. For some people, a two-document mortgage at Sberbank with an interest rate of 11-13% is really the only way to buy their own home.

How to apply?

You can just come to a bank branch, but nowadays people are increasingly using the online service. After reviewing the terms of the mortgage at Sberbank using two documents, a person has the opportunity to immediately apply, remotely.

This not only saves time. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 applications are approved. And the result, by the way, comes quickly. The duration of the consideration of the application takes several hours. In rare cases, this is delayed by 1-2 business days.

Then, of course, you will need to come to the bank. Personal presence is necessary for the execution of all necessary documents. But you won't have to worry anymore, thinking about whether a person's application will be approved or not.

How to fill out the form?

You can answer this question in one word - carefully. There are six pages in the questionnaire, so if you want to get a mortgage at Sberbank using two documents, you need to fill it out in advance. This process will take enough time.

mortgage on two documents Sberbank

In addition to standard information (full name, date and place of birth, contact details, etc.), you will need to specify the followinginformation:

  • Education.
  • Marital status.
  • Address of permanent or temporary registration.
  • Actual residence address.
  • Information about relatives.
  • Information about the main work.
  • Name of the organization, its TIN, approximate number of employees, position held.
  • Current and total experience, number of jobs over the past three years.
  • Monthly income and expenses.
  • Housing product details.

Also in the questionnaire there is a block for co-borrowers. If a person decides to attract them, then there they will have to indicate information about themselves.

About the pros

Now you should pay attention to the reviews. Mortgage on 2 documents from Sberbank is a popular service.

mortgage on two documents Sberbank interest rate

And here are the advantages of this service noted by the people who used it:

  • You really only need two supporting documents. There are no pitfalls in this plan.
  • The manager helps to fill out the questionnaire. If the client comes to the bank, he will not need to enter anything on the form. The manager himself will fill everything with his words.
  • The application is considered quickly, even if a person submitted it at the end of the working week, he will not have to wait a few days.
  • Information about whether the application is approved or not is sent to the client in an SMS message. It also indicates the amount that can be given to him as a loan.
  • The entire list of documents required for presentation when buying real estate,also provided by the bank. You don't need to find out anything on your own. And the collection of documents is usually done by re altors.
  • When signing the contract, the manager honestly informs about the possible costs of the transaction.
  • Estimated payment information and schedule available immediately.
  • After the transaction is completed, all cash is immediately transferred to the seller of the property.
  • If a person pays more monthly than necessary, no commission is charged for this in the end. On the contrary, if he asks for a recalculation of the schedule, the interest will decrease.

In general, most of the clients who have issued a mortgage at Sberbank under two documents leave positive reviews. However, some remind that in this case, not everyone can be lucky with the approval of the application. Many call it a kind of Russian roulette.

About cons

Perhaps the main disadvantage of this mortgage product is that it requires a solid start-up capital to apply. Therefore, it is suitable only for people with savings. Or those who have maternity capital that can be redirected to a mortgage.

mortgage on two documents Sberbank reviews

But there are also really negative reviews. Some call a mortgage from this organization "the hassle of a lifetime." There are people who have faced uneven distribution of credited funds and violation of the loan agreement.

Due to many nuances from which few are insured, many people recommend to refrain from mortgages. But again, for many, this is the only way to getown housing. Therefore, in order to avoid various troubles, you need to familiarize yourself with the proposed conditions in detail, as well as carefully study the contract.

How do I pay off payments?

This is worth talking about in the end. The following options for mandatory repayment of payments are offered:

  • A person can issue a standing order in the accounting department of the enterprise where he works. And every month on a certain date, part of the salary will be debited to repay the loan.
  • You can issue a similar order for your personal card.
  • It is also proposed to draw up an additional agreement to the contract of your contribution. You can make it so that funds will be debited from his account.
  • The easiest way is to deposit cash directly to the bank's cash desk.
Sberbank mortgage under two documents conditions

The account can be replenished from your other cards, through a terminal and ATM, by bank transfer, as well as using a mobile or Internet bank.

You can also pay off your mortgage early. There is no need to notify the bank in advance. Interest is paid for the actual period during which a person used borrowed funds. No commission.

Main rule: you need to make payments in advance. Let's say the monthly installment is due on the 25th. It is better to deposit funds on the 20th. Sometimes there are computer failures, and the correction for the duration of the translation will not hurt. Such foresight will protect against delays.

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