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Corporate websites: creation, development, design, promotion. How to create a corporate website?
Corporate websites: creation, development, design, promotion. How to create a corporate website?

At the present stage, corporate sites are included in the category of the most common network resources. It is very rare that there are companies that are not going to acquire their own portal. After all, with the help of it you can get the opportunity to solve a large number of tasks, from attracting potential customers to increasing and maintaining the image at a certain level.

What you need to know about corporate projects?

corporate websites

What do corporate websites mean? There are many definitions on the World Wide Web. And almost all of them are correct. Considering the corporate portal from the point of view of classifying network resources depending on the tasks performed, we can say that this is a project developed by the company to carry out its development on the Internet.

Quite often, users confuse two types of sites with each other - corporate and commercial. Without a doubt, they can have a large number of similar elements. However, the purpose of a corporate resource is not to sell services orproducts, compared with the commercial site.

So what tasks should corporate websites perform? The main ones include positioning the enterprise on the Web and supporting the relationship between its individual branches.

Types of corporate resources

Depending on the purpose, portals of this nature can be divided into the following types:

  1. Closed network resources.
  2. Image sites.
  3. Corporate blogs.
  4. Card sites.

Resources not available to most users

creation of a corporate website

Closed corporate sites mean resources by which enterprises solve certain problems regarding the cohesion of their representative offices. Such portals allow you to quickly exchange information between branches, maintain a high workflow, communication between employees, etc. For example, through such a site, ordinary employees are able to obtain data on their salaries and contact managers. With the help of the portal, the bosses will be able to give orders not only to individual employees, but to the entire branch.

The main difference between a closed portal is that it can only be used by employees of the enterprise. At the present stage, situations very often arise when companies develop incomplete sites of this nature. They organize only a separate part of the closed type on existing projects.

An image enhancing resource

Corporate image-based website implies a portal open to all users. Due to it, you can get a large number of necessary data regarding a particular enterprise. Users are provided with complete information about the company, its history, achievements, contact details, addresses, etc. The main tasks of the image resource include:

  1. Improving the company's image among potential customers.
  2. Attract new customers.
  3. Promotion activities on the Web.
  4. Increasing online competitiveness.

When might you need a blog?

best corporate website

Basically, corporate blogs exist and act as an additional element of the main image project. But it is worth noting that they play a huge role in the development of an enterprise on the Internet. Due to the corporate blog, you can solve some fairly important tasks. For example, it can be used to implement feedback that will help customers contact the management of the enterprise.

Most of the content of such a blog is current and past news of the company, data on ongoing promotions and their results, reporting on the performance of the enterprise, etc. In other words, with the help of such a resource, each company will be able to provide customers with the required information that will be of interest to them. Due to this, you can demonstrate your openness, which will positively affect the image of the organization. Duecorporate blog each company gets the opportunity to communicate with potential customers. Accordingly, it will be possible to learn about the attitude of customers towards the enterprise in a timely manner and promptly make certain decisions.

Resources for small businesses

The company's corporate website can be presented as a business card. This is a simplified version of the image resource. Typically, a business card is developed by relatively small companies that do not have the opportunity to create a large project and promote it. Sometimes there is simply no need for a large portal. Basically, a business card site is needed to provide customers with a fairly narrow range of available opportunities. With the help of such a corporate resource, you can get acquainted with the basic information regarding the activities of the company, learn about the products and services it sells, etc.

Resource design plays an important role

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The creation of a corporate website should be based on some individual components. Design is one of them. The design of the resource implies a certain part of the style of the corporation, in which all the image elements of the company should be presented, starting with business cards and envelopes, and ending with letterheads and folders.

The design of a corporate website, in principle, like the entire portal, should be created by a professional in his field. This cannot be trusted, for example, to accountants even if they are familiar with the process of developing network resources. Naturally, programmers can also design a portalenterprises. It will be cheap, but not very high quality. If, nevertheless, there is a desire to develop a resource on your own, then this process should be considered from the position of a design project.

