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Credit card "Binbank": customer reviews
Credit card "Binbank": customer reviews

In the article, we will consider reviews of Binbank credit cards.

The broad line of products today offers customers sufficient service for comfortable cashless payments along with many additional bonuses and options. In order to appreciate the advantages that Binbank plastic is endowed with, it is necessary to choose the optimally suitable type of lending. The terms of cooperation assume free spending of money within the established limits with the possibility of obtaining additional profit, and at the same time, an interest-free period is given as part of a non-cash payment. It is important to learn how to properly use and, in addition, maintain plastic and get the most out of borrowed finance. We will discuss the main credit products of the presented financial organization, and also find out whether any of them is worth opening, and get acquainted with the reviews of Binbank credit cards.

binbank credit cards bank reviews

Basic concepts

Among the different options for credit plastic, there areuniversal offers and special payment instruments that give maximum profit in certain circumstances. In any situation, the product of this financial institution will be beneficial due to increased cashback, discounts from partners and various bonus offers.

Plastic Airmiles

This card is issued under the Black Edition category from Mastercard. This payment instrument will be of interest to those customers who travel very often and a lot and do not forget about their comfort during trips. Implemented with the direct support of the Mastercard financial system, the program allows you to take part in the campaign called "Priceless Cities" and provides holders with special offers while visiting the theater, museum, hotel, shops.

The owners of this plastic acquire the right to use airport lounges for VIPs to wait for a flight. In fact, this means gaining access to fairly comfortable conditions during the flight. Passengers are offered more than one thousand halls, characterized by increased comfort, in one hundred and thirty countries of the world. What are the general conditions for cooperation? They are as follows:

  • The maximum credit line is one million rubles.
  • The first seventy-five thousand rubles a month are cashed out for free, regardless of the ownership of the ATM.
  • If the card balance is positive, seven percent of income is credited to it monthly in the form of bonus points for subsequent spending when paying for a ticket, hotel room,car rentals and so on.
  • Cashback when using non-cash is seven percent.
  • The rate for using bank funds is twenty-nine percent.

Despite the fact that the monthly maintenance of plastic is quite expensive (and amounts to one thousand nine hundred and fifty rubles), you can avoid expenses within the framework of active debits and replenishments. According to reviews, the conditions of Binbank credit cards are simple and understandable to everyone.

Binbank credit card reviews

Platinum Card

This is a plastic of a universal type of release, it is related to the "Visa" or "Mastercard". It is inexpensive to serve, only fifty rubles a month. For depositors and pensioners, the use of the card is free of charge. Other release options are:

  • The rate of twenty-nine percent per year.
  • The loan limit is from fifteen to thirty thousand rubles.
  • Write-off with a commission is four percent, and cashback reaches five.
  • The grace period without interest is fifty-seven days.
  • Repayment of loan debts occurs at the rate of five percent of the amount and accruals.

Reviews from Binbank platinum card holders are mostly positive.

SVO Club Card

Increased bonus assumed by SVO Club credit card. A feature of this plastic is the possibility of returning bonuses up to five percent of the spent. Further, borrowers can spend bonuses on settlements with hotels,air carriers, car rental companies.

Customer reviews of Binbank credit cards will be presented at the end of the article.

binbank credit cards work reviews

The characteristics of the lending are as follows:

  • The limit of funds is no more than thirty thousand rubles.
  • Interest-free period is fifty-seven days.
  • After spending more than twenty-five thousand, no service charge is charged.
  • Bonuses return up to five percent of the spent.
  • Commission for writing off zero rubles at ATMs of any financial institutions.

As additional bonuses the borrower expects:

  • Providing free car parking at a secure site in Sheremetyevo for seven days.
  • 10% off Duty Free.
  • Special offers from partner chains of hotels and restaurants. They also collect a large number of positive reviews.

Credit card conditions

Let's consider the conditions of Binbank credit cards. According to reviews, they are quite simple: you just need to come to a nearby office to apply with supporting documentation. In the event that the client has an excellent credit history and meets all the existing criteria of the lender, a positive decision is made on the issue. In the process of obtaining plastic, you need to check with the manager how to use the Binbank credit card with maximum benefit. When issuing, the following questions are specified:

  • Using a grace period along withredemption rules.
  • Consequences of not making monthly payments.
  • Withdrawal conditions.
binbank credit cards employee reviews

Most of the proposals for the release of plastic implies the right to interest-free use of borrowed funds for the first fifty-seven days with mandatory repayment by the end of the term. Interest on the loan is charged for all the time used if the borrower did not manage to replenish the balance by the end of the 57-day period.