Content should be of high quality

Building a corporate website implies that excellence is a must. And this can be said not only about the design and software component of the resource, but also about the preparation of content. To fill the portal, you must use only the best photos. Accordingly, it is necessary not only to purchase a good camera, but also to study the main points in working with it. After typing the text, it is necessary to send it to the proofreader for verification. It should be understood that bad photographs and texts, in which there are many errors, are not able to positively affect the image of the enterprise.

corporate websites examples

What else do you need to know to create a corporate website that can attract loyal customers? At the present stage, a resource that has not been updated for a long time will not be able to interest anyone. However, this does not mean that any information can be added to the portal. Please note that it must be up to date. In other words, the reader, after reading the article, should not wonder why it was written and added. Such a procedure as adding content can hardly be trusted to external specialists. Therefore, it must be taken into account that information should be provided to customers in an optimized form.

The writing of each individual text must be approached,realizing for whom it is created - for customers or suppliers, for journalists or for government agencies. In such a situation, the illustrated material must be of high quality, and the text must be proofread by professionals or proofreaders before posting.

Design needs updating

What else should the development of a corporate website be based on? Don't forget about redesign. Visual design should change periodically. Due to this, it is possible to highlight the dynamism of the enterprise, as well as its compliance with all changing conditions. When changing the design, do not forget to transfer the old information. Content must be accessible. This can highlight enterprise experience, continuity, and other components that are strongly associated with stability. It should be understood that both dynamic and static must be present at the same time. In this situation, the law of struggle and the unity of opposites is reflected.

What is the structure of projects?

Corporate resources are based on a set of structural components. At the time of development of a particular portal, some elements can be removed or added. What components usually characterize corporate websites? Examples of main sections are shown below.

  1. Main page.
  2. Resource navigation.
  3. Data regarding the company, its products and services.
  4. Prices for goods and services (price list).
  5. A section that provides information for partners.
  6. Order system and itsprocessing.
  7. Company news.
  8. Feedback.
  9. Sections that will contain information about contests, drawings, promotions.

What needs to be added first?

corporate website

The "Company Information" section of corporate websites usually contains detailed information. It can be divided into the following subsections:

  1. Contact information, which should list addresses, phone numbers, faxes, etc. Names, positions and photos of employees, their phone numbers and mail addresses are often added.
  2. For clarity and comfort, a subsection with a map of the area in which the enterprise is located can be added to the site. Usually, not only the location is indicated, but also the routes to the office by public transport or a private car. Accordingly, route numbers and distance from key points should be indicated.
  3. History of the company. It needs to be shared with potential customers in order to enhance the image. Naturally, too large texts are not welcome. But it is required to describe the main points in the development of the company.
  4. If there are licenses with patents and permits, then you need to create a separate subsection, which will contain information about them. The presence of this documentation will allow customers to make sure that the company's products comply with all norms and standards.

What do you need to know about promotion?

Promotion of a corporate website plays an important role. After creating a resource,take care of quality promotion. There are several ways to communicate new product information to potential customers. You can use free technologies. However, promotion in such a situation will require a lot of time.

At the present stage, there are also expensive promotion options. We are talking about contextual, banner and media advertising. With it, you can achieve the desired results in a relatively short time. At the moment when the advertisement gets on the Internet, it will immediately begin to function. Long-term results can be achieved through search engine optimization. But its cost will be significant in comparison with other methods. In addition, at decisive moments, the level of qualification of the specialists involved can also affect.

corporate website promotion

Success depends on the little things

The best corporate website can be created by those who are willing to spend their time on it. If there is a desire on the part of the developer in the development of his project, the formation of a resource can cost a relatively small amount of money. But it will take much more time to develop and promote in such a situation.

If you want to create a really good resource, then you should take into account even the most insignificant details at first glance. Only in such a situation can we talk about the success of the project.

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