Payment calculation

The amount of payment is calculated based on the used borrowed amounts of at least five percent of the amount of debt and interest, which is charged at the rate set by the financial institution. The minimum payment cannot be less than three hundred rubles per month. You should be careful with adherence to the schedule, since if you violate the repayment rule, a twenty percent fine is charged on the amount of debt that exceeds two thousand rubles.

It is better to familiarize yourself with reviews of Binbank credit cards in advance.

Credit card process

To submit an application for such plastic, it is not necessary to come to the office itself, the fact is that a preliminary request can also be submitted online using the form on the official website of the financial institution. In the event that Binbank has agreed to issue a credit card, receipt can be organized through a delivery service by mail or courier if the funds limits are low. According to the credit card reviews of Binbank CJSC, this is very convenient.

Requirements for the borrower

Citizens who meet the established parameters of this bank can receive plastic with loan limits, for example:

  • Age over twenty-two, but not more than sixty-four at the time of issue.
  • Having a reliable reputation as a payer, confirmed by an extract from the CBI (we are talking about the absence of delinquency and problem debt in the past).
  • In last place, you need to work for at least three months.
CJSC Binbank credit cards reviews

List of documents

You can conclude an agreement on a Binbank credit card at any branch of this financial institution, having previously prepared the following documentation: a civil passport along with a driving license and a certificate of income. Additionally, a foreign passport with documents proving the presence of real estate is presented.

Cash withdrawal with credit plastic and replenishment

In the event that the conditions for issuing free cash withdrawals are not expected, the standard card debit scheme is applied, it is as follows:

  • The minimum commission is three hundred rubles.
  • After cashing out larger amounts, four percent is charged.

When a client withdraws funds that are stored on a credit card balance, cash is received without commissions, and in a third-party device of any other financial institution, withdrawal of one's own savings occurs with a charge of one percent. Replenishment includes the followingoptions:

  • Online replenishment from any other account.
  • Through another issuer's card through self-service devices.
  • At the bank's cash desks.
  • Via native terminals of a financial institution.
Binbank customer reviews on credit cards

Credit plastic from Binbank is in great demand among borrowers with different levels of needs: in addition to the standard issue option, there are special programs that are designed for specific needs of people and provide increased comfort in service along with free cashout, various discounts and bonuses from partners. Reviews confirm this.

Should I open a Binbank credit card?

With the help of cards, this bank provides a revolving loan for use on standard terms, that is, no guarantors are required and so on. One of the positive aspects of such an instrument is the short term of registration and the use of a loan without interest payments, if you have time to pay off debts until the grace period has passed. To the question of whether it is advisable to open a credit card of this financial institution, it is worth answering positively. Plastic "Binbank" has a number of the following advantages:

  • Customers can pay for services and purchases at various shopping and entertainment outlets without commissions and interest, as well as cellular communications with TV and so on.
  • Being abroad, you can always transfer funds from the card to the account of any citizen who is onterritory of Russia. Credit plastic supplies information by SMS notification. The information consists of the operations carried out. It is also possible to receive an account statement by e-mail once a month. You can issue additional cards for loved ones.

Next, let's find out what customers themselves say about this financial institution and its lending services.

Binbank credit card reviews is it worth opening

Reviews about the bank and credit cards of "Binbank"

People write that they do not like the fact that formally the annual maintenance of plastic is free, but in fact a prerequisite for issuing some cards is the purchase of insurance from 700 rubles a year. Thus, the free service for a number of offers is largely a marketing ploy.

The advantages of Binbank credit cards, according to reviews, include a cashback scheme that implies a one percent return on everything. The shortcomings are the unreliability of information about payments with the absence of the amount of implementation of grace periods and minimum payments in your account.

There are also other opinions in reviews of Binbank credit cards. Customers write that they are satisfied with the bonus program and the low price for servicing credit cards. But it is worth noting that there are still more negative reviews about credit cards and the work of Binbank. And very often people mention that the list of exceptions for cashback is long, there are very few branches, incompetent employees come across, conditions are not always met andthere is a rather long consideration of claims.

Additionally, customers complain about false advertising, imposing a loan, high interest rates and commissions, as well as non-working ATMs and terminals, a dead website and accounts separate from the card.

Feedback from Binbank employees on credit cards is also available. Plastic is in demand among customers, the terms of service are simple and clear. Although sometimes there are controversial points about the calculation of interest or the collection of commissions.

Thus, this bank is quite popular today and has a fairly impressive customer base, but, unfortunately, many are not satisfied with its services.

